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By Professor/ Ambassador David de Chand


Landmine one of the ban weapon internationally (photo supply)
Landmine one of the ban weapon internationally (photo supply)

Jan 23, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— In all wars, any use biochemical, biological and nuclear warfare is a really unethical and deliberate and willful violation of one of the Ten Commandments (Nyuot dang waa) that says “Thou shall not kill” or in Nuer religious ethic authentically translated as “Cuo raan niek” in accordance with the Nuer religious ethics as preached by Prophet Nyundeng, Prophet Dwal Dieu and the Prophetess Nyaruach Kulan Keik all other Nuer Prophets that follow them up to this day as in all religions on the planet-Earth.

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Our information on the use of biochemical weapons or arms of mass destruction(WMD) have been transmitted or submitted to us directly from Bill-Pham II Headquarters, the Ministry of Defense, the Office of the SPLA General Chief of Staff Command and both the Internal and External National Intelligence Services in Juba. We have also obtained Israel’s roles in escalating violence in South Sudan is casting a new light on Israel’s involvement in the South Sudan treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war or ethnicities warfare, which is indicative characteristic of a failed state the has moved from being politically instable state and moved to Stateless to statelessness. The UN has confirmed and reaffirmed those Israeli arms ‘helping to fuel South Sudan war’.

The suppliers of Arms to the criminal, dictatorial and genocidal regime in Juba are multiple and involved European and Asian countries with emphasis on Bulgaria, Ukraine, the People’s Republic of China, including many others. The USA rubber stamped more military aid to South Sudan in despite its continued use of child soldiers. We would like to the world know that president Barak Hussein Obama left the White House on Friday, 20 January 2017. Certainly, the people around the globe will undergo debate of Obama’s legacy for years to come. But for the children and people of south Sudan and the Nuer ethnicity a majority ethnicity based on the 2008 Fifth Sudan Population Census, one of the strongest and potentially the richest in natural resources oil fields and gas fields, gold, Uranium ore, mercury, raw materials and the largest fertile agricultural lands cattle, sheep, goats and abundant wildlife and fisheries.

President Obama legacy will always be remembered by the future and the present Nuer ethnicity as the 21st century Adolph Hitler’s extermination of the Euro-Jews during the Second World War (1939-1945). The Obama Administration fueled and ignited the Nuer ethnicity to be targeted for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. The US President Obama has left a dirty legacy for the children and people of South Sudan because he has failed them. This is a disastrous legacy and exuberantly foreign policy failure not only in South Sudan, but also throughout Africa. We could not be more than pleased that he [Obama] has left the White House.

We hope that we the victims of the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide above and beyond that President Donald J. Trump would stand up for the rights of the victims of genocide— defined as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity throughout the world. Most importantly, we will not beg for peace and reconciliation because Salva Kiir’s regime in Juba has not defeated the Nuer fighters in despite of support it had received from some IGAD countries, namely, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Somalia and Zimbabwe less Ethiopia, Djibouti and Sudan in the conflict. By now Salva Kiir’s knows how much collateral damage the Nuer fighters have done and will continue to do until it will be defeated in a just a matter of time. We will prevail because our gallant forces and commanders are determined and motivated to defeat Salva Kiir’s regime by any means necessary.

We could not be most grateful to those brave and courageous men and women who have put their lives on the lines for the cause of the nation and its people. We have written this report in order that it would be our duty and responsibility to syndicate it to the international community; the UNSC; the Office of UN Secretary-General; the UN watch dog the International Atomic Energy Agency Commission (IAEAC) on the proliferation of the nuclear weapons around the world; and the Office of Chemical Weapons (OCW) in The Hague, The Netherlands. You can be rest assured that the report has been already delivered to other concerned humankind worldwide. God bless you all and we urge and appeal to you all to be united as a people with a common cause to keep up with the jolly good work and you can be rest assured that you will always remained anonymous and well protected for your own safety and security protection from the dictator and its cronies and cohorts in Juba.


All the information in this report has been authentically varied from the different sources within the establishment that is so full of many unavoidable cracks from within the system. The illegitimate, brutal, remorseful less, illiterate and ethnocentric (tribalist) President Salva Kiir of South Sudan has resorted to use biochemical warfare or arms of mass destruction (WMD) against innocent civilians’ population and holding them as “human shields” and hostages in Western Equatoria, Western Bahr-el-Ghazal and the world is quite about it. Shame indeed, isn’t it? The biases and prejudices mainstream Western media blatantly accuses President Al-Bashir of Sudan of the use of these same dangerous weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in the Western Sudan’s region of Darfur region without any substantiated evidence to corroborate such pretty serious allegations against Sudanese government on the use of the biochemical warfare in Jabel Mara in the Western Sudan’s Darfur region.

It should also be stated at affront that any information gathered through Satellite solo could be sufficient and could possibly be used as admissible evidence before any international tribunal or any courts of law because such an information have been insufficient reasons that they could be used as admissible evidence before the court of law because there is credible sufficient and appropriate evidence before the court of law. A good judge could not toss out or throw out of the court of law as inadmissible and insufficient evidence (Corpus deficiti) to prosecute or to put on trail any individuals in the court of law. Therefore, any allegations of the use of biochemical in Sudan have been insufficient, baseless, groundless, and a propaganda tool against President Bashir of Sudan. This is hypocrisy and double standards of the third kind in international geopolitics and geostrategic rapprochements. The UN has failed its obligations, duties and responsibilities and co-opted itself to the services or care of the superpowers that control it as their third foreign ministry.

The ongoing war in South Sudan has been provoked by the TRIOKA (the USA, the UK and Norway) and Israel as their little errant boy in the hood for the US dirty games or the US policy of “neo-scramble” in Africa and the creation of the New Middle Eastern regional powers with Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel to become the new regional powers. In addition, the war in South has been the US-Sino black gold war in Sub-Saharan Africa. The US does not want the PRC to have a foothold and bridgehead in Sudan and South Sudan that the US feels that houswifed from its birth from Sudan in 2011. The PRC has big oil investments in Sudan, but not South Sudan because it did not signed any oil agreements.

It presence in South Sudan was based on the previous oil agreements with Sudan prior to the split in 2011. Because China has taken side and supply arms to Juba, it does not have any future at all, in South Sudan. As soon as the rebels liberate the Greater Upper Nile region, our first priority would be to kick out Chinese oil companies because they have no place in South Sudan and in the oil rich Nuer country. Most importantly, the Chinese oil companies would be sued because of serious pollution of environment and diseases caused by chemical pollution. They would be forced to pay zillions of dollars for clean up and compensations and the unpaid royalties.

In the past, the Europeans exported Africans out of Africa to Europe and the Americas through the most shameful and lucrative Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Today the same Europeans powers wanted to take over Africa from the Africans whilst they rejected Africans émigrés, refugees and economic migrants to Europe for settlement. It would be recalled that it was the Right Reverence Alexander Mackay, the Scottish Presbyterian missionary to Uganda in 1889 that said he that “In former years, the universal aim was to steal Africans from Africa.”

Today or more than 120 years ago, Europeans wanted still trying to steal both Africa and Africans. There is no doubt, that history has repeated itself. In the concurrent waves of émigrés desperate journey of Africans, Syrians, Iraqis, Afghanis, Pakistanis and many others seeking admissions to European countries and North America, they have been blocked out by European countries of the right to enter Europe in the same way that Europeans departed Europe in the 14th, the 15th, the 16th, 17th, 18th and the 19th centuries explored, occupied and sought colonies in Africa in the Berlin Conference in 1884-1885 that divided Africa African amongst the European imperial and colonials powers and they chopped up the Middle East through the Skype-Pico Agreement more 100 year ago plus. Why Europe would deny such desperate émigrés to be emigrating to be resettled in Europe? Who created the wars that displaced them in their original ancestral homesteads to become desperate refuges and economic migrants? These desperate émigrés to Europe have been displaced from their original homestead and ancestral homelands because of Euro-American perpetrated civil wars to preserve or to create new dictatorial regimes to serve and to protect their economic status quo ante, foreign policy agenda, national economic interests and strategic national security interests in Africa and around the world.

