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Breaking news: SSOMA suspends King Paul’s SSUF with immediate effect

Sep 26, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — The South Sudan Opposition Movement Alliance Leadership Council (SSOMA-LC) has swiftly suspended Gen. Paul Malong Awan’s South Sudan United Front/Army over its current disunity and poor management of chaos within their ranks and files.

Leaders of South Sudan Opposition movements Alliance (SSOMA) in Rome during talks with the government (Photo credit: Supplied)
Leaders of South Sudan Opposition movements Alliance (SSOMA) in Rome during talks with the government (Photo credit: Supplied)

In a statement extended to Nyamilepedia, the SSOMA-LC regrets to announce that it has suspended membership of SSUF/A until further notice.

“The South Sudan Opposition Movement Alliance Leadership Council (SSOMA-LC) regret to inform its supporters, the regional and international community at large, and the suffering people of South Sudan in particular that the activities of South Sudan United Front/Army (SSUF/A) in SSOMA has been suspended with immediate effect.” Read part of a statement extended to Nyamilepedia.

Speaking on behalf of SSOMA-LC, Kwaje Lasu Celesion Lomunu said the decision to suspend Malong’s group was made in an extraordinary meeting held yesterday on 25th September, 2020.

“In its extraordinary meeting held on the 25th September, 2020 SSOMA-LC have discussed and with majority vote decided to suspend SSUF/A because of breach of communication channel of SSOMA and the spirit of comradeship and trust within the Alliance.” Kwaje Lasu said.

According to SSOMA Leadership Council the decision to suspend the group was based on Gen. Malong’s attempt to use alternative channels to access the alliance instead of using the person he authorized, Emmanuel Sunday John.

The SSOMA alliance regrets that it lost trust in working with Malong’s Unified Front that is not unified.

“At this critical juncture of our struggle for peaceful and stable democratic state that is based on the rule of law, SSOMA as an Alliance believe in working together in good faith, mutual trust, integrity, transparency and openness. ” Reads part of SSOMA statement.

Malong’s group is now divided into two factions, one under Gen. Malong and another under the newly installed chairman and C-in-C, Dr. Sunday de John.

In his writing, Sunday accused Malong of numerous mischiefs including making attempts to establish parallel connections with the government in Juba and with the SSOMA leadership without the knowledge of his secretariat.

Sunday also accused Malong of undermining the SSOMA Leadership Council because they are not from the Dinka tribe which is the center of power the alliance is trying to make peace with.

Although majority of the SSOMA Leadership Council are not from the major tribes, some of them are former senior politicians and military generals that include the former Secretary General of the SPLM, Cde. Pagan Amum, former Chief of Staff of SPLA, Gen Oyai Deng Ajak and former Deputy Chief of Staff of SPLA, Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirilo and other senior politicians.

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