Agwelek Is Not Seeking Positions Or Plans To Go To Juba

Lt. Gen. Johnson Olony, the overall commander of SPLA-IO Special Division One forces in Upper Nile(Photo: supplied)
Lt. Gen. Johnson Olony, the overall commander of SPLA-IO Special Division One forces in Upper Nile(Photo: supplied)

Jan 16, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– Responding to speculations that Agwelek, currently allied to SPLM/SPLA in Opposition, is returning to Juba, the Commissioner of Makal County for SPLM/SPLA-IO, Gen. Stephen Aban Kwath, a member of Agwelek strongly dispels the rumors as baseless accusations.

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Part of the speculations alleged that Gov. Jukino Fidel Nyikayo, SPLM/SPLA- governor of Fashoda state, has returned to Juba to be appointed as the governor of a recently created “Central Upper Nile” State but Gen. Aban dismissed such rumours pointing out the fact that Kiir-Taban have already appointed James Muonjok as a their governor.

“Of recent, it has come to our attention of wild rumors spreading on the social media that Agwelek is going to Juba, and that Gov. Jukino Fidel Nyikayo, has already gone to Juba and he would be appointed as the Governor for Central Upper Nile State.” Gen. Aban states.

“On behalf of Agwelek leadership, I would like to dispel such wild rumors disseminated by rumor millers as “baseless’’ accusations. All can be verified by the appointment of James Muonjok as the Governor for Central Upper Nile. Still, Agwelek leadership would have rejected any appointments from Kiir’s government because it would be against our principals and values as a national movement.” Gen Aban continued.

The Agwelek leadership reminds Juba and other groups that Agwelek, under the leadership of SPLM/SPLA(IO), is a national movement that will continue to stay the cause to fight for liberation of South Sudanese whose rights are infringed by the current leadership.

“Agwelek, under the wing of SPLM/A IO, is a National Movement that’s there to speak on behalf of the oppressed, disgruntles, marginalized and those whose land have been forcefully grabbed and occupied by certain ethnicities and government officials.” Gen. Aban said.

“Agwelek isn’t going anywhere until the confederate states of the 3 regions, Equatoria, Uppernile, and Bahr el Ghazal, is fully implemented.” Aban strong stresses.

The Agwelek leadership has learned that Salva Kiir and his new allies may create more states in attempt to lure in more job seekers from the opposition to derail rebellion but Gen. Aban warns that Agwelek will never be attempted to chase positions even if Kiir creates 1000 states or countries without a political process to end the conflict.

“What tribal President Salva Kiir Mayardit and his food lovers are doing in Juba has nothing to do with us, and the people of South Sudan who have suffered enough under Kiir’s misrule. He is free to create upto 64 States, or 100 states, and 1,000 counties however he wanted it. It’s his will and vision he is implementing.” Gen. Aban said.

Gen. Aban reiterates that Salva Kiir has no vision for the countries and all that he does will never move the country forwards.

He calls on all supporters to distance themselves from Juba and all rumours saying that tyrannies rule people confusion and propaganda because they have no vision.

“We call upon our supporters to be with us and disregard those rumor mongers who have no vision for the country. These are people who feed on rumors, confusions, and tyranny and think that they will succeed in their mission. They will not. Please be with us in spirit, pray for God to give us wisdom, and power to liberate this country.” Gen. Aban concludes.

According to observers, Salva Kiir will continue to create more states despite without a long-term strategy to lure back defected members who are seeking for newer opportunities.

Because of the three years of conflict, more than 2.8 millions South Sudanese have been displaced to refugee camps forcing some of their relatives to return to Juba to seek for newer opportunities for their families.

Aware of the suffering of his people, Salva Kiir government has left most of the responsibilities to UN and other humanitarian groups, and instead embark on expanding South Sudan’s ten states to 36 states.

Although this number might increase, analysts believe that creating more states is an attempt to avoid solving the problem.

Oppositions like Agwelek believe that creating more states amount to creating more problems.

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