Of course, the refugees, emigres and migrants deserve every right to go emigrate to Europe and North America or anywhere that they choose fit for resettlement globally compared to Europeans exodus from Europe to seeking colonies and settlements in non-European lands such as South Africa that was settled by the French Huguenots (the Boers), the British settlement of the First Nation in North America and Spain and Portuguese settlements of Latin America in the New Hemisphere.

The concurrent of waves of migrants to Europe are really returning the European favor of the 15th to 20th century’s imperialism and colonialism and the Europeanization of the world.” Most importantly, the desperate journey of many of these refuges and migrants have proven one of the most ingredients or elements of humankind international migration or Transhumance from one corner of the world to the next in the international system- that has been the premiere issues created by humankind retrospect to the post-WWII (1939-1945) era by the big powers that have been the ones that systematically destroying such noble achievements by themselves because of the hidden agenda of racism, racialism and xenophobia and the concurrent growing international terrorism worldwide that was first committed by the superpowers powers and the US in particular, has been the first exporter of international terrorism around the world, Islamophobia, Shiaophobia, Sunniophobia, Islamic Awakening as well as other hysterical phobic phobia throughout the capitals of the Western industrialized countries. Again, in my capacity as human rights expert, the refugees should be settled in Europe compared to the European Jews settled in Arab Palestine in the Middle East retrospect to 1917 Lord’s Arthur Belfour Declaration  to find a homeland for the Euro-Jews up to the end of WWII (1939-1945) to be settled in the Middle East in Arab Palestine as demanded by the Jewish nationalists like Herzog and David Ben-Gurion, Abe Evans and many other to say the least.

In order to create a multi-cultural Europe as European have done around the globe to make the world to become a real culturally diverse global village wherefore interracial social and race relations should be improve amongst mankind to breakdown all the racial bearers, socio-economic disparities, hatred and mayhem, the biases and the prejudices against the people of colored around the world. Together, Europeans, Africans, Arabs, Afghanis, Pakistanis, including other non-white groups or people of colored, let us strive to build a “New World Order” where all different races of the world could devices ways and means to co-exist as equal humankind in a truly multicultural or culturally diverse global village. It is not impossible to achieve this dream because we already done it and it needs only a push and improvement for its total and complete realization worldwide.

For fellow Americans and Europeans, there is nothing to fear at all, about Islam, Muslim and the Murat (Apostatized) Muslims. It would be impossible to separate moderate Muslims from the radical like ones like just it would be impossible to separate a moderate Ku Klux Klan from the radical ones or even the Born Christians from the non-Born again radical Christians. We should accept that we have radical Muslims, radical Christians, radical Buddhists, radical Hindus and radical racists and moderate racists worldwide. I am devote Evangelical Lutheran Christians that has been living and working with Muslims in the African nation of Sudan that my second country the United States of America unjustifiably has isolated, blacklisted, and termed it as a “rogue state,” Axis power” and as a “safe haven” for international terrorism that contains no substantive evidence to corroborate or to substantiate such allegations beyond a reasonable doubt. We should take Prophet Mohammed seriously as ‘Rubb’ (Lord) as we do take seriously the man called Jesus, the King of the Jews, as the ‘Lord’ because he has proclaimed himself to have died on the Cross for both the Jews and Gentiles as such “there are neither Jews nor Gentiles” because he [Jesus] has proclaimed that he died for all their sins on the Cross.

For all Muslims faithful the term “Rubb”- means the Creator, the Fashioner, the Provider, the One upon whom all creatures depend for their means of subsistence and the One Who gives life and causes death. I am not a theologian, but as a scholar who have studied both the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran alike for the sake of knowledge who can freely and intellectually interpret both Holy Bible and the Holy Quran (Koran) without fear, biases or prejudices. Succinctly, the fear of Islam by many Westerners has been unfortunate because they have neither interests nor wanted to know, nor they have the desire to want to know about Islam because of the religious, socio-psychological and sociological feelings of superiority complex vs. the inferiority complex that many or almost ‘Caucasians’ exhibit all over people of ‘colored’ worldwide. In summation, there are no differences in what Mohamed’s message delivers to Muslims and what Jesus’ message delivers to the Judaic-Christians (al-Hal al-Kuttab) (the people of the Book). My only consolidation to my Western friends would be that they should not fear not Muslims, to profile Muslims and the people of colored because Allah, ‘Deen’ (a way of life in Islam) that God, “Kuoth Nhial” (God in heaven or above the Earth in the Nuer language and culture of South Sudan (for details, see, The Nuer Religion, Oxford University Press), which is both private and public.

Westerners need to expand their knowledge and educational system to give students in depth better understanding and appreciation of other cultures or cross-cultural processes. We should all know that God created all humankind equal with a “Driven Purpose” because we are not by an accident. The lord says, “I am your Creator. You were in my care even before you were born (Isaiah 44:2a). Even Professor Albert Einstein says he that “God doesn’t play dice.”

Based on all of the above-mentioned, there’s neither superior nor inferior race, but all humankind has been self-evident that has been created equal in all aspects of complete humankind that is the embodiment of God. Human ones and equality is truly scientific because every human being has two hundred-sixty (260) bones though with a few exceptions. We should not judge or profile all Muslims by actions of a few radical Muslims, but we should strive to know more about Islam and Muslim folks for the sake of world’s peace and equality amongst all men and women as creatures of God. We should not judge a person by virtue of his/her skinned color or pigmentation, rather by the content of his/her character and deeds in society.

I direct this message to the primitive and child and women killer the Dinka dictator Salva Kiir, Dr. Riek Machar and all the leaders in Juba with a devilish plan to raze some humankind for the sake of power, money and control of the destiny of others and acting as international agents for international spies. I am pretty sure that the international community, including the United States, the UK and Norway plus their little errant boy Israel that provoked this war like all other wars in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen would not allow Salva Kiir to raze any races or ethnicities in South Sudan. What good is it if the Dinka could raze the Nuer nationality or the Nuer could raze the Dinka nationality in South Sudan? Both the Nuer and the Dinka are two largest and potentially the richest nationalities in South Sudan and without them or one of them there could be no South Sudan. This is no political gimmick, but a truly political reality. In this ongoing civil war, the Nuer is the largest, fierce fighters, courageous and resilient that will produce political change in South Sudan. Whether all smaller tribes united against the Dinka without the Nuer, they will not make a dent.

As I see it, now, the Nuer alone whether join by other tribes against Salva Kiir or not, has the capability, the ability and the red badge of courage to defeat Salva Kiir because historically no Dinka tribesmen ever defeated the Nuer in any feudal fights on cattle rustlings. For thirty years the Nuer resisted the British colonial rule (1900-1930) otherwise known in contemporary Sudanese history as “The Nuer Revolution” (al-Sura al-Nuer). For this reason, the Nuer never surrendered to British suzerainty, it was govern through the “Indirect Rule” and the “Native Administration” and through the Nuer Customary Laws and criminal procedure (Oxford University Press). As the Nuer sees it has not declared a war against Salva Kiir, but now it did and it would be only a matter of time for the Nuer to defeat Salva Kiir and that will certainly happen. The indecisiveness and missed opportunities by Dr. Machar and his absolute failure to listen to the generals and political, academics and international expert, would not be repeat this time around.

The Nuer forces have been revamped under a new leadership, command and control under the overall command of General Peter Gatdet Yak, has been rejuvenated and a new blood has been injected into the system. The Nuer nation will take its example from Poland and the polish people in Central Europe who made the biggest sacrifices for the Polish nation to survive in Central after some disappearances and occupations. The Nation will be capable and ready to raise up an army of a million man to be trained, to be disciplined, to be armed and to be ready to fight Salva Kiir’s militias, the UPDF, JEM, SRF and SPLA-N and their foreign fighters to be cleared out anywhere, any place at any time until the war reaches Warrap and Aweil and both Salva and Paul Malong Awan will cry crocodile tears.

Rest assuredly, this war will not end if Warrap and Aweil as the cockpits of the war itself have not been destroyed and to be burned to ashes like the Dinka Militias did in the Greater Upper Nile region, the Greater Western Bahr-el-Ghazal region and the Greater Equatoria region and until Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan army will be decisively disseminated, annihilated and destroyed for good. This time around, the ferocious fighting Nuers will fight like “Chaka Zulu” in Southern Arica in the 19th century and the German panthers and the Muscovites under the command of General Joekuve* and “General Winter” against the Nazi soldiers in and around Saint Petersburg and Moscow during WWII (1939-1945).

