South Sudanese Artists Association in Ethiopia to Launch Peace Concert Prayer

“We have to tell the people about a good peace not a bad peace that will not bring back the mass killing, displacement to south Sudanese tribes in the near future” retreated the south Sudanese famous singer, LTD (Bulbul) when our team reach out to him on the phone.

Members of South Sudanese Artists Association in Gambella, Ethiopia(Photo: file)

June 24, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Thousands of south Sudanese living in Addis Ababa are now preparing to turn up for the peace concert prayer due to be launch on the coming Saturday 27th of  June 2015 at Gerji Community Hall from 1:00pm to 10:00pm. It is part of their mass mobilization within the community to help south Sudanese attend the neediest peace in the country. The Association which was founded last year around September by some of the most well recognized south Sudanese musicians who escaped Juba massacred has been planning to push for peace issue despite the wound implicated in their hearts by the current crisis in the country.

The 5,000 fliers and Posters which were printed on Friday of last week could not be available over the weekend because people were scrambling for them. And the association is up to print more 2,000 for some of the area in Addis Ababa which didn’t get their share of advertisement before the concert officially kick out.

Recently some of the members within the association held a concert in Akobo under the lead of Paul B famous for his combine sub-Sahara traditional Africa style using mixture of Nuer dialect, Arabic, and Amharic. Ask the chairman of the association what motivated his group to do this most sacrificial work;

“Yes, we have been hurt so badly. Some of us lost completely what they have built over the years in Juba. We lost family members; we escaped the bullet behind our back. We can only thanks God that today we are alive and tells the pathetic that, what doesn’t kills you make you stronger”

And that means,

“This means that people of this great country and newest on Earth. The people of south Sudan must learn to forgive. All this mess happened because of poor leadership built on hatred. But there is time for everything and nothing last forever”

Khor D Jay who’s his single release “I am a soldiers” top the 100 on Mirayaa fm chart in early 2009 is commonly known of his another single hit, “Bineya” meaning my lady released the same year, was there when the ethnic targeting took place in Juba back in December 2013 and ran to UNMISS Tongpiny for his dear life. He believed bad peace could not be achieves unless miracle happen.

“A lot of people will of course turn out and we will tell those lets us pray together for a good peace not a bad peace based on individuals interest”.

Khor D Jay who made fortunate in Juba through music only to be robbed off by the ethnic targeting felt the need to preach good peace with his team though the Juba regime is still targeting his tribe in the most part of the country.

Former south Sudan Ambassador to Washington, Ambassador. Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth a well known personality in the International arena has been invited as the Guest speaker of the function while he was off to South Africa attending Africa Union leadership Submit which almost shown president of Sudan Omar El-Bashir handle to ICC by South Africa Judges for war crimes he is accused for but left before the court ordered his arrest.

Ambs. Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth an outgoing person for the youth activities trusted most among south Sudanese for his diplomatic gesture is view as a future leader of south Sudanese by many people. He is one man who loved youth activities and easy to go with. Turning up in the concert will send the populated youth show wild.

Peace Ambassador, Gatwech Koak Nyuon will also participates and has some good presentations. Mr. Koak who graduated on Saturday last week with a degree in Leadership and Management at Mekanisa University is pleased to see the function taking place.

“What happened in Juba is terrible but we must preach the important of peace to the society because it the society which empowered these cohorts to prolong the crisis. Good peace is important.”

Known for his leadership skills and ability to convinced, Gatwech always asked the two warring parties to quickly attend a peace agreement to stop the suffering of south Sudanese.

“We will do our best to preach about the important of peace and I can repeat, a good peace will not bring back the war. Let the two parties to the conflict gives peace a chance and put the interest of south Sudanese first above everything else”.

Bigoa Chiok Daniel a model and Human Rights Activist will host the show as the MC. Bigoa who came from U.S two months ago to see the most devastated Upper Nile and access the Humanitarians situation there across the Western Ethiopia is ready to set the hell fire out of the crowd. Outstanding for her beauty, she proved to be more than just a voice to the voiceless.

The event will takes place this weekend, on Saturday, June 27th, 2015 at Gerji Community Hall from 1:00pm afternoon to 10:00pm evening.

You are all welcome

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