Government Troops Massacred and Raped before Abandoning Town

Among the victims and displaced are the children and women(Photo:past file)
The government forces are reportedly committing human right violation as they abandoned areas they previously occupied. Among the victims and displaced are the children and women(Photo:past file)

May 18, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Government troops, who are abandoning their positions ahead of looming rains are gang raping and killing local residents in part of Upper Nile State.

Brig.Gen. Lul Ruai Kong believes that the SPLM forces, who withdrew from Mathiang Administrative headquarters two days ago have lured and raped over 60 women between 16-17 May.

Similar incidents are reported in Pochala County where widows of Nuer Soldiers, reportedly executed, were gang raped by the government soldiers.

Lul believes that  34 – 37 Nuer soldiers, loyal to Salva Kiir government, were executed in Pochala county. The women and children of the victims are reportedly witnessing some of the worse human rights abuses.

The motives for this gross violations of human rights are yet to be known. The government is yet to present its versions to counter attack the latest reports from the oppositions.

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lPress Release N0.60

Government troops that had occupied Mathiang, Administrative HQs of Longchuk County in Upper Nile State finally abandoned the town on the night of 16th-17th May 2014.

Prior to retreating, Kiir’s troops had earlier on lured hunger stricken civilians in surrounding villages to come to Mathiang to get food rations.

On hearing the promise to get free food, an estimated 80 women and girls flocked to Mathiang only to be ganged raped upon arrival. An estimated 60 civilians had been killed as well as buildings belonging to local government destroyed.

Meanwhile, confirmed reports from Pochalla County in Jonglei State say between 37-47 Nuer soldiers still loyal to Kiir’s regime had been summarily executed.

Their families are currently detained under inhumane conditions with women and young girls getting repeatedly ganged raped by lustful Kiir’s troops.

The SPLA/SPLM in Oppositions calls upon African Union Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan, regional and international Human Rights bodies to immediately investigate these serious violations against innocent civilians and soldiers brutally murdered by the same regime they were still diligently serving.

Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai Koang,
Military Spokesperson for SPLA (Opposition)

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