As regard to any foreign fighters on Salva Kiir’s side, they should know and remember that there would be no mercy for them, including any Ugandans and any other nationalities affiliated with UPDF. The world should know that we have got nothing against the innocent Dinka civilians’ population. We will do no harm to any unarmed and helpless civilians compared to what the Twic Dinka Special Militias targeted the unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. Our gallant forces and commanders would be only asked to respect Article I of the Geneva Convention and the four (4) Geneva Conventions and the Amendments thereunto. Our special Commandos, the Marines, the White Army and its counterpart the Gojam would be assign this task until the war end.

We are ever ready for the war that Salva Kiir and Pauling Malong Awan has been waiting for and General Peter Gatdet will assume the overall command of the army without any interference from Machar no more. We urge and appeal to the entire Nuer nation in the Diaspora to be prepared for making more and more contributions towards the war efforts. We can do this just as our forefathers did it against the British colonialists. Who are the Jieng (Dinka) to fight us and to defeat us? We shall and will not be defeated, but we will defeat Salva Kiir by any means necessary.

We urge and appeal to the Dinka to make a revolution against the Dictator-for-Life Salva Kiir if they wish to have a political future in South Sudan. Everybody has fate up with Salva Kiir because of things that he has done, which he ought not to have done. God would not absolve him forever and the people of South Sudan would forgive, but would not forget what Salva Kirr’s leadership has done to his fellow countrymen. Specifically, the things that Salva Kiir have done, which he ought to have done and that legacy would have a tremendous socio-impact on the Dinka Community and the so-called Dinka Community Elders because it has lost “Trust” from Nuer majority and potentially the richest in natural resources that gave the Jieng [Dinka] a chance to lead the country democratically, but they completely betrayed the hard won revolution and failed the state that moved from stateless to stateless because of rampant corruption, embezzlements, self-aggrandizement and extremely entrenched ethnocentrism (tribalism) and they openly talked of South Sudan as being “Dinka” when, in fact, it is not, rather a culturally diverse or multiculturalism, multi-ethnic, multi-racial and multi-religious comprises of sixty-four (64) different nationalities therein.

The Dinka and the Nuer nationalities should know that they still have enemies within South Sudan to let them butcher each other the way it is now. Have they already forgotten the Kokoro- the Equatorians secret organization similar to the Hutus secret organization against the Tutsis in the 1994 Rwanda Genocide that was generated by General Lago (Ret.), Ambassador Phillip Obong (Anuak), Othown Dak, MP, [Shilluk or Chollo), the Equatorian intelligentsia intellectuals in the 1980s targeted the Nuer and the Dinka? Professor George Lukas writes that those who forget history are bound to repeat it”. The televangelist John Hagee: writes that “Those who fail to remember the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them in the future. History reveals humanity’s triumphs and failures, giving us a compass for the future”.

We know that the equatorians because they are weak and could not contain the Dinka expansionism and terrorism have no choices, but they opted to join SPLA-I-O led by the former FVP Dr. Riek Machar for unholy alliances and political marriage or political wedlock of convenience. It would be recalled that many equatorians participated in showing Nuers’ homes to the Twic Dinka Militias, they also participated in the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide and they were so joyous of the unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity was being slaughtered by their own cousins the Dinka in Juba. What happened to the equatorians now? They were exhilarated and joyful, including the Churches and the Majids as the places of worships kept quiet and said nothing or condemned the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide and the plight of the unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity that was the engine of the economy in Juba and South Sudan as a whole.

They wanted to kill all the Nuer folks to control their wealth. This act will never again be repeated over dead bodies and for those who have done this genocide.., defined as the gravest and the greatest crimes against should not forget what they have committed because it will be an infamy. Both the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran alike teaches us that if anyone kills another person, has killed the entire humanity.” What kind of Juba now without the Nuer businesses? The Nuer would pack up their business to return them to Greater Upper and we are pretty some Equatorian would return to killings monkeys for meat and they will rustle with Ebola Virus epidemic and Dinka will return to Warrap and Aweil in Bahr-el-Ghazal to cultivate peanuts (dongpneni). Salva Kiir’s regime is not out of the woods yet and it has not seen anything yet.

International terrorism is defined as one man’s liberator and another man’s terror. In the case of the Nuer plight, it was a great pleasure to the equatorians, the Church, its clergy and its prelates. We appreciated all the feelings towards the plight of the Nuer ethnicity by their fellow countrymen. We have no blames, but we have already avenged or will avenge more until we reach the Dinka Heartland in Warrap and Aweil. The Nuer nationality is now ever ready to fight this war that has been provoked on us by Salva Kiir and the outgoing US President Barak Obama Administration. As a fellow American and a veteran, I have no way of remembering the US President Obama, but his legacy would be remembered as dirty and full of blood and the Noble Peace Prize that he was awarded to would be nothing and even Albert Nobel would be sad in his grave for having award bloodlessly such a great honor to a man that has caused pain, suffering and mental anguish in the5-year old Syria’s war, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Venezuela, South Sudan and many other places worldwide. The whole of South Sudan should know and feel that the Nuer soldiers, the White Army and its counterpart Gojam on the west of the Nile in Unity State would fight this war the “Chaka Zulu” style in the 19th century in Southern Africa and would surely play the cat and the mouse game this time around.

We will raise an army of a million young ferocious fighting Nuers that would be medically screened as healthy for military duty, that would be well-armed to the teeth, and that would be well-trained under the overall command of General Peter Gatdet Yak to liberate South Sudan from Kiir’s dictatorial régime in Juba and against the Dinka, UPDF JEM, SRF and the SPLA-N in South Sudan would not be the same again as it were before this ongoing treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war or ethnicities war. Can we live together without the smoking guns? Therefore, we urge and appeal to the Nuer (Naadth/Nath ke Ram mi raan) (people of the people) (Niey tin Naadth ke Nath) to wake and to stop sleeping in beds, to have the right to bear arms, to fight for their freedom, social justice, equality, our traditional advance democracy and our egalitarian, communal and kinship way of life in South Sudan. We should know also that they have got enemies within South Sudan who wanted us [Dinka/Nuer] to fight each other, to consume ourselves and to weakened ourselves such that later our enemies would envisage to dominate, to oppressed, and to exploit on our own turf by such internal enemies because they would say, we did tell you through your own eye balls, that “we did not tell you to kill yourselves,” and now is our chance to rule or to dominate you and your enormous resources for the benefits of their children instead of the Nuer and the Dinka folks. Certainly, this would not occur in my life time and beyond. The law of demography would not suit such dreams in South Sudan.

Regrettably, I have to say that this is the gist and the essence of Dr. Lam Akol’s politics aiming at the Nuer and the Dinka to kill each other such that minorities would unite against them at the end of the day. I am fully convinced that South Sudan cannot advance as the way forward without the Nuer or the Jieng (Dinka). Salva Kiir will use his newly acquired biochemical weapons and/or WMDs to raze the Equatorians and the Nuer folks, but they would not all die, unfortunately. He [Salva Kiir] should also know that in the process Dinka would also die in large numbers in the process with the same weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The Nuer has been united and will forgive itself for things that they have done, which they ought not to have done. The Nuer is ready to raise a million soldiers plus to fight back the “Chaka Zulu” style in South Sudan. How many Dinka and Nuer nationalities will die and for what? Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan will be defeated in despite of foreign fighters comprised of UPDF, and it affiliates from some IGAD countries, the JEM, SRF and SPLA-N that have become the main fighting forces on Juba’s side.

Many of these people should know that they are already “dead men” walking. Without the shadow of a doubt, that Salva Kiir would have been defeated, but Dr. Riek Machar missed golden opportunities to capture Juba. The superimposition of Taban Deng Gai (alas Mohamed Hassan ElHag) going around East Africa paying off poor, hungry and corrupt Kenyan MPS with 10M USD would provide no solution. In fact, Taban Deng would make many people to lose loyalty with Salva Kiir and to defect to General Peter Gatdet Yak and SPLA-I-O if it’s still exists on the roadmap. We urge and appeal to all people with Salva Kiir to undergo political divorce like British exits [BREXIT] from the European Union (EU) and awaiting to trigger Article 50.

