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My God and My country how far would a corruption and nepotism leads us?

By Dr Isaac Ayii Ayii (PhD),

A sample of photo taken by me on 4 august 2011...
A sample of photo taken by me on 4 august 2011…

Jan 10, 2017(Nyamilepedia) ——- Imagine been put in a prison cell by someone who lost the case before the court and instead create the case of arrest through police using the rules and laws of a man of higher ranks and bribery, where is justice? , liberty and prosperity we so sing in our national anthem?

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Having acquired a land way back from Community of Hai- referendum in 2010/11 , for my foreseen project of this current institution (JIHS), am running since land belonged to community , thanks God i was wise enough to take photos at initial stage and having witnesses in that community who had seen the bulldozer clearing the land and above all neighbors who knows me and my project of School there and at least through community court , the ownership of a land was ruled in my favor.

Where is my crime when I was served by police arrest warrant on 29 December 2016 and up to now although released later on bail I am waiting for the court of law   to exactly defined my crime that deserves arrest and from which constitution if not a constitution of nepotism and corruption God is my witness.

health01  A sample of photos taken by me on 4 august 2011


A project of construction that is on going in the above plot

The author, Dr Isaac Ayii Ayii (PhD), can be contacted at mail:ayiiisaac@yahoo.com

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