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Abraham Chol insists South Sudan will have new government on 9th July

Juba, South Sudan,

July 05, 2021 – South Sudanese controversial cleric and self-proclaimed King of Kush International Church, Abraham Chol Makech has insisted that President Salva Kiir and his deputy Dr. Riek Machar will not be in charge of South Sudan national leadership comes 9th July 2021.

Abraham Chol insists South Sudan will have new government on 9th July
Self-proclaimed King and Prophet of Kush International Church Abraham Chol (photo credit: Nyamilepedia)

It is the second time the self-styled prophet is making the claim of regime change in South Sudan after taking the same stance last month.

South Sudan celebrates its 10th independence anniversary on 9th July. When the new government plans to swear-in parliamentary appointees on the same day, Mr. Chol says Kiir and Machar may not preside over the occasion.

In a live recorded video, Chol claimed the exit of Kiir and Machar from the helm of power will happen exactly in due time adding that it shall be a peaceful transition without any bloodshed and destruction on the people of South Sudan.

“In June, I announced that Salva Kiir and his First Vice President Riek Machar will go and the Country will receive a new President, and in light of this, I would like to clarify something small and I wish those who watch this live video and listeners to focus on this speech. I would like to assure you that the exit of the duo and welcoming of the new head of the State will commence on due time 9th July 2021 as I declared,” Chol said.

Mr. Chol says the leadership transition will not come through a coup or any military confrontation adding that people who will assume have already lined up.

“There are many boys. There are people of the land and Kush people who are asking how would this happen? Secondly, who is the upcoming President? I want to say exactly how this should happen. Some people think there is a coup coming, others spread rumors that there is a looming revolution against the President and other people say Kiir may die,” he said.

“But I want to say as king of God this is neither my plan nor my program. He said that there will be no revolution, coup, and death even if the alleged deserting leaders wished it so,” the controversial prophet said.

“There is no coup and there is no revolution neither death, this will never happen even if Salva Kiir and Riek Machar want that it will never happen although the SPLM has a culture of bloodshed and inflicting sufferings on the people of South Sudan I will not allow them to do that,” Chol reiterated.

In his response of who should be the upcoming leader, he said he prepared three youths since last year whom he described to be Kush leaders adding that those three youth are now working in the office of the President and that Kiir has an option to choose one of them to take people to the promised land.

Mr. Chol did not disclose the names of the successors. Last week King Chol claimed that he is the third man after Adam and Jesus and assured that he has control and strength over land.

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