Nevertheless, it’s not too late to capture Juba because with good strategic military planning, we could have a “Tet” inside Juba not for long, but pretty soon. There could be no other way to defeat Salva, but through the intensification of the armed struggle with new tactics, strategic plans, command and control, including pre-emptive attacks with catastrophic results on the SPLA and its militias. This is now the time to inject blood in the armed struggle against Salva Kiir’s régime in Juba. My fellow South Sudan veterans in Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and the SPLA, this is now the time to come out to show Salva Kiir and his cohorts, UPDF, JEM, SRF and SPLA-N what we have got in the store for Salva Kiir and his Israeli Mosad spy Colonel Africanus and others that we know had been also trained by the Israelis and that we do know firsthand their military tactics and all Israelis intelligence network in South Sudan.

We should remind JEM, SRF and SPLA-N that they are mercenaries that got involved in South Sudan war for the sake of the cash, that we could be pretty rougher, tougher and merciless because there are no articles, phrases and clauses in international law or in the Four Geneva Conventions that would provide them protection none whatsoever. We will apply Hammurabi’s Code that an “eye for an eye” and that “a tooth for s tooth” or the legal terminology that says “Wang ke wang” and “Lieu ke lieu” for that.


In past three (3) years or so South Sudan has been engaged or engulfed in a treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war or ethnicities warfare that characterized the status quo ante of a failed state that has moved from political insecurity, political instability social inequality and moved to stateless to statelessness. South Sudan has been a “pr-born and pre-failed” state that many Western analysts have termed it as a “hijacked state,” rather than a failed state. In addition, it has been wrecked by rampant corruption, embezzlement, and self-aggrandizement as revealed by the recent Sentry Report in Washington, DC, extreme mismanagement, entrenched ethnocentrism (tribalism) and spills over bad governance.

When I firstly made the pronouncement on the issues above-mentioned before African journalists in Kampala, Uganda, and later on wrote about it in the print media the preceded statement, I was rebuked and even though I had qualified such statements by saying that it has not been that because of lack or the absence thereof of highly qualified cadres, but they have been excluded from the systems that gives priority only to the Dinka folks qualified or under qualified in the Public Service. There has been no freedom and democratic expression of opinion that citizens have been entitled to have their say. The root causes of the war has been based on dictatorship vs. democracy, corruption, entrenched ethnocentrism (tribalism), autocracy, oligarchy, and the tenants of establishing a Stalinist’s state and embezzlements and self-aggrandizements schemes. South Sudan has been rampantly corrupt state. When I wrote about in 2005 I was rebuked and blacklisted because I have expressed my opinion under free speech.

Nevertheless, I was liberated or emancipated by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) report on the status of South Sudan a year or so later on Salva Kiir failed the state of South Sudan and as a brutal Dictator-for-life and was not keen to be challenge, which resulted in the use of a brutal force to suppress anyone that challenges him on the Presidency. He focuses on Dr. Riek Machar as a highly qualified southerner and a democrat that could unite the country if he had the chance to run for an election in the past. The euphoric alleged coup d’état attempt against Salva Kiir by the former FVP was a fake and a façade because there was no coup d’état as such masterminded by Dr. Riek Machar. There were Officers caught to have staged the coup for Dr. Machar in the SPLA army. What kind of a coup d’état without military officers involved? It was mere hoax for that. It was a real plot to assassinate the former FVP and some senior SPLM political bureau leaders. It was a political decoy or a plot to avert the democratic elections scheduled for 2015, in which Salva Kiir and Dr. Machar could not have been the only candidates’ two (2) aspirants for the Office of the President 0f the Republic of South Sudan. There were none SPLA aspirants candidates, including the author of this work.

In my capacity as the chairman of South Sudan Democratic Front Party (SSDFP) or soon to be South Sudan Democratic Party (SSDP) by dropping acronym ‘Front’, from its name sake. Presently, Dr. Machar’s popularity is waning pretty rapidly within his own constituency in the Grater Upper Nile that is predominantly Nuer’s population. The alleged coup d’état was a propaganda purposes perpetrated by Yuri Museveni with serious economic interest and the desire of the petrodollar in South that is lacking in Kampala. Without the shadow of a doubt, that the US supports South Sudan dictator Salva Kiir to remain in power. This has been the historic US foreign policy agenda in building up, sponsoring and supporting dictators throughout Africa in the name of democracy around the World. As an African affairs expert, most of the civil wars, dictatorial regimes, military coup d’état and counter-coup d’état have been sponsored and supported by the USCIA, the UK MI-6 and the Israeli Mosad in Africa, unfortunately. The concurrent situation in South Sudan has been a prelude for the US continues pursuant of its orchestrated policy of regime change in Khartoum and Juba has allowed itself to be used as a “proxy” and a “Poodle” supporting such a policy against the Mother-country- Sudan. It has allowed itself to become the “end user” or the recipient for the arms predestined for JEM, SRF and the SPLA-N sponsored and supported by the Dictator-for-Life Yuri Musing of Uganda, through the US, the UK and Israel to overthrow the democratically elected government of Sudan in Khartoum.

Juba has not been honest with Khartoum for having supplied, supported and hosted Sudan’s JEM, SRF and SPLA-N rebel forces that have been fighting for Salva Kiir’s regime retrospect to the mid-December 2013. The two countries have reached a tentative or a conditional secret or open agreement that if Juba kicks out and stops supporting Sudan’s armed groups militarily against Sudan, as a pr-requisite, Sudan would in turn not to support South Sudan rebel movements and to ask them to leave Sudan. This arrangement, of course, has a double edge sword- firstly, all of South Sudan rebel movements are located within South Sudan territorial integrity concluded by the two sisterly countries that have been a clear reminiscence of what happened to the Chadian rebels leaders and their forces when Sudan-Chad signed the Joint Sudan-Chadian Military Cooperation [JSCMC] and that Chadian rebel leaders were expelled or peacefully asked to leave Sudan.

Realistically, this is what Sudan-Juba wanted to repeat against South Sudan rebel leaders who by law and ancestral birthrights are national of Sudan that no laws in Sudan can expel them as long as they have not interfered in Sudanese affairs compared to Sudan’s rebel movements that have interfered in South Sudan domestic affairs and have been fighting for Juba as mercenaries and terrorists against the rebel forces on their own turf. Surely, South rebel movements neither we have any military sanctuaries nor bases on Sudanese soil compared to the Chadian rebels and their leaders and do not receive any arms supply and assistance from Sudan either.

Nevertheless, it would be Sudan that could suffer most from this pseudo-agreement because it has got well-trained and well-armed rebels in South Sudan and South Sudan rebels have been the first line of defense against Sudan’s rebel movements infiltration because we [the rebels] controls the entire Sudan-South Sudan border of more than 3,000 Kilometers an open terrain and the longest border compared only to the former North and South Vietnam prior to reunification in the aftermath of the defeat of the US military forces by Ho Chi Ming and the Vietcong rebels forces from Saigon, (Ho Chi Minh City) in South Vietnam in 1971. Cognizance, that Sudan’s rebel movements have scores to settle with us we will not give a free launch or free ale to cross into Sudan until we settle such scores and the grievances that they have committed against civilians’ population. We will not forgive them for the things that they have done, which they ought not to have done. They would surely give an account for things that they have committed. We know their sanctuaries and the hiding out of their leaders in Southern Kordufan, Southern Blue Nile (Ingessena) and Darfur as well. If the SPL-I-O was linen, the SSUFM/A and NFLGUNR with the Sudan rebels, they can be rest assured that we would not and we would sack it to them wherever and whenever we can hit them.

