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BREAKING NEWS: 3 Main Government Strategies To Compromise The New Peace Agreement REVEALED

The SSPDF Chief of General Staff Gen. Gabriel Jok Riak, and the SPLA-IO’s deputy chief of staff for administration Gen. James Koang Ranley holding a military conference in Juba, South Sudan(Photo credit: Nyamilepedia)
The SSPDF Chief of General Staff Gen. Gabriel Jok Riak, and the SPLA-IO’s deputy chief of staff for administration Gen. James Koang Ranley holding a military conference in Juba, South Sudan(Photo credit: Nyamilepedia)

Feb 9, 2019(Nyamilepedia) — A confidential report extended to Nyamilepedia by credible insiders vividly reveals how the security arrangement of the recently signed Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan(R-ARCiSS) was fudged during the recent meeting at the Palm African Hotel in Juba.

If verified to hold, the violation could set major stumbling blocks to implementation of the peace agreement.

According to the confidential report, on February 2nd, 2019, the Security Arrangement Mechanisms led by Gen. Koang Chuol and Gen. Jok Riak held an important meeting at Palm Africa Hotel in Juba to agree on the number of cantonment sites and training centres for the would-be national army of South Sudan.

“In that meeting, the military leadership agreed on 40 number of cantonment sites for the oppositions and major 10 barracks for the government forces. They had also agreed on 15 training centres for all combined forces in phase One.” Said the reliable insider.

“This is where the issue of deviation emerged from 37 to 15 training centres. This failed to meets the target and compromised the agreed number of forces to be train in phase one.” The insider continued.

The confidential report confirmed earlier allegations that the Palm Africa Hotel meeting shifted the agreed number of forces that was to be trained jointly from 183, 000 as per R-ARCiSS to 75,000.

“For example, in the first phase as per the Khartoum security meeting agreement , it was agreed that 183, 000 forces will be train in phase one. This number has been compromised to 75, 000 soldiers on February 2 meeting, as per per Gen. Koang and Gen. Jok.” The report continued.

“This is far less and way off the mark from 183, 000 number of forces to be trained as per the R-ARCSS in the first phase.” The insiders continued.

The aggrieved members, who have reasons to believe that their forces would be reduced in greater numbers, calls on IGAD and members of the international community to intervene before these violations delay peace implementation.

“By any measure, this is a clear violation of the agreement and it must be corrected to ensure that the National Transitional Government of South Sudan is formed on time without any delay.” Read part of the statement.

Kiir Army Refused to Declare the Size of its forces;

According to insiders, who also attended the meeting, the government of South Sudan has refused to reveal the size of its forces.

“As per the agreement, the government is required to reveal the number of its forces.” The insider told Nyamilepedia.

“Because the government refused to revealed this crucial information, it would erode the confidence building of the parties to the agreement. Not only this issue show lack seriousness on the side of the government and will serves an obstacle to the smooth implementation of the security arrangements.” The insiders continued.

The disgruntled party analyzed and concluded that lack of seriousness on the side of the government explains why the size of soldiers to be trained was cut drastically to ensure that the government forces have an upper hand in case peace collapses and war resumes.

The insiders call on IGAD and TROIKA to condemn Salva Kiir government for its lack of seriousness.

“In the eyes of this agreement, the region and the international community, this is dangerous tactic and may derail this peace. It must be condemned and not allowed to prevail.”  The report continued.

“It’s meant to disadvantage the opposition forces and the fact that Salva Kiir’s regime has other plans to abort agreement.” The Eye witness continued.

Salva Kiir Army Secretly Training New Recruits Around Juba


Intelligence leaks from the armed oppositions further alleged that Kiir’s Army,  the SSPDF, is currently training new Mathiang Anyor in Luri and other secret military training centers.

“To support this narrative, our intel revealed that the government have multiple secret military training sites around Juba in Luri, and also a concealed armed group stationed inside Juba.” The insiders continued.

According to the insiders, the government has unregistered private army that is dressed in civilian clothing within Juba and more recruits are being trained in secret locations.

This, they believe, could be the reason why the government wants to reduce the number of troops to be trained from 183, 000 to 75, 000 – to accommodate the new recruits and Kiir’s private army that is already in the capital..

“This narrative of secret training sites and concealed armed group stationed inside Juba explains why Gen. Jok Riak opted for only 75, 000 combined soldiers only to be train. After this training of 75,000, it most likely that Salva Kiir will dissolve the government and Transitional Government of National Unity will be formed and no other training will take place.” The report continued.

“If this is allowed, the opposition forces will be at great disadvantage and Dr. Riek Machar will be a victim and blamed for betraying his forces.” Said an SPLA-IO officer who attended the Palm Hotel meeting.

“The question is, why did the armed oppositions accept this satanic act? Why did the JTSC, the JMCC and the JDB co-chairs compromised the Movement’s stand and the agreement” He continued.

The opposition officers in Juba call on the SPLA-IO leadership to recall its generals from Juba to their headquarters for consultations before further actions are taken.

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