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A plane crushing in South Sudan's Wau, the Capital of Western Bhar el Ghazal state(Photo: file)
A plane crushing in South Sudan’s Wau, the Capital of Western Bhar el Ghazal state, on March 20th, 2017(Photo: file)

March 21, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— While aviation authorities are yet to start probing the cause of Monday Wau’s plane crash, some unconfirmed reports are pointing at the skills of the pilot as the cause of the crash. The pilot who is rumoured to be a relative to the president, Mr. Salva Kiir, is not a qualified pilot. He is a business man, and has been managing a hotel in Juba before moving out from juba in 2012.

When the identity of the pilot was revealed, those who claimed to have known him (the pilot) were shocked in disbelieve, saying the alleged pilot is a hotel manager and shouldn’t have entered in the cockpit even by any chance.

One South Sudanese student at Kampala International University (KIU) took his disgusts and frustrations on his Facebook timeline and within 3 hours his post received over 150 comments, all ridiculing the status quo.

“Oh no, am safer on boda-boda (commuter motorbike). In South Sudan, a hotel manager can fly passengers plane. Next time I’ll be catching boda-boda from Kampala to Juba. It is safe, and even more pocket friendly,” his post reads.

Someone responded to his post claiming that on one occasion, during an inflight announcement, a flight captain spoke in dinka language, and since then he stopped flying with South Sudanese airlines.

“Man, you seem to be new to it. I stopped flying with them when the captain spoke in kraal language. Do I look like I have anything to do with cows?” the comment reads.

Another gentleman promised to suspend his heritage as a South Sudanese citizens until normalcy returns to the country.

“I am suspending my citizenship until those goons at J1 (president Kiir and his cliques) return to the kraal. See how they have messed up the country!” he exclaimed.

The plane which crashed at Wau airport was from South Supreme Airlines, a South Sudanese carrier owned by Salva Kiir’s inlaw. It was making a trip from Juba to Wau airport when it crash-landed at the airport but luckily, most of the passengers were evacuated unhurt.

South Sudan per transparency international annual corruption perception index (CPI) is characterised by tribalism, bribes, fake academic papers, and backroom deals among others, which is now clearly plunging the country into bottomless pits as wrong people are taking wrong jobs; A hotel manager, flying a commercial airline, a primary 3 drop out like South Sudan’s weakest army chief of staff, Paul Malong holding PhD.

President Salva Kiir is a central character in this tribal game. He has misinformed his tribemates that South Sudan and everything in it belongs to dinka, thus they want to be pilots, doctors, engineers etc., without going to school. Clearly, South Sudan is a failed state. The evident is just in black and white.

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Revolutionary Columnist,

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