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Breaking: SPLA Kills a Priest of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan

Bishops of the Episcopal Church of Sudan and South Sudan(Photo: EC)
Bishops of the Episcopal Church of Sudan and South Sudan(Photo: EC)

Oct 18, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Right Rev. Lino Apollo, the Priest of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan, who administered the Diocese of Mundri, was arrested earlier this week in Mundri West on allegations that he supports rebellion in the county.

After days of intimidations and torture, Rev. Lino was later executed at a place called Medewu.

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Rev. Lino remained in a town that was deserted by most of his congregations and other civilians believing that he would be spared by the returning soldiers as a man of God.

The government soldiers were retreating from rebels attacks after intense fighting in the capital of Greater Mundri county, Kediba.

Speaking to government officials in the town, none admitted any knowledge of the whereabout of Rev. Lino or why he would have been executed, however, members of security intelligence, who spoke to us on assurance of condition of anonymity, said the governor of the Amadi state, Hon.Joseph Ngere, ordered his arrest and execution.

Speaking to members of his congregations at their hide-out in Mundri West, Rev. Lino “has been too honest about the situation in the country” which might have provoked his arrest.

Christine Lasu, a member of his congregation was broken down in tears after hearing the news about Rev Lino’s execution but said members of her family have also been killed by the government soldiers.

“I’m here alone, they killed all my relatives. They came to our residence on saturday night and started shooting at us. Those who survived fled the town or have been arrested, we don’t know how they are doing” Christine said softly.

Speaking to Capt. Girma Apaya, the spokesperson of SPLM/A in Opposition in Greater Mundri, he accused the government for issuing an order to terrorize civilians to detach them from supporting SPLM-IO.

“The government forces in Greater Mundri are now on really terrorizing the civilians. Recently, many civilians were killed in cold blooded in their hide outs.” Girma said.

The Opposition has learned about the execution of Rev. Lino but said the soldiers also executed Mary Elisapana, Peter Robert and Night Timon.

” Recently,  Rev. Lino  Appolo a Priest of ECSS  Diocese of Mundri was arrested, tortured and killed upon orders of Amadi State Governor Joseph Ngere and executed by government army on allegations that he was supporting the rebels with Cassava.” Girma Apaya said

“Other civilians executed by the government forces in Greater Mundri were.  Peter Robert and Night Timon killed at Doro in Mundri  East, Mary Elisapana-killed by  government soldiers in Medewu among others.” he continued.

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lokiden October 18, 2016 at 9:25 pm

Dear Brothers and sisters in Muru land ( let sing a hym HU BI RIJA TANI MARA) upon the cold blooded men of God. RIP the struggle continues. At this junction, we need to hear from Bishop Bull or boll.


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