For the benefit of Khartoum, General Malik Agar has traveled to Juba and still remains in Juba in the last few days with the purpose of ascertaining the terms of agreement between Khartoum-Juba to expel them from South Sudan. In the South Sudanese Capital of Juba, General Malik Agar had face-to-face meeting held with the illegitimate and the US sponsored and supported dictator on the White Nile Salva Kiir and was personally conferring with General Malik Agar on the agreement between Khartoum-Juba last October 2016. The outcome of the meeting, however, was pretty loud and clear that Salva Kiir made a pronouncement rest assuring Malik Agar and his colleagues that they have got nothing to worry about and he [Salva Kiir] rest assured General Malik Agar of the SPLA-N and his colleagues in JEM and SRF that he was only playing poker, hooky and the cat and the mouse game with Khartoum, that he (Salva Kiir) wanted only to outwit Khartoum by deceiving, by manipulating and by maneuvering to prevent it from resuscitating, supporting and supplying the SPLA-I-O, the South Sudan United Front Movement/Army [SSUFM/A] and the National Front for the Libration of the Grater Upper Nile Region (NFLGUPNR), the Chollo Agulelek Forces and all other rebel groups in the Greater Upper Nile, Feritet Front in Western Bahr-el- Ghazal and Equatoria affiliated to the I-O and to SSUFM/A and NFLGUNR, respectively, not to be supplied and supported these strongest combined huge rebel forces under the overall command of General Peter Gatdet Yaka and Professor David de Chand in the Greater Upper Nile region, Ufondi Ndima FIBEL a Graduate of Makerere University (1972) in Uganda as the newly emerging political leader of the Feritet Front in Western Bahr-el-Ghazal, including the Grater Equatoria region in which all of them have been United and led by trilateral leaders under the Command of General Peter Gatdet (Not SPLA-I-O) and Simon Gatwiec Dwal (SPLA-I-O) and Professor/Ambassador David de Chand and Ufondi Ndima FIBEL would be politically responsible for articulating to the international community the root causes of the war, genocide of the unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity in the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide and the resolution of the ongoing treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war or ethnicities warfare that has no light in the tunnel to end it.

Certainly, this war will take longer period to conclude than anticipated because as long as Salva Kiir illegitimately and unconstitutionally remains in power, the war will go on infinitely until Salva Kiir will be defeated through the intensification of the armed struggle. Nevertheless, for the causes of national interest and for the Dinka tribesmen to envision a political future in South Sudan, they would have the courage and wisdom to know that this is now the time to overthrow Salva Kiir because of the political legacy that he leaves behind for Dinka nationality in South Sudan to become pretty, nasty, ugly and dirty. Hitherto, the Dinka would do themselves a big favor by staging a coup d’état against Salva Kiir out of power in Juba because that would become their safety valve of the future and the present. We would not give a damn because this plan could be for the Dinka to envision and to have a vision of tomorrow and how it will relate and reintegrate itself with other folks reckoning the things they have done, which they ought not to have done.

Assuming that Egypt and Uganda would supply and support Sudan rebels and Egypt also support and supply the Oromo rebels against Ethiopia and uses South Sudan as the Corridor to support and supply such rebels, the situation could create shifting of regional alliances that would be in the best interest of South Sudan rebels movement. Surely, Egypt is against Renaissance Dam construction to be completed on the one hand and wanted to complete the digging of the unfinished Jonglei Canal. Any military by Egypt against Ethiopia in support of Oronom through the Greater Upper Nile to reach into Ethiopia, we would have no choice to fight and join forces with Nuer Ethiopia or Gambela region #12 against the Orono.

We would also form a new alliance with Khartoum to flash out all JEM, SRF and SPLA-North that IO fighters have already inflicted on them heavy collateral damages on their equipment from Israel and Eastern European countries captured in large quantities. Our warning to Egypt would be that any military involvement in South Sudan to what have already known because we have killed and captured Egyptians military personnel and several Walid Tanks are clear evidence of Egypt’s involvement in South Sudan war. For Uganda it read between the lines the future consequences in the war in South Sudan.

As regard to the unfinished Jonglei Canal, we would like to say to President Assisi’s at affront that it’s a red line and a bloody red line that is a “no-go” plan that does not need a rocket scientist to explain it. We are ready to fight Egypt because South Sudan would not be like South Yemen of the yester years of UAR involvement in South Yemen. Any power that seeks to finish the unfinished Jonglei Canal would have to do it over dead bodies. The Canal is not in Warrap State one of the poorest and the hometown of the Dictator-for-Life Salva Kiir, but in the Great Jonglei State. Any aggression will be met with aggression.

we join Ethiopia in its fight against the Oromo that may want to enter into Ethiopia through Gambela Region #12 in the flexible ethnic federal system in Ethiopia. Of course, we would not hesitate to join alliances with Sudan should Egypt and Uganda support nada supply JEM, SRF and SPLA- N. They are all in or along the border of the Greater Upper Nile region and we surely flash them out in no time. As for Salva Kiir, no matter what he does now, he be ready to package up and go peacefully or face the consequences of his actions in Juba. We will do and no matter what happens and how long it takes, we will prevail over Salva Kiir. No Jieng (Salves ever defeated the Nuer people in South Sudan.

The USCIA, the UK MI-6 through the Israelis Mosad have designed or are designing ways and means of assassinating Dr. Riek Machar like a sacrificial lamb by Salva Kiir compared to what the USCIA did in the past against any African leaders that they perceived to be doing the right thing for their people that the US didn’t like them to do so. Actually, the recent decision by some Kenya MPs after they have been bribed with the $10million USD by the imposed VP Taban Deng Gai (alas Mohamed El-Hag to ban Machar to stay in Kenya or any SPLA-IO and the illegal arrest and deportation of Dr. Machar’s spokesman James Gatdet Dak to Juba has been indicative that some Kenyans law makers have violated international law, international treaties and protocols and the UN Charter. We have got many means to respond to this cruel and unusual punishment on James Gatdet Dak by the Kenyan authorities. We call on areas commander to arrest and to detain all Kenyan in all areas under their control throughout South Sudan.

Meanwhile, we urge and appeal to the UN Secretary-General and President Uhuru of Kenyatta to collaboratively work harder with Juba illegitimate authorities for the immediate and unconditional release of James Gatdet Dak and to be removed from Juba as a free man to be transported or moved to any wherever of his choice without any hindrance under the UN Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The Government of Kenya will bear full responsibility should anything happens to James Gatdet Yak. We would like to remind the international community that it’s not the first that Kenya has done this gross and systematic act against South Sudanese.

It did it in the 1960s prior to the signing of the defunct 1972 Addis- Ababa Accord to some highly South Sudan politicians who were drugged with heavy doses of Veterinary Drugs indented for animals rather than humans were deported to Khartoum that freed them and to let them go as freed men. We would like to remind these deceived Kenya’s lawmakers that they would sooner discovered that the imposed VP Taban Deng Gai does not have the support of anyone within the Nuer community. He’s a Lucifer’s, a bustard of a half-cast or the lowest class biracial child that only believes in the power of money to pay off his opponents. Reckoning, what he has done, he has been already ex-communicated from the Nuer Community forever. We call on all the Nuer leaders and all South Sudanese in Salva Kiir’s regime to redeem them by withdrawing their support for Salva Kiir and to return their own homesteads to strategize ways and means of intensifying the armed struggle to overthrow Salva Kiir’s illegitimate regime in Juba. This is now the time or never to do anything worthwhile.

Presently, Juba does not have the capacity, the capability and the ability to expel Sudan’s rebel forces because they are in the majority in the SPLA soldiers in almost all garrisons, including Juba and possessed heavy weapons supplied them by Uganda, the US, the UK and Israel and the People’s Republic of China to Juba. Because Salva Kiir’s lack soldiers to fight with any more the growing revolution against Juba that’s imperatively impractical, if not impossible, it cannot afford to contain depends on the JEM, SRF and SPLA-N and the UPDF. The US should know that Juba, the Capital of South Sudan has been besieged for more than three (3) months with its sprawling population going hungry, angry and have been used as “human shields” and hostages by the weakening dictatorial régime day-by-day.

The last fight that started on 8 July in the J1 Building Grounds in Juba has caused serious lost of so many soldiers, made irreparable hefty collateral damage of big manpower, demoralized the spirit and the moral of the fighting the SPLA Twic Dinka Special Militias against the highly trained, skillful and sharp shooters, ferocious fighting Nuer rebel soldiers, resilient and the courageous fighting Nuer White Army (NWA) and its counterpart the Gojam on the west of Kier en boor (the White Nile) in Unity State that shoot to kill either in the foreheads, on any of both eyes-either left or the right eyes or the chest. In other words, Nuer soldiers and the White Army and its counterpart Gojam shoot to kill compared to Twic Dinka Special Militias ill-untrained, undisciplined and just shooting aimlessly against the incoming enemy soldiers.

