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9 officers with over 2000 troops claim to have defected from SSUF/A-Malong

Oct 12, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Speaking to media from Unity State, a group of army officers declared that they have switched their allegiance from Gen. Paul Malong’s divided South Sudan United Front to South Sudan People Defense Force on Thursday, October 8, 2020.

Maj.Gen. Nhial Tot Thoar who defected from Paul Malon's SSUF/A and declared his allegiance to SSPDF speaking to media from Bentiu(Photo credit: courtesy image)
Maj.Gen. Nhial Tot Thoar who defected from Paul Malon’s SSUF/A and declared his allegiance to SSPDF speaking to media from Bentiu(Photo credit: courtesy image)

The spokespersons of the group claimed to have defected with nine officers and over 2500 forces, a report Nyamilepedia could not independently verify.

“Nine Army Officers from the South Sudan United Front shift allegiance to SSPDF in Unity State with 2050 solidiers as a response to a call for peace and stability through out the Country. SSBC NEWS 2020.10.08” Read part of the SSBC report.

Addressing the SSBC, Maj. Gen. Nhial Tot Thoar said he has defected with 8 other major and brigadier generals because they no longer want to be obstracles to peace.

“I’m major general Nhial Tot Thoar, I would like this opportunity to greeet all of us for the right time.” He said.

“I would like to assure the people of South Sudan that today we are declaring our allegiance from SSUF/A of Paul Malong Awan to SSPDF under our able president General Salva Kiir Mayardit” Maj. Gen. Nhial Tot said.

“I also expressing our sincere sense and appreciation to Hon. Dr. Joseph Nguen Manytuil Wecjang for the initiative that has brought us here today” He continued.

The other eight officers include Major General Makuei Gatbel, Major General Malieth Nhial Weal, Major General Majur Maikol Yor, Major General Bijany Kulang Keak, Brigadier General Tut Kuol Gatkeak Dieu, Brigadier Chol Mayar Thon, Brigadier Geneneral Thon Dak Kuol Lam  and Brig Gen. Simon Majuir Bill Dhuor.

“We are currently commanding more than 2500 troops that are available in three areas namely Rubkona, Mayom and Ruweng Administrative area” Read parts of a statement read on SSBC

The leader of the group said their troops decided to join peace implementation through Bentiu Peace Initiative (BPI) so that they should not be obstacle to peace agreement.

Speaking to the SSBC, the governor of Unity State, Dr. Nguen Manytuil Wecjang, expressed his appreciation for receivin the officers reiterating that “we want peace to prevail”

“Indeed it is a pleasure to see young officers sons of this state at Ruweng Administrative area receivin them, after they have respond positive to my call which I made on my arrival.” Dr. Nguen said.

“My call was about Bentiu Peace Initiative, we want peace to prevail at every corner of our state and our administrative area, Ruweng” He continued.

The leader of SSUF/A, Gen. Paul Malong, is currently attending the Rome based peace talks between a government delegation led by Nhial Deng Nhial and the South Sudan Opposition Movement Alliance(SSOMA).

This defection comes at a time Paul Malon’s party is facing internal political crises after the defection of the Secretary General, Dr. Sunday de John, that led to expulsion of SSUF/A from SSOMA.

Gen. Malong and his newly appointed spokesperson could not be reached for comments at the time of this writing.

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