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BREAKING: South Sudan Rebels Capture Gany, Commissioner Escaped Leaving Wife In Rebels’ Custody

Members of SPLA seen talking to a woman in Kiir Adem(Photo credit: the Enough Project)
Members of SPLA seen talking to a woman(Photo credit: the Enough Project)

May 30th, 2018(Nyamilepedia) —- Latest reports from South Sudan’s Northern Liech State confirm that Gany, one of the most contested counties between the warring factions in Northern Liech State, was captured by the rebels this morning.

Following hours of heavy battle between the rival factions of SPLA, loyal to President Kiir and his former Vice President, Riek Machar, the rebels claimed to have dislodged the government troops in Gany with heavy death toll.

According to residents, who have been displaced to Koch County, fighting began at around 3Am in Mirmir, a rebels’ stronghold, and quickly escalated to Gany County and neighboring villages as rebels reportedly gained upper hand.

Speaking in Mirmir, the SPLA[IO] Commander of Division 4B Brigade 3, Gen. Dhok Wanjang, claims that he has repulsed a government attack on his position and captured Gany county.

While the government forces wer led by the commissioner, Brig. Gen. Koang Biel Char, also known as Koang Nyalualgok, the SPLA[IO] forces were led by the Brigade 3 Operational Commander, Gen. Dak Biel Gokdit.

According to the rebels’ intelligence, the government commissioner of Gany County, Brig. Gen. Koang Biel Char, was wounded in Gany fighting and his wife was captured by the rebels.

“Commissioner Koang Biel Char AKA Koang Nyalualgok has been wounded by the SPLA-IO gallant forces this morning. This happened after those notorious culprits lost attacks they militarily launched against the SPLA-IO position around Mirmir Payam at 3: AM this morning (EAT)” Said the SPLA-IO sources.

“Brig Gen Koang Nyalualgok was seriously wounded on his gluttonous stomach in this morning fierce battle in Gany but he had run off with his bleeding wound.” He added.

The rebels tell Nyamilepedia that among the women, reported to be in rebels’ custody includes Nyawika Chuol Dhiel, the wife of Brig. Gen. Koang Biel, and two other women.

“However, his wife Nyawika Chuol Dhiel along with other two ladies were captured in Gany and are under the custody of our gallant forces in their Mirmir Headquarters.” Said a rebel spokesman of Gany County.

According to residents, fighting escalated to Chothdiir, Kotraar, Pulnoor and Pulbolah by the time of this writing.

Many civilians are displaced to Koch, a nearby county that has exchanged hand several times within the past 4 months.

Gany County was recently created from Koch county by President Salva Kiir and made the former Commissioner of Koch County, Brig. Gen. Koang Biel Char, its commissioner.

Brig. Koang fought his way to Gany, which was controlled by Machar’s loyalists, and established his headquarters there late last year.

Fighting in the formerly Unity State has gotten worst within the last two years as some generals, who were loyal to Machar, defected with Taban and joined the government which boasted the morals of the SPLA[IG] to continue offensives with aim to capture as many areas as possible.

Both sides have continually launched offensives against one another and fighting has continued to escalate despite several cessation of hostilities agreements signed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Liech [Unity] State buries South Sudan’s second largest oil reserves and one of the African’s finest oil grades, however, due to hostilities between the warring factions, oil production is shutdown indefinitely.

Juba has made several attempts to resume oil production in Liech State as South Sudan’s economy continue to melt down, however, the main armed opposition, loyal to Dr. Machar, has made that impossible.

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