Changson open “to receive and accept” Gatdet and Lam if they don’t come with preconditions

SSOA leader, Gabriel Changson Chang speaking to reporters in Cairo on Thursday, March 14th 2019 (Photo: Dengdit Madut/Al-Maugif)

March 18th 2019 (Nyamilepedia) – The leader of the South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA), Gabriel Changson Lew Chang said on Thursday that Gen. Peter Gatdet Yaka and Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin are welcomed to return to the opposition umbrella if they don’t condition their return.

Last November, an election reportedly conducted in the Sudanese capital Khartoum led to an apparent split in the opposition consortium with Changson, the leader, cancelling a result that reportedly projected Gatdet as winner against him.

In an exclusive interview with the Nyamilepedia on Thursday in the Egyptian capital Cairo, Changson said he met Gatdet and Lam two weeks ago and told them that they are welcomed to return to the opposition body if they don’t give pre-conditions.

“We met with them two weeks ago and we told them that we are ready to receive and accept them provided that they don’t come with preconditions because no two groups or two person should impose their will on seven member-organization,” he said

He said differences are there in the society but to solve these differences, “those involved must show their commitment to working together because it will be also of no use if you reunite today and tomorrow you break up again.”

He denied that Gen. Gatdet and Dr. Lam who are the leaders of the South Sudan United Movement (SSUM) and National Democratic Movement (NDM) respectively, represent a group saying he is not aware of any group led by the two.

“There is no group of Dr. Lam and there is no group of Gen. Gatdet which I am aware of. What I know is that Gen. Gatdet and Dr. Lam are walking together [and] the rest of the members of SSOA[South Sudan Opposition Alliance] are walking together as one body that is representing SSOA,” Changson said.

“We are seven and they are two, I don’t think there is any problem,” he added.

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