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Armed Militia Attack Leka of Mabaan County, Displacing Residents

March 4, 2021(Nyamilepedia) — An Armed militia has forced residents of Leka area in Mabaan County of South Sudan’s Upper Nile State to flee from their homes. 

El-Bounj village, the capital of Maban County(Photo: File)
El-Bounj village, the capital of Maban County(Photo: File)

The attack took place on Wednesday forcing the residents to abandon their homes in order to escape the wrath of the armed group. 

According to Sarah Abdullah, a resident and a victim of the displacement, the attack erupted from Leka which is located about five kilometers from Bunj town.

“I fled because of the fighting that erupted in Leka,” said a rattled Sarah. “I am now living in the bush under a tree without food. We have water but the issue of food is a problem.”

The victims while explaining their ordeal and calling out for assistance from the authorities pointed out that the humanitarian situation is dire. 

According to Shaga Lal, a displaced resident of Leka area, the displaced people include a number of children, women and the elderly all living in the open.

The distressed woman appealed to the government to swiftly come in and assist at least with food and shelter. She also hoped that the government would make a prompt decision and arrest the situation by restoring peace. 

“I appeal to the parties to ensure that peace prevails. We want our children to live in peace,” said Sarah.

The Executive Director of Maban County, Mumin Khidir declined to give a definite number of the displaced people citing that he didn’t have the actual number yet. 

“Most residents of Bunj left their homes following the attack. We do not have the exact number of those who fled their homes, but most of the residents left their homes in Bunj,” said the Executive director.

Mumin blamed the attack on an armed group affiliated with the Sudan People’s Liberation Army-In-Opposition (SPLA-IO). 

“The armed group launched the attack on the area of Leka on Wednesday at around 8AM. We have not yet received a report on the losses.” The local official went ahead to declare that it was unclear what the motive of the attack was.

Attempts to reach SPLA-IO officials for comments were futile as calls went unanswered.

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