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Another Civilian Shot Dead At 9Am in Juba, South Sudan!

A journalist, Peter Julius Moi, was killed on the outskirts of Juba on Wednesday evening, August 2015(Photo: file)
A journalist, Peter Julius Moi, was killed on the outskirts of Juba on Wednesday evening, August 2015(Photo: file)

Nov 21, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Preparing to begin his day, Barach Mayendit, was shot dead by a gunman at his residence this morning in Thongthing neighborhood in Juba, South Sudan.

According to eye witnesses, late Barach was brushing his teeth in front of his gate at 9Am on Saturday when a civilian-dressed gunman started firing at him.

At least three bullets hit the deceased, who died instantly before the gunman took off.

The witnesses believes the assailant claimed to be a member of South Sudan National security before he turned his back and walked away. No immediate arrest was reported.

Although police department was yet to response at the time of this report, insecurity and death of civilians in the hands of “unknown gunmen” is not something new to all South Sudanese in the country.

On Tuesday this week Stephen Khamis, a member of South Sudan Police service and a coach of women Football team was also shot by unknown gunman in front of his house near St Kazito bus station.

Kharmis survived six bullets in his body until he died at Juba Teaching Hospital the following morning at 4Am.

At least nine journalists and unreported number of civilians have have been killed in South Sudan capital within the last two years.

Members of police and national security services, including members of presidential guards, have also been killed in similar incidents by unknown gunmen.

Within this month at least five civilians have been killed like Barach. Banks and hotels are also robbed in a broad day light.

On November 20th, 2015 [yesterday] at 2pm a group of heavily armed men, wearing protective gears, robbed Nile Hope, a none-profit organization within the capital. At least six millions South Sudanese Pounds were reportedly stolen.

In other reports, the National Parliament has amended the constitution to give Salva Kiir powers to appoint and remove governors any time he deemed necessary. This decision came at a time when the president has unconstitutionally removed and replaced 8 out of 10 governors.

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lokiden November 21, 2015 at 10:09 pm

God Rest his soul in peace, but let it be the lesson to every one, since it happened to many other but no one was arrested, thats means it is within the Gove.

Tulio Gbit November 22, 2015 at 6:45 am

All these assassins who never get who are they? the answer is very simple, Kiir has trained 1500 Eliminators AKA Assassins. You know they are at work because after these deaths, Kiir is quiet and the people never caught, unless they assassinate to get to another goal like the bus ambush in the Juba Nimule Road, then they take immediate actions. you know it is planted crime to use it as a cover to do other horrendous things when they rush to actions even without investigations. From Isaiah Abraham to the Journalists and now this, the criminals shall never be caught because they are the people who are supposed to do the catching. Can a pot make a hole in itself?

Tolio November 22, 2015 at 12:23 pm

The government aught to disarm civilians first to ensure there are no civilians out side there using guns to commit heinous crimes on anyone.

Another point is to ban civilians from wearing army,police or security surplus uniforms that they may be using to commit crimes in disguises of different occupations which are represented by different uniforms.

Once the civilians are fully disarmed and outlawed from wearing military,police or security attires,you are left with law enforcement and other security agents. It should be compulsory they wear their full gears and name tags on duty, with exception of those working secret services.

The size of police and intelligent forces should be increased,retrained and redeployed in every hotspot around the capital to maintain law and order,ensuring nobody is perpetrating any wrongdoing and gets away without being apprehended and brought before the law courts to answer questions whose answers should determine a verdict of guilt or acquittal given to the offender.

It has to be noted that disarming the civilians and banning them from possessing military uniforms which they may be using for disguised operations to commit crimes, are not alone effective in diminishing the crimes. The same ineffectiveness should be said about just increasing the size of law enforcement officers, their retraining and redeployment in areas around the capital city where crimes are often perpetrated.

Crimes are hard to fight with only physical availability of the police and other security apparatuses.

What are needed to supplement the efforts of law enforcement agents are forensic knowledge and forensic equipment to analysis crimes related evidential data collected for investigations with aims to catch the criminals and bring them before competent law courts to answer to their charges.

The other way is to buy electronic surveillance cameras and wire public places such as businesses, hospitals,schools, recreational & leisure centers,goverment buildings,airpots,passenger vehicles streets and pedestrian walkways with them. They are effective ways to monitor and deter any crime that may be committed at the scenes. They are cost effective,don’t need much servicing,special knowledge and worth spending money on to save lives,properties,lost of money through robberies,and thefts.

Once there are both surveillance cameras in those places and law enforcement agents manning such areas in persons,there is a need for government to purchase police air surveillance helicopters with high resolution Infrared cameras,detectors,communications gadgets and air to surface guning and bombing capabilities that the law enforcement officers should use for patrolling the city,surrounding areas,quick responsive transportation of combatants to criminal locations and to thwart the criminals identified as targets from the air as witness by law enforcement agents that are besieging those criminals on the ground. A few million dollars should buy such choppers and they are worth spending taxpayers money on,since they will keep citizens safer from the crimes. One may be compelled by a reason to ask, who will fly the helicopters once they are bought? Well,there may be few South Sudanese who were former pilots in the Sudanese air force during the South – North Civil War. Those pilots came back to South Sudan after they were removed from their flying careers in Khartoum as a consequence of South’s breakaway from the former whole Sudan. Hypothically suggesting,those should be the ones flying the choppers any government of South Sudan might purchase. If not,the government should contract foreign pilots to teach aviation theories and how to fly to South Sudanese students from secondary schools who have good backgrounds in physics and mathematics. Flying the helicopters is not that sophisticated and doesn’t require tertiary qualifications attained from colleges or universities.

Another key to combating the crimes which the government should adopt is monitoring of communication technologies. Data from communications channels such as landline telephones, mobile phones and internet vehicles should be constantly monitored to trace any premeditated or contemplated criminal activities. Communication service providers,along with government’s law enforcement actors and Information technological officers need to cooperate and share information on criminal activities that may effect any resident.

Finally, government security agents should have an independent oversight party such as Anti corruption and crimes commission that doesn’t interfere in the operations of law enforcement agents but has authority to monitor their activities to ensure there are no wrongdoings and abuses of powers entrusted in them. If ACCC believes that the law enforcement agents or security apparatus have committed some crimes, then it should seek arrest warrants, bring charges against them and take them to law courts where jury or judges will try them for guilty or not guilty verdicts.


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