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BREAKING: United States Ends Partnership With Salva Kiir’s Government, Calls For a New Peace Deal With Key Opposition Leaders

US President Donald Trump arrives at Palm Beach International Airport in West Palm Beach, Fla Trump, West Palm Beach, USA - 02 Mar 2018 (Photo credit: Andrew Harnik/AP/REX/Shutterstock (9447254j)
US President Donald Trump arrives at Palm Beach International Airport in West Palm Beach, Fla
Trump, West Palm Beach, USA – 02 Mar 2018 (Photo credit: Andrew Harnik/AP/REX/Shutterstock (9447254j)

May 8th, 2018(Nyamilepedia) — The world’s Supper Power, the United States of America, has today declared South Sudan government illegitimate and calls for a new political process to re-establish an inclusive and representative Transitional Government of National Unity(TGNU).

Frustrated, the United States announced ending its partnership with Salva Kiir government and pledged to support any peace process – whether a re-negotiation of a new peace agreement or revitalization of the August 2015 Agreement on the Resolutions of the Conflict in South Sudan(ARCISS) – that will establish an inclusive Transitional Government of National Unity.

“We are open to considering any process that can achieve this outcome.” Read part of the Press Statement from the White House

“The Government of South Sudan has lost credibility, and the United States is losing patience.” The White House continued.

“We assess that the Transitional Government of National Unity in South Sudan is no longer inclusive. The forced exile of key leadership representatives who signed the ARCSS further demonstrates the Kiir regime’s cynical repudiation of the peace process. ” The Trump Administration added.

End of US Partnership

Despite generosity and loyalty of the American people towards South Sudanese counterparts, the White House can no longer babysits a government that is only interested in perpetuating a senseless and an endless civil war to promote a few tribal interests.

“The United States Government will not continue in a partnership with leaders who are only interested in perpetuating an endless war characterized by ethnically-motivated atrocities.” Read part of the statement from The Washington’s highest office.

The Trump Administration strongly believes that it is not a responsibility of the American taxpayers but that of the South Sudanese government to protect and provide for their own citizens.

“The American people are generous and loyal. We have endeavored to help the people of South Sudan.  It is, however, the responsibility of the South Sudanese Government to protect and provide for its own citizens” The Washington warns South Sudanese leaders.

Moving forwards, Washington will review all its assistance programs to South Sudan and ensure that such assistance do not prolong or sustain the conflict.

“Today, the United States will initiate a comprehensive review of its assistance programs to South Sudan.  While we are committed to saving lives, we must also ensure our assistance does not contribute to or prolong the conflict, or facilitate predatory or corrupt behavior.

The US assistance review may affect operation or functions of under utilized organizations such as the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission(JMEC)

“Included in this review will be the U.S. support for the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) and other mechanisms intended to support the 2015 peace agreement known as the Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (ARCSS).” The Statement conitnued.

Re-negotiation of An Inclusive Transitional Government

The United States reiterates its commitment to support the regional leaders, however, the Americans’ government acknowledges its “deep frustration” with lack of progress or failure of the regional bloc[IGAD] to restore peace in South Sudan.

“The United States remains committed to working with regional leaders to bring peace and stability to South Sudan, and we commend Ethiopia’s efforts.  However we are deeply frustrated with the lack of progress toward an agreement” The White House Press Statement states.

The USA pledges to support the region fully if IGAD can mediate a negotiated arrangement for an inclusive transitional government of National Unity that reflects South Sudan diversity and puts in place structures for justice and accountability.

“and we must ensure our shared efforts reflect the urgency of the situation. The only path to peace for South Sudan is through a negotiated arrangement for an inclusive transitional government that reflects South Sudan’s diversity and that provides checks and balances on political and economic power.  We are open to considering any process that can achieve this outcome.” Washington pledges.

The United States condemns promotion and appointment of Gen. Gabriel Jok Riak as the Chief of Defense Forces of the SPLA-IG.

“The promotion of UN-sanctioned individuals to senior government positions, such as Jok Riak to Chief of Defense Forces, demonstrates the South Sudanese Government’s disdain for international norms.”

The United States further condemns any possible future attempt to impose presidential elections in attempt to extend the lifespan of the soon-to-be expired Salva Kiir’s Transitional Government of National Unity.

“To that end, the United States will condemn any unilateral effort of the current Government of South Sudan to extend its power through sham elections, the legislature, or continued military offensives.” The Americans warn.

“Only an inclusive, negotiated agreement is acceptable as a means to extend the South Sudanese Government’s term.  The Government of South Sudan has lost credibility, and the United States is losing patience.  The people of South Sudan deserve a government that is able and willing to lead the country to a stable future.” the statement continued.

Fighting Increasing Daily

Contrary to South Sudan government promises of peace and economics prosperity[booming], the United States confirms that South Sudan conflict is not ending but instead increasing.

“The December 2017 cessation of hostilities has never been enacted; fighting across the country increases daily.” The Washington said.

According to reliable sources on the ground, South Sudan’s warring factions loyal to president Kiir and his former Deputy, Riek Machar, clashed this week in multiple areas in Unity, Upper Nile, Jonglei and Central Equatoria states.

Heavy fighting were fought in Pagak, the former headquarters of SPLM/A-IO, on May 5th, 2018 and both sides claim to be in control of the strategic town.

Africa’s worst humanitarian disasters

The United States is concerned that the South Sudanese leaders continue to kill their own people and squandered an opportunity to partner with the United States.

“In 2011, the United States was a proud and hopeful supporter of the newly independent nation of South Sudan.  Seven years later, the leaders of this country have squandered this partnership, pilfered the wealth of South Sudan, killed their own people, and repeatedly demonstrated their inability and unwillingness to live up to their commitments to end the country’s civil war.” Read part of the US Press Statement.

“The result is one of Africa’s worst humanitarian disasters.” the statement further elaborates.

Of a major concern, the US is worried that South Sudan could plunge into another “life-threatening” famine within the next few months.

“Famine is looming once again in multiple areas of South Sudan, and more than seven million people will face life-threatening hunger in the coming months.” the Americans assessed.

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