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Reminder of Memorial Service for December 15th Juba Nuer Massacre

By J. Nguen,
Mass graves discovered by the United Nations in Juba a few days after the Juba massacre of Nuer civilians(Photo: file)
Mass graves discovered by the United Nations in Juba a few days after the Juba massacre of Nuer civilians(Photo: file)

Nov 5, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Part of my responsibility at the Nuer Supreme Council is to pay attention and call to on action importance events. One of these importance events is Memorial Service for December 15th Juba Nuer Massacre when innocent Nuer civilians including elderly, women and children were summarily executed in cold-blood in their thousands by Salva Kiir’ trained militias in Juba, South Sudan.

Though Salva Kiir and his allied militias in Unity State are still terrorizing innocent civilians, particularly in Leer and Mayendit Counties, and where the latest report indicated that was a killing sphere yesterday where I lost close relatives despite the signed agreement for cessation of hostility. It’s imperative to be resilience and forge forward with unwavering determination for betterment of South Sudan as a country.

As a community we must take a lead and I’ m certain the rest will follow. For example, we have done it before. Hon. Both Diu has done it in 1947 in the case of self- determination for the people of South Sudan and the rest followed.

Today, it’s exactly 40 days before December 15th when my people were forced to eat their dead and killed afterward in Juba, when young boys who were caught alive were castrated and left for dead in Leer, when young girls and women were rape and then had their breasts cut off after rape and left for dead and some abducted in Rubkona, Guit, Koch, Mayendit and Leer Counties, and when elderly who cannot walk or run for their lives where gathered in their hundreds and burned alive or hacked to death with machetes not to waste bullets.

These are horrific crimes and these horrific crimes were sometime committed by Salva Kiir allied militias from Mayom County in Unity State, who happened to be Nuer by tribe, for reasons only known to them.

However, we believe will overcome this because the severity of these crimes inflicted against us is our source for strengths and core base of unity.

Therefore, I calls upon the Greater Nuer Community worldwide to prepare for December 15th to remember our dead. We strongly believe that remembering our massacred loved ones is our core responsibility as a community wherever we are. This is to keep their deeds and memories alive. It’s a solemn and moral task.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Together we are strong…

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chol y November 5, 2015 at 6:27 pm

There were no Nuer civilians killed only the rebels were killed, so stop all that nonsense.

Lualdit November 6, 2015 at 11:09 am

Thank J Nguen,
The evil done must be exposed and retell less our people forget what Jaang had done. Healing will only come when those responsible are brought to book. Otherwise, Naath must prepare for payback. It was inhumane, well calculated and no way, they should be let loose easily. Gatmachar, should not think of going to Juba, unless, the violation of the peace agreement is rescind. No 28 states until after transition period.


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