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Corrupt on arrival, new level of corruption rocks South Sudan Ministry of Finance


By Deng Peter Kuol

Oct 21, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Just in three weeks time, Hon. Minister Athian Diing Athian, the newly appointed Minister of Finance & Planning of the Republic of South Sudan has already engaged massively in corruption scandals far worse than what people could imagine.

South Sudan President meeting leaders of the Greater Aweil community led by Hon. Kuol Athian in 2019(Photo credit: supplied)

To start with, the Minister of Finance & Planning, Hon. Athian Diing Athian immediately on his arrival to the Ministry— he made appointments of Executive staffs in his office such as Executive Director, Executive Secretary and of course Private Secretary that deals with private issues ; and of course the Protocol officer as stipulated by the law of Executive office establishment. In three weeks time, just in three weeks time, the Minister sacked Private Secretary and the Protcol officer based on unfounded allegations that both of the staffs had indulged into malt-practices such as taken bribes and other illegal activities— this are unfounded allegations but rather meant to be used as tools to replace the innocents young staffs with close relatives.


The fired Private Secretary is actually being used as an scapegoat and got badly victimized and humiliated with a female colleague that was assigned only for three weeks without any proper appointment. Both of the staffs got dismissed and locked-off from entering the Ministry whatsoever.

Rumors has it that, Private Secretary Mr. Majak Achuoth was dismissed verbally by the Minister himself after being in talks with close relatives for a week to replace him with his own brother who just came from Warrap State to pick up the position as elders wishes. Exactly, last Saturday, the Minister got encouraged and stepped up and faced his Private Secretary and told him not to show up in the office on Monday. Mr. Majak Achuoth has just been victimized by a person that he really worked hard to be appointed and later on, he got betrayed by the same person he supported so dearly.

New minister of finance, Hon. Athian Diing Athian, exchanging laughters in Dr. Machar office on Friday, September 25, 2020(Photo credit: Nyamilepedia)
New minister of finance, Hon. Athian Diing Athian, exchanging laughters in Dr. Machar office on Friday, September 25, 2020(Photo credit: Nyamilepedia)

On the other hand, the Protocol officer Ms. Akuindiek Abiem got victimized also by the Minister because— the rumors said that, the Minister of Finance & Planning is working closely with his close ally who is a very powerful General in the Army by the name Gen. Lual Maroldit— the commander of Presidential Guards ( Tiger Division). Gen. Lual Maroldit who is also a Father-In law to the Current Executive Director in the Minister’s office and who once wanted to dowry pay-off SSBC Presenter and a News Anchor Ms. Akuindiek Abiem , the very Protocol officer that got fired last week. The rumors have it that, the Minister was forced/ threatened by his ally Gen. Lual Maroldit that, if he maintains that lady who refused to Marry him, he will definitely start a war with the Minister and have him replaced in just two months since President listens to him. Therefore, the former SSBC Presenter and a News Anchor landed so badly and had to choose either she unwillingly get married to Gen. Lual Maroldit and save her new job or get dismissed. Brave as she is, the former News Anchor decided to follow her heart ♥️ and she ended her new job. Now— if that’s how the Country is being run then we’re still far away from having liberated this country.

Today as I write this article, the new Minister Hon. Athian Diing Athian has bought already three Toyota Land cruisers V6 and one Toyota Hallux Pick-up and gave them to his two wives. Other two new Vehicles are currently parked in ROYAL PALAZ HOTEL in Juba.

Today, the Minister of Finance got himself a Toyota Land Cruiser Black Armored / BulletProof Vehicle worth $750,000 in a government cheque. The car is brought to him by a former Deputy Minister of Finance Hon. Mou Ambrose Riiny Thiik and is now being taken to his hotel apartment. What is a Finance Minister doing with a Bulletproof Vehicle??

Already, the Minister had made himself million of dollars in advance by taking huge loans from the lucrative business men with a promise that his gonna double their dues after the budget is approved.

South Sudanese should know that, president Kiir and his Ministers are there to enrich themselves and rip off this country apart and leave us with a huge debts. The new Minister who is coming from the West has already secured enough money for him and his grand grand children in just three weeks only.

As a concern South Sudanese, I urge the leadership to look into this corruption as early as it is before it gets out of hand. Hon. Athian Diing Athian is nothing but a mere businessman that has a lot of businesses here in Juba and wants to enrich himself through his business partners such as former First Undersecretary of Finance & Planning Hon. Biel Jok Thiec who is currently looking or lobbying to come back to Finance as 1st Undersecretary to close the deal.

My country, What’s really wrong with Gen. Lual Maroldit? His Son In-Law is the Executive Director to the Minister of Finance and Planning, he also Replaced Private Secretary with a guy by the name Malual Dhorbeny who wants to marry Gen. Lual’s younger daughter yet he can’t not read and write while running his mouth that his the appointing authority and not President Kiir himself— President Kiir is being surrounded by primitive Generals such as Gen. Lual Maroldit who cares about nothing bad their stomachs.

God is watching!!!

Deng Peter Kuol is a concern South Sudanese citizen. He can be reached through email at dengpkuol@gmail.com,

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