BREAKING: Fighting breaks out between South Sudanese refugees in Kakuma

    Kakuma entrance gate (Photo credit: LWF/James Macharia)Kakuma entrance gate (Photo credit: LWF/James Macharia)
May 24th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – Fierce and bloody fighting broke out last night between South Sudanese refugees seeking protection in the Kenyan refugee camp of Kakuma fitting members of the Bul and Dok sections of the Nuer community, sources told the Nyamilepedia this afternoon.
A sources told the Nyamilepedia that the fighting initially started between Jikany and the Dok community members but later turned to be between the Dok and the Bul community reportedly after members of the Dok community beaten someone from the Bul community who later on retaliated.
“It began in a football playing ground with Dok and Jikany. After the Jikany beaten someone from the Dok, they disappeared and members of the Dok community who were looking for them (Jikany) went to beat one from the Bul section and then fighting ensued,” one source told the Nyamilpedia on the condition of anonymity.
The same source pointed out that it is the third round of the brawl reportedly after similar clashes took place two weeks early.
“This fighting is the third round tonight after two hostilities last week. They came and attacked Bul in Kakuma, they are fighting right now. This is apart from Uganda,” the source said last night.
Another source said the the fighting broke out yesterday between the Bul and the Dok Nuer leaving two dead from the side of the Dok community.
“Yesterday at around 8:25 inter-clan clashes erupted again between Bul and Dok Nuer leaving two people dead from Dok side and several others critically injured,” the source said.
Another source said he is only aware of one victim from the Dok community who has been beaten by suspected members of the Bul community saying the issue that led to the attack was a brawl few days ago between the two communities over football related issue.
“A man identified as from Dok community has been brutally thrashed by suspected Bul community, the issue that led to this attack came a few days ago after the two communities fought over football-related disputes in the camp,” the source said.
The source said the issue has reported to the Kenyan police in the camp but could not act as they are reluctant to intervene saying the situation remains tense as of this afternoon.
“The security situation in the Camp remains tense and there are a lot of people outside there carrying spears, pangas and machetes . The case has been presented to Officer Commanding Police Station (OCS), but he never gave it some thought,” he said adding that “several people are injured from both sides as the fighting continued throughout the night.”
Nyamilepedia could not independently verified and names of victims and the sources have been withheld for the sack of confidentiality.

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