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President Salva Kiir swearing with his left hand(Photo: file)
President Salva Kiir swearing with his left hand(Photo: file)

March 13, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– A high-ranking officer in the notorious presidential guard of Salva Kiir aka Tiger Unit is desperately trying to join the “born again” revolutionary front of Gen. Thomas Cirilo. By reports, the frantic officer is pleading with Cirilo’s camp for a membership so that he can also contribute toward bringing down the “inu” president (Salva Kiir) from power. Whether his plea is genuine or just to save his bread, the chances of his request being granted is negligible owing to his crew’s human right record. Besides that, any affiliates of JCE cannot be trusted easily. They may switch sides just to disorganise and weaken.

Although the regime’s supporters have previously downplayed the significance of Thomas Cirilos’s resignation and defection, saying it would have no impact on the government, now such desperate move by supposedly president’s life guard, wanting to switch sides, is a clear evident that his resignation and defection is in fact a BIG BLOW to the criminal government, and is also a clear sign the regime is losing its grip even before the Revolutionary Heavy Weight (Gen. Thomas Cirilo) pulls the first trigger.

First and foremost, Cirilo would unify the various factions operating independently under one umbrella, and would centralise the oppositions’ commands like never ever before. The amalgamation of SSDM/A and Cobra faction with Cirilo’s SNF has almost caused cardiac arrest to JCE and other regime’s diehards, and yet it is still the beginning. Many more will follow suits, per analysts.

“Yes, we know……, NSF will bring together all other opposition factions”, said one analyst without providing much details on which other parties are yet to merge with NSF to uproot the genocidal regime.

If the “inu” president (Salva Kiir) was a bit prudent, he would have taken heed to a wise saying that he who is carrying egg basket doesn’t dance because he would simply crack the eggs. But the bearded alcoholic (Warrap president) wants to beat the odd. He went as far as organising National Day of Prayer which wasn’t bad if the intention was genuine but his actions after the end of religious function revealed his ill intent. His forces resumed their hostilities against opposition forces and innocent civilians. In Yei, they kidnapped, tortured and killed a man of God, an episcopal priest, whose likes he had confessed his sin to during the infamous National Day of Prayer in Juba.

The regime has in fact exposed its true colour, that it is nothing but an architect of foolery and intimidation. Through its “fool and rule” policy, it had succeeded in weakening the oppositions and blindfolding international bodies, including Obama’s administration which used to refer to Kiir’s tribal regime as “The Elected Government” as if an elected government has been licensed to carry out genocides against its own citizens.

Now that every non-dinkas have come to their senses and wouldn’t want to be fooled by primitive cattle herders, it is only matter of months if not days that the SNF break the regime’s backbones and bring lasting peace to the people of South Sudan, and restore their pride and dignity world-wide.

Nicholas Osobi,

Revolutionary Columnist,

Email: nicholas.osobi@columnist.com

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John Whan March 14, 2017 at 8:29 pm

I think it is high time to be vigilant about defection of Thomas Cirilo, a strong military commander who left capital Juba without body guards accompany him. He maybe traitor of JCE’s government whose his mission is to divide the rebellions in the Equatoria regions and others. He is crying that why nobody want to join him, so that make me suspicious whether he is coming to us back to Juba or fight the regime. At this stage, nobody know what is his exact mission.


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