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A warring faction of SPLA raising weapons after a deadly clash in South Sudan war zones(Photo: file)
A warring faction of SPLA raising weapons after a deadly clash in South Sudan war zones(Photo: file)

Feb 22, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— As a show of fist, and to convince their sightless cohorts that the recent defections and resignation of the high ranking figures from Equatoria have no effects, and also to demoralise the Equatorians for embracing liberation struggles, the Warrap regime sent its Dinka-haram terrorists aka Mathiang Anyoor group, which predominantly consist of tribal militia from president Salva Kiir and his chief of staff’s home villages, tasked with nothing but to kill, loot rape and to recapture the liberated areas in parts of Magwi, Moli and Lolubo respectively. Their ego however was cut short when reality shattered their self-worth as the revolutionary freedom fighters proved how unbeatable they are.

By reports all the successive attempts to break into the york of the civilised IO forces in the liberated areas ended in disaster, as the freedom fighters intercepted and squashed the hell out of them, forcing the hunger-beaten Mathiang Anyoor militia to flee in disarray. In total, the crippled regime lost 80 of its “pencil-thin” malnourished tribal fighters, and several weapons captured in good conditions, all of which will again be used against them in the future operations.

The commander in charge of the operation called our desk to break the news of their victory against the hunger-beaten primitive mathiang anyoor militia, saying, they received intelligent report days before the attack, and were fully prepared to intercept them. He added that the operation was carried out by their commando graduates who completed their training two weeks ago. He praised the young graduates for acting decisively and with precision.

“After receiving intelligence report, I assigned my crew to execute the mission. They acted with precision. And did perform above expectation”, bragged the unnamed field commander.

Further reports from eye witnesses confirmed that most of the bodies of the tribal fighters bear bullet wounds either on the forehead or on the chest, proving the distinct skills of the commandos. He however couldn’t clarify if the graduates are affiliated to red hat elite commandos or not although their level of precision strongly correlates with that of the red hat group.

Two weeks ago our desk warned that fighting would intensify in the coming days, and that the regime would try to mend its cracked pillars by going after IO forces, unknown to them that technically Bilpam and J1 have fallen one month ago, but Kiir is too dumb to notice it, while Paul Malong is too stressed over his wife’s defection to another man and couldn’t reason well to get the clear picture of the situation. Perhaps it is only the information minister, Michael Makuei who has a clear picture of the situation, that’s why he relocated his family out of Juba.

We at the revolutionary desk advise civilians to take ultimate precautions, and to be ready for any eventualities. Please avoid unnecessary travels and if possible join those in the refugees’ camp as soon as possible. Life in the refugee camps can be challenging but it’s better to be safe than get caught up in the fight. 

Nicholas Osobi is a Revolutionary columnist. He can be reached at nicholas.osobi@columnnist.com

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Nicholas Osobi February 22, 2017 at 10:00 pm

Attention to Editor: Please, in the first line delete “to” which comes after “convince”.

That’s, the first line should read as; “As a show of fist, and to convince their sight less cohorts…..”


Micheal west February 23, 2017 at 12:38 am

Dear Nicholas,
which victory that you are claimed while your monkey rebels are on run when attempted to attack military base in moli.
check properly and see the sad news form your side.


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