BREAKING: South Sudan Government Threatens To Use Chemical Weapons In Equatoria, Warns Civilians To Evacuate!

Ugandans MI24, similar to MI24 used to drop cluster bombs on rebel held teritories on Bor -Juba road(Photo: File)
Ugandans MI24, similar to MI24 used to drop cluster bombs on rebel held teritories on Bor -Juba road(Photo: File)

Nov 3, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– While Salva Kiir’s government is approaching neighboring countries to help secure major routes leading to South Sudan capital, Juba, the government warns local population to relocate areas around Juba-Nimule, Yei-Maridi, Juba-Mundri, Juba-Torit and Juba-Yei roads with immediate effects.

A confidential document leaked to Nyamilepedia by a concerned Equatorian general in the army, shows that the government is preparing to carry out major offensive that will involve use of chemical weapons and heavy artillery to “crush rebellion” and scare off populations that are seen as obstacles to free movement of goods and people from East Africa to Juba, South Sudan.

The senior officer said this operation will begin very soon and that people of Equatoria must take serious precaution as dry season approaches.

“This is very urgent and very important for our people, the government evacuated Dinka population because of this plan. Chemical weapons have very severe consequences if used on civil population and our people must find their ways out to refugee camps in East Africa” Reads part of the confidential document.

“I won’t mind a lot if it is only the soldiers and able women that are left protecting their belongings but children and elderly must be evacuated to safety. This government does not care about the people of Equatoria or people of South Sudan, it is about power” The document continues.

The insider said neither himself nor his senior colleagues from Equatoria, Western Bhar el Ghazal and Nuer was involved in this decision making.

“This was decided after Chief of General Staff, Gen. Paul Malong Awan and his Dinka generals met in Bilpham on Oct 20th. None of us from Equatoria, Western Bhar el Ghazal or Nuer was invited to this meeting” the general recalls.

“It was suppose to be a secret between the dinka generals and a few soldiers in special units tasked to carry out this operation but later Malong threatened us in a different meeting that “your people will be wiped out with chemicals if they don’t denounce rebellion”” He said.

Since July, Salva Kiir government lost control of wide areas in Equatoria, leaving frustration on the government and civil population that is now stranded in major towns.

The government has lost control of areas within the Central Equatoria and also major roads that connect Juba to major towns.

On Oct 19th. president Kiir threatens that the best thing he will do is to relocate his army headquarters to Yei to command and direct his troops to defeat rebels, a statement that was highly challenged by the opposition and human rights groups.

South Sudan has been in a brutal civil war for the past three years as Salva Kiir struggles to consolidate powers, however, the government controls of Upper Nile and now Equatoria is limited to major towns only.

Armed Opposition leader, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, continues to threaten that he will direct his forces to capture power if the region fails to resuscitate the peace agreement, a call that has been highly simplified by regional leaders.

If Juba goes on to use chemical weapons as alleged, this will not be the first time for such weapons to be used against international law.

Between January and March 2014, Juba and her ally, Ugandan, used internationally banned cluster bombs along Juba-Bor raods when the rebels advance was too near to the capital.

Although the use of cluster bombs was verified by the UNs and other international bodies like TROIKA, no serious measure was taken against Uganda and South Sudan.

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adura mach fasahood November 4, 2016 at 2:08 am

It will not be the solution,that’ wil be the end off JCE’rule

Lakueijik Dut November 4, 2016 at 3:28 am

that is a lies, it is another way of inciting violent in the country so pliz stop warmongering and incitement in the media!


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