In short, Salva Kiir has been really solely dependent on the UPDF, the JEM, the SRF and the SPLA-N because without UPDF and Sudan’s rebel movement forces, Salva Kiir has admitted he would have been defeated by the rebels and would have been sooner rather than later. Fact, all different rebel groups are preparing to attack the Dinka militias. The opposition has already vowed never ever to sit down with Juba again to negotiate any future peace that it would not be adhering or implementing it if we could recalled its intransigence on the 2015 IGAD brokered Peace Agreement until he (Salva Kiir) would be overthrown through the intensification of the armed struggle. We believe that Salva Kiir has not been a man of peace, but atypical war monger that never won any battles and let alone the war within the SPLA ever. It does matter how long this war takes and how long the UPDF and its affiliates remained on South Sudan soil they should consider themselves as “dead men” walking because the rebel leadership has been changed and reinforced now a now blood of no nonsense new leaders with new ideas, capabilities, abilities and thoughts have been injected into the system. Dr. Machar would no longer lead and make decision unilaterally alone and would have no any roles to play alone no more.

It would be in the best interest of UPDF and its affiliated mercenaries and Sudan’s rebels without cause, but as mercenary movements to evacuate or withdraw from South Sudan to avoid bloodshed before it is too late for Yuri Musevni’s and these mercenaries movements to conquer South Sudan. We will have no mercy for any foreign fighters captured or wounded on Salva Kiir’s camp because they are hired mercenaries and terrorists with the petrodollar and they should not be treated humanely as such compared to the conventional soldiers under Article 1 of the Geneva Convention because mercenaries and terrorists have not been covered by the preceded said Article 1 and the four (4) Geneva Conventions and the Amendments there unto because such groups are lawless, bunch of terrorist movements compared to DASEH, Taliban, ISIL, Baku Haram, al-Shahab and other terror groups around the world.


From the beginning it was Uganda Defense Forces (UPDF) first landed on South Sudan soil in Juba on 12 December 2013 and got involved as a “proxy” and a “poodle” at behest of the US, the UK and Israel in its “neo-scramble” or the US “secret war” to fight for Juba with the possibility or probability of “entrapping Khartoum” supplying and supporting Machar’s rebel groups in South-South debacle as proclaimed by Juba prior to and during this ongoing civil war or as if a treacherous tribal civil war with no light in the tunnel or its ending is pretty grim. Surely, the war could longer period of time so southerners should be prepared for the worst to come. We created it and we must have the guts and gusto and the political will to end this war. We should no longer depend on external powers, but our own internal powers and the traditional methods of conflict resolution.

Let’s refer to Wonlit Village Agreement between the Dinka and the Nuer in the yester years of the SPLM split on 28 August 1991 followed by inter-factional, inter-ethnic and intra-ethnic warfare from 19991-1995. It has turned out that Khartoum has been completely remained neutral on the concurrent treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war equation in South Sudan. Apart, from the UPDF some IGAD countries with converging and diverging vested socioeconomic interests such Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi the D.R. Congo, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and the Rwanda-Uganda M-23, including the Sudan rebels without causes, i.e. JEM, SRF and SPLA-N that have opted to become mercenaries and terrorists fighting for Salva Kiir’s régime in South Sudan for the sake of the cash rather than the quest for social justice that breeds peace and peace that breeds justice instead of causing pain, suffering and mental anguish to their homelands in Darfur, the Nuba Mountains and Southern Blue Nile states. Certainly, they have caused great grieve, pain, suffering and deep mental anguish for their folks back in their homesteads and refused peace package offered them through a year old National Dialogue par cum pari (equal) sponsored by the National Congress Party (NCP) as the ruling party to authentically and logically addressed comprehensively all pending national issues, socioeconomic problems, inequalities, social injustice, political instability and many others through tenable reasonable alternative (TRA) peaceful and political conflict resolution.

My advice to the Sudan’s rebel leaders is very simple, loud and clear, return to Sudan to fight peaceful through the democratic process to get all that you wanted to have and to be done by Khartoum for that. They could gain more through peaceful Dialogue par cum pari (equal) with Al-Bashir’s Administration in Khartoum. In the case of South Sudan, peace was achieved in 2015, but was thrown into the garbage by the empty minded or illiterate or unlettered Dinka dictator for life in Juba and the so-called Dinka Elders Council (DEC). In my capacity an academic expert and a highly military trained person, logical and reasonable generals and wiser political leaders would prefer to achieve peace through Dialogue rather by war. For example, the President of Colombia de Santos had struck a peace deal with FARC *rebels groups in Columbia after more than two scores and ten years of armed struggle.


In the cases of both Kenya and Uganda interventions in South Sudan crisis, they have big dreams of undertakings on South Sudan soil. For instance, they are rogue states like Kenya has had big interests to illegally and unilaterally annexed the Lima Triangle or Maregafe or the native called it Marengafe and sarcastically termed by the ex-British colonialists as no man’s land similar to the “no man’s” triangle that exists between the two (2) filthy richest Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, respectively, retrospect to the Skype-Pico Agreement more than 100-year plus ago that chopped up the Middle East likes a beef of a slaughtered lamb that Kenya wants to illegally annex this oil rich South Sudan territorial integrity and encroachment into the jurisdiction of South Sudan in contravention of international law, sovereignty and jurisdiction of South Sudan otherwise known as the “Lima Triangle” or the Marengafe” that has been historically and geographically lies within southeastern region of South Sudan like Ladur District and Lake Turkana that the British unilaterally annexed to Kenya in the former the British East Africa and Gambela District in Upper Nile Province otherwise known today as The Nuer-Ethiopia with a population of approximately of 4-5m out of 96m plus culturally diverse Ethiopian population plus with the Oromo makes up bulwark of that population with minorities in Southwestern flexible ethnic federation of Ethiopia occupying a border area of 500 Sq. Kilometers along Ethiopia-South Sudan border. Historically, Gambela District of Upper Nile Province was exchanged for Kassala, Gadref, Benishingol and Beni Amir tribes annexed to Sudan.

Nevertheless, there are no authentic legitimate international agreements or treaties that would prohibits any peoples to contest or to challenge through the courts International Arbitration Court (ICA) and the International Court of Justice (ICJ) systems by any populations of these lands to freely and to consciously to decide contentiously that they have been arbitrary annexed to either Ethiopia or Sudan. Therefore, any peoples or populations that have discovered that they have been grossly and systematically affected by such arbitrary colonial and imperial arrangements, they should feel free challenging such illegal arrangements through the international laws, international treaties and protocols, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and the International Court of Arbitration in which all of them have been located in The Hague, The Netherlands, and The Royal High Court in London, the UK, to readdress such arbitrary arrangements and social injustice done them by transferring or cutting off populations from their original cultures, kith and kin that is equivalent to human trafficking on such issues freely before either the UK Royal’s High Court (RHC), the International Court of Arbitration (ICA) and the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, The Netherlands or both.

In the case of the Lima Triangle, oil has in large commercial quantities discovered and Kenya authorities are anxious to annex this land that belongs to South Sudan. The government and the people of South Sudan, would hereby forewarn Kenya that any arbitrary and illegal annexation of Lima Triangle or any part thereof to be annexed to Kenya could tantamount to the declaration of war because that would be an act of aggression under international law and act of encroachment on the sovereignty, territorial integrity of South Sudan because of the lack or the absence thereof of any international agreement and that could create more troubles between Kenya and the Republic of South Sudan (ROSS). We urge and appeal to Kenya to abandon any idea of annexing Lima to become part and parcel of Kenya because that could be a declaration of war. For Uganda any annexation of the newly discovered oil 320 Kilometers north of Uganda within South Sudan jurisdiction that could also become a double troubles and a “hot spot” for Yuri Museveni’s régime that has been fighting for Salva Kiir’s régime in Juba.

