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BREAKING: Full Scale Offensives Resume In Multiple Locations in South Sudan’s Three Main Regions

A government gunship heading to Jonglei state to fight white army in December 2013.
A government gunship heading to Jonglei state to fight white army in December 2013.

Jan 28, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– Using gunships helicopters and heavy artilleries, South Sudan government forces have resumed full scales offensives in many parts of Upper Nile region that were relatively calm during the last rainy season.

Heavy fighting that could be heard from Malakal are intensifying towards Dolleb Hills, Tukernyang, Obel and Lelo in West Bank.

According to local residents in Wau, government gunships began bombarding rebels’ strongholds at Wau Shilluck on Wednesday morning forcing the SPLA-IO and Agwelek forces to return fire on Thursday and Friday.

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By Friday evening, SPLA-IO claimed to have captured Lelo, Wajwok and Diteng after defeating a government troops in those areas.

“Million and Billion congratulations to the General chief of Staff of SPLA IO Gen Gatweck duel, and Sector one Commander Gen Johnson Olony Thobo for the Great Victory in Upper Nile. Today the freedom fighters have defeated the Jieng Council militias and SPLA North In Lelo and Wajwok and Diteng” Said Omojok Obac, a SPLA-IO youth chairman in Kampala, Uganda.

According to SPLA-IO spokesman, Col. William Gatjiath Deng, SPLA-IG attacked their positions around Malakal on Friday morning at around 6Am.

“At around 6:00am Friday January 27, 2017, the Juba regime soldiers, supported by helicopter gunships, attacked SPLA-IO positions in and around Malakal, targeting the SPLA-IO Sector One Headquarters at Owachi and Wau Shulluk.”

“The gallant SPLA-IO forces of sector 1 responded by repulsing the Juba regime advance and pursuing them towards Lelo, Warjuok and Detang.” Col. Gatjiath continued.

Gatjiath confirmed that their forces are in full control of Ditang but fighting is continuing in Lelo near Malakal town.

“For more than 2 hours, the gallant SPLA-IO engaged and defeated the Juba regime aggression, hence taking full control of Detang and the fighting is still going on at Lelo and spreading to Malakal, as the Juba regime helicopter gunships continue bombarding and targeting civilian concentrated Wau Shulluk in the Juba regime ongoing campaign to ditch and exterminate the civilians from their homes.” Gatjiath claims.

“Today alert, the fighting still going on at Lelo and has started at Doleib Hill, Obel and Tukernyang military bases. Possibly the gallant SOLA-IO forces must get ride of them all” He continued.

In Central Equatoria, which harbors the national capital – Juba, fighting has been ongoing in Kajo-Keji county for the last one week. Although the two spokesmen of SPLA have not release any report on Kajo Keji, local residents blame the government for attacking SPLA-IO positions and killing of civilians.

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In Western Bhar el Ghazal state, limited clashes have been reported this week by local residents.

In Jonglei states, government forces have moved out of their trenches in Pajut in what is seen to be a preparation to attack Lou-Nuer areas which remained calm during the last three years of South Sudan civil war.

In Nasir, SPLA-IO has claimed victories this week in Nordeang near Nasir and SPLA-IO threatens to capture Nasir town centre, which has been under government control for more than a year.

While Dr. Riek Machar, the leader of SPLM/SPLA-IO, remains in South Africa his main rival, president Salva Kiir, is hoping to achieve a military victory this dry season, and could be concurrently leading both “national dialogue” and full scale military offensives at the grassroots.

The government has visibly purchased weapons, trained thousands of militias and signed military corporations with neighboring countries with hope to maneuver and silence his political rivals this year; however, the conflict has gotten more complicated since July, 2016.

From July last year, the SPLA-IO has established many divisions within Equatoria region, each with a force of approximately 6, 000 soldiers.

For the last seven months, Juba has tried to clear Equatoria of rebels, who took control of main routes linking the capital to East Africa but failed. Instead more rebels groups are being formed and ambushes on main roads and near major towns are increasing.

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