It could be rest assured that any claims of this oil rich territory within South Sudan territorial jurisdiction could become much more hectic and troublesome because there are still wounds of war in our heart against Ugandans and should behave appropriately in dealing with South Sudan. Therefore, Kenya and Uganda should keep off South Sudan soil and natural resources. We will not let go any square inch of South Sudan to either Kenya or Uganda without a fight. We have deeply unhealed wounds in our hearts against both Uganda and Kenya. Hitherto, they should be pretty careful in any attempts to arbitrarily annex any square inches of South Sudan soil and its resources therein.


The People’s Republic of China (PRC) has broken its traditional foreign policy agenda of “noninterference” in been the supplier of arms to Juba. Most of arms supplied to Juba by the PRC have been captured in large quantities, including trucks, tanks and steamers, amphibious tanks and fast boats by the South Sudan rebels from the fleeing SPLA forces. We have killed pretty large numbers of UPDF and captured many of them because they have been left behind in terrain that they do not know by the fleeing Dinka SPLA soldiers that dressed like real soldiers, but undisciplined, ill-trained and weak link that can neither fight like men nor take the heat of fighting with the ferocious fighting Nuers united with all the ethnicities such as, Fritets, Azande (Arrow Boys), the Murle Copra Forces (CF) guerrillas in Western Equatoria, Western Bahr-el-Ghazal, the Nuer SPLA-I-O, South Sudan United Front Movement/Army (SSFM/A) and the National Front for libration of the Greater Upper Nile Region (NFLGUNR), the White Army (WA) and its counterpart the Gojam on the west of the White Nile River in Unity State and the Shilluk (Chollo) Aguelek Forces in Upper Nile State, respectively. As soon as this war will be over with, our top priority would be to kick out the Chinese oil companies without and quid-pro-quos as sin-qua-non to peace and good relations and they would be replaced by American and European oil companies because they have taken side and polluted the environment. They are not good and reliable businessmen, but rogues with the intentions of stealing or siphoning African natural resources not for the benefit of African and South Sudanese in particular, but the Chinese.

The last fighting in Juba on J1Grounds, Gudele, Jebel Kujur, Lanya, Yei and Maridi up to the D.R. Congo-South Sudan border has taught the Jieng (Dinka) SPLA weak soldiers that they could not mess around no more with the ferociously fighting Nuer soldiers and a few units of the White Army involved. Many of the Mathiang Ayier and Mawal Anyour militias have been either killed, or with so many wounded and with many lied down their arms and sought refuge in the UNMISS camps. This last war made Pauling Malong Awan not to boast no more again and Salva Kiir acknowledged that without the UPDF in Juba he could have been defeated by the huge guerrilla forces ever assembled in South Sudan and throughout Africa and throughout the Horn of Africa. At present, Juba depends on the JEM, SRF and the SPLA-N as mercenaries and terrorists. They have been stationed in Malakal, Paloch (Wiec louy) is Gajak Nuer territory with all the wealth therein, Warrap, Raja, Wau, Yambio, Yei, and Maridi, including Juba Bilpham-II Headquarters. These mercenaries should know that they are all “dead men” walking with particular emphasis on those that have been stationed in the Greater Upper Nile region and its adjacent areas.


We do not know how many Israelis people have the sliest idea that the State of Israel is waging a “secret war” in South similar to Somalia, Syria and Iraq. Why Israel got involved in this intractable African civil war? Whose interests Israel is fighting for? How many Israelis know now that their country is fighting a “secret wars” or neo-scramble wars in Africa? What does Israel wants in South Sudan because it deported is people from Israel and termed them “unfit” and “do not deserve to be in Israel?” I am pretty sure if Herzog, de Israelis, Sir Arthur Belfour, David Ben-Gurion, Moshe Dayan, Yitzhak Rabin, Professor Albert Einstein, Abe Evan and the prominent stateswoman of the State of Israel and the Greatest lady and teacher in the USA and the mother of both African and Jewish people the late PM Golden Meir if they were to resurrect from her graves, they all would have rebuked what the concurrent hawkish Israelis PM Benjamin Netanyahu of Lekud Party (LP) as the ruling party had said and done to depicting the people of South Sudan in Israel with the greatest racial epithet about them because of their skinned color or pigmentation and the other Israelis within the state of Israel. We would also assume that they would have condemned or already condemned the statement pronounced by the PM Netanyahu for being racist bigot and anti-Africans of the third kind. We feel proud to be blacks and equal to all humankind, about “what we are” and “who we are”.

Blacks folks are not on the planet-Earth by accident because the Lord and the Nuer Great Prophets Nyundeng Bong, Dwal Dieu and the Prophetess Nyaruach (Nyakulang Kek) and many prophets before them, prophesized it that the lord says, “I am your creator. You are in my care even before you were born”. Therefore, it all starts with Kuoth Nhial (God, Jehovah and Yahweh) “For everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible, everything got started in him and finds their purpose in him”. Hence, to be anti-blacks is to be anti-Semitics. I should say that the Israeli PM Netanyahu owes the people of South Sudan an apology to the people of South that he expelled from Israel because they are blacks and nothing else. We will always remember this incident. We will forgive, but we will not forget.

To close this statement, all Africans and African-Americans do feel proud by the roles played Ralph Bunch in the birth of Israel in 1948. We have got to change our perceptions about other humankind like us on the planet-Earth. We are all here like Rick Warren writes for “The PURPOSE DRIVEN: WHAT ON EARTH AM I HERE FOR?” We did either choose out color; it’s God’s creation before were even born. So we are Blacks and proud and we do walk tall and proud.

We would like the Israelis to know that PM Benjamin Netanyahu has involved Israel in the intractable civil war in South Sudan. Although Israel has not sent Israelis young men and women to South Sudan, it has supplied large quantities and qualities of varieties of arms and advisors to Juba. As a veteran of the US Army, I have the ability to identify Israeli made weapons like the ones that we already captured in larger quantities from SPLA-IG. We would like to let the Israelis leaders and the masses to know that in my capacity a veteran of the US Army and an Opposition leader against Salva Kiir, he will not defeat the South Sudan rebel forces. Therefore, all the arms being delivered to Juba from Tel-A-Aviv have been a mere waste of money and available scarce resources and could not make any dents or impacts at all. Any types of arms delivered to Juba have been captured or will become “Dinka” the weakest link because there are no men behind the guns to fire them and they cannot fire themselves alone without any SPLA soldiers operating on them for that.

Juba will be defeated sooner rather than later. The recent visit of PM Benjamin Netanyahu to East African countries of Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Burundi and met with the illegitimate President of South Sudan Salva Kiir before Museveni in Entebbe, Uganda, has increased three to four or to five folds the flow of large quantities and qualities of varieties of Israelis arms into Africa and South Sudan in particular. We will urge and appeal to Israel not to get involved in the intractable African conflicts, but to withdraw without any preconditions or quid-pro-quos from fighting intractable African conflicts because in the long run it could become detrimental to the State of Israel.

We will urge and appeal to Israel that live and let’s live in peace and in harmony without interference in the domestic Affairs of each other and South Sudan in particular. We have discovered that the Government of Israel and the illegitimate régime in Juba have signed strategic military deals that would allow Israel to install high frequency radars, storage depots for Ballistic Missiles and the Nukes launching pads from East of Lakes State to Jonglei to Unity State and to Upper Nile states and along Sudan-South Sudan bordering towns, and to install long and short range missiles, surface-to-surface Missiles and Surface-to-Air Missiles and the Nukes warheads.

The people of South Sudan absolutely, totally and completely do not need such weapons of mass destruction (WMD) to be located on their soil. We wanted to remain a “Nuke Free Zone” and to remain pretty “Neutral” as a member of the Nonaligned States in the chronic and irresolvable Arab-Israeli conflict and continuous East-West confrontation or the Cold War. If Israel is seeking to attack Khartoum or Cairo and the Arab world through the back door or the back ale or the yard through South Sudan that would not happen because we will go to the UN, the EU and other powers to help us stop Israelis invasion and occupation of South Sudan. We have also uncovered or discovered further Israelis strategic plans to furthering Israelis strategic concerns that’s to say the search for waters for the future strategic transportation to Israel through modern technological innovation and scientific and technological developments to become self-sufficient in waters. With modern science and technology, nothing is imperative impractically, if not impossible, to attain or to achieve no more.

It has been well-documented by hydrologic experts that by 2025 AD that is just around the corner, there will be series water shortages on the Jordan River that cannot sustain millions mouths of both Jews and Arabs population alike because of lacks or the absence thereof of sufficient waters for drinking, agriculture [the Green Revolution] and the industrial work. Therefore, the Arab-Israeli war in the Middle East would not involve only tanks, jet fighters, the use of verities of WMDs and the Nuke warheads, but it will also evolve the struggle for waters as the “core,” the “crux” and the essence of life. By 2025 AD the Arab-Israeli conflict would not only evolve the land grapping as it is today retrospect to the Six-Day War in 1967 and the Yom Kippur War in 1973 and other subsequent wars thereafter in the Middle Eastern region.

Furthermore, the search for waters in the Great Lakes Region, Lake Victoria or Lake Amin and “Kier en boor” or the White Nile River in South Sudan, including the Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia that the Egyptian government opposes to takeoff, but Israel sees that as a new window of golden opportunity to be utilized for the future and present transportation of waters to Israel through the undersea pipelines from Ethiopia to Negev Desert to serve as the new Israeli source of energy like the black gold is to the Arabs in the Middle East to transports or pumps waters to the Negev Desert, Israel, through modern innovated technological means and control of the natural resources, that there’s also the dream strategized by the Jewish nationalists centuries past of expanding the Jewish Empire from Nile River to the Tigress-Mesopotamia Rivers in modern Iraq, including Persia (Iran).

The Middle East will remain instable as a permanent condition that was created by Skype-Pico Agreement more 100-year plus ago. The people of Israel should know that their country is fighting a “secret war” in South Sudan as it is also involved in Somalia, Libya, Nigeria dragged into such intractable African conflicts by the US and the UK and in other intractable international conflicts that it has been evolved with the US and the UK in Africa intractable Afro-Asia conflicts. This is now the time for Israel to create new friends rather than enemies because of it continues occupation and construction of new homes for the Jewish émigrés for resettlement in the occupied Palestinian Arabs lands in contravention of international laws and the gross systematic violations of the UNSC resolutions; that it could become isolated, boycotted and to be left in the cold. Israel cannot afford to burn down all its bridges and to losing Africa in particular, because of cultural relations.

The modern Jews may be pale and blunt, this’ duly to miscegenation, assimilation, acculturation and the historical developments and intermarriages with the Caucasians for many generations retrospect to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. We Africans represent the descendants of “Ancient Israel” because they were Blacks and Jewish and Africans do share so many cultural traits with the Israelis and Arabs alike. We are not too far from each other genetically and biologically. As proof of this statement, Professor Albert Einstein does not looks white, but a typical African-African and so too many of my Jewish friends and academics who have taught me in Africa, the USA and the UK. It’s about time for Israel to keep its African bridges alive and Africa remains a good gateway bridge for Israel to maintain thus far.


Whilst Amnesty International (AI) urges to investigate chemical weapons Sudan’s Jebel Mara, what is it that AI could recommend about the illegitimate Government of South Sudan [GOSS] uses of chemical weapons in South Sudan? Salva Kiir has promised to raze South Sudan and he is now doing that by using chemical weapons such as Sarin Gas, Mustard and Nerve Gases in Western Equatoria and Western Bahr-el-Ghazal and more. The international community should investigate Salva Kiir or the Dinka dictator “card blanche” to kill people and never to be investigated. What and where are human rights violations and the 30 Articles on the Declaration of International Human Rights? The illegitimate President of South Sudan Salva Kiir and his wicked and polygamous Chief of the General Staff Command, Paul Malong Awan, keep civilians’ population as ‘human shields’ and “hostages” in the besieged towns of Juba, Malakal, Wau, Maridi, Yei, and many other towns. Most importantly, Salva Kiir’s regime in Juba has resorted to use biochemical weapons or weapons of mass destruction [WMD] and pledged that “He [Salva Kiir] will raze the country to hell before he leaves it dead or alive against the civilians’ population.

We do urgently urge and appeal to the UNSC, the USA, the UK, the Russian Federation, France and the PRC or the big five to investigate as to who is supplying Salva Kiir with internationally banned weapons such as, Cluster bombs, White Phosphorus bombs, napalm bombs, Sarin Gas, mustard and Nerve Gases and the Uranium depleted bullets to the SPLA in South Sudan. We have captured plenty of them and we could not hesitate to use them against the SPLA rather the civilians’ population. With all due respect, we are bound by our traditional African religious faith-based religion in the African traditional religions that teaches us like in Judaic-Christianity and Islamic faith, the international law prohibits the use of WMD on any humankind.

All religions, we do presume that they all would be unanimous that if anyone kills any humankind, he has killed the entire humanity”. This faith-based religious idea is a mutual shared fact in traditional African religions, Judaic-Christian and Islamic religions alike in particular, that respect, the dignity of the person and the right to life. We cannot us such biochemical or WMDs on other humankind. For instance, in my Nuer Religion, it’s say in its Ten Commandments that “Thou shall not kill no human kind by means of a poison or chemical or any witchcraft because that will be against God’s will. The true and authentic translation in Nuer language goes like this “Cue ran nhak ke waal ke tiet ke hoo nomo a duer mi dit nhiam kuoth”.

The Nuer Religion teaches us that there is nothing wrong to kill in war because that is state of declared hostility and for self-protection and self-defense as part of the natural law that says survival of the fittest. We urge and appeal to all faith-based religions, the big powers in the UNSC to forewarn Salva Kiir on what he is doing now-that is the use of chemical weapons against the innocent civilians’ population in South Sudan. Without the Shadow of a doubt, that the TRIOKA (the US, the UK and Norway) they should shoulder all the politico-military developments in South Sudan. They have been the ones that supplied and supported this dictatorial government in South Sudan. If nothing would be done to investigate Juba on the use of chemical warfare we could respond by producing “Anthrax” in large quantities and to use it against the SPLA. This is an agent that does not need a rocket scientist, but any students that studied physical sciences (Chemistry, biological and Physics) with a common sense could produce easily and so cheap to use, but deadly when sprays anywhere at any time. All the Chemical ingredients to produce and how to use it do not need a rocket scientist to do it.

We do have the capabilities and the abilities to do this and more. We call on the TRIOKA (the US, the UK and Norway) to meet with rebel forces to remove the concurrent regime and to bring all its leaders to justice for the crime of genocide or democide, war crimes and crimes against humanity and systematic human rights abuses and disregards of the 30 Articles on the Universal Declaration of Human rights. If the international community desires to make peace return to South Sudan, both Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar and the imposed VP Taban Deng Gai (alas Mohamed Hassan ElHag) to go out of the political scene or theater because they are the most corrupt humankind; without that the war will escalate disproportionately to the point of no return. One thing though is for sure, nobody in the international community will allow Salva Kiir to use biochemical warfare.

We call on all south Sudanese patriots, revolutionaries and all ethnicities to unite against Salva Kiir’s wicked, criminal, dictatorial and genocidal regime. We should all be brave to undertake the example of the Arab Spring or the Arab Streets that toppled the oldest dictatorial regimes in the North African nation of Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, the spirit of the French (Bastille Day on 14th July 1789 and the American Revolutions on 4th July 1775 that have changed the world for the better. We, the people of South Sudan, we should unite to undertake a concerted “collective action” to overthrow Salva Kiir by any means necessary. We should stand up; stop sleeping in beds, but to think critically of ways and means of getting rid of the dictator and his cronies in Juba. We should know that neither the USA, nor the UN SC will do this for us, but “our unity and collective action” will facilitate and do it. Remember this folks, “United we stand”, “Divided we fall”!

Finally, I have an anecdote for the Dinka Community as a whole in both Diaspora and inside South Sudan that it’s now about time to show what you have got to undertake the necessary steps to revolt and to overthrow Salva Kiir if the Dinka Community dream is to have reconciliation and political future in South Sudan. They [Jieng] must and ought to show us what they have got in their big bellies; guts and gusto that make them walk like pregnant Baboons and Guerilla monkeys by stealing the Nuer petroleum revenues. It will be the Dinka leaders to act against Salva Kiir before it’s too late for the Dinka to conquer South Sudan. Forward backward, Never! Luta continua!


Professor David de Chand,

Chairman South Sudan Democratic Front Part in-Opposition (SSDFP-I-O)

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