Lou-Nuer Community elders in UNMISS/PoCs highly praised the mighty white army for rebuffing the genocidal regime in Holly land

Lou-Nuer Community Elders


Juba, Republic of South Sudan

28th, Feb, 2017

Press Release


March 11, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —- In event of the continuing military operation carry on by Salva Kiir’s genocidal forces into the Lou-Nuer land, we the Lou-Nuer community elders in UN Camps have jointly uttered condemnation for the government deed and, we regret for the world’s failure in remedying South Sudanese problem.  It is a lucid testimony of the fact that, the embattled Juba’ regime is not ready for peaceful means of resolving conflict in the country. The same to what is currently taking place in Lou-Nuer land; many locations inhabited by civil population in and around the armed opposition-controlled territories are under invasion by Salva Kiir’s government militias. Moreover, Lou-Nuer community elders sheltering inside UN Protection of Civilian Sites throughout the country as typically feels disquiet of the situation in Lou-Nuer land, we have learned and thoughtfully follow such a synchronized show of aggression which is projected to completely obliterate the holy land.

We acknowledged the prevailing acts of conspiracy by individuals and a groups of Lou-Nuer community members allying to Salva Kiir’s government in Juba that,  they are  forces behind the execution of Kiir‘s  planed attempts. Hence! We wonder as to what prompted Kiir and his Jiang Council of Elders in this particular time to enter by force into Lou-Nuer land? Whilst people of South Sudan longing for peace, the regime in Juba is busy executing its scotch-earth policy. The answer to us is like there are no any genuine objectives of stride militarily into civilian populated areas rather to annihilate people and their possessions in the name of fighting armed opposition. The same perpetrators are pretending to be mockery of the civilian lives in the areas, calling for intervention. And, to us the Lou-Nuer community elders, we condemned the call made by one of Salva Kiir’s fake governor Moses Majok Gatluak.

They have no knowledge of what is taking place today in and around Uror; no information of whereabouts the displaced families who are in a dire need of emergency food; medical and shelters assistants. That mean, he (Majok) has no privileges to do it on behalf of the displaced civilian because inhabitants in and around Yuai are not in one way or another relating with this genocidal government in Juba. Therefore, any call made by this particular group is of no recognition because there are no links between Juba ‘government and the Lou-Nuer community whatsoever.

Meanwhile, as a community, we have been trailing the movement of that combined bands of mercenaries with great concerns. There are credible reports of civilian population exterminated by the regime force around Yuai town. Clear evident of over 15 mothers and girls were rapped to the extent of mortality; children separated and forced out of their homes street along with vulnerable families; children, elderly and women exposed to hostile environments due to their homes burned down to ash by the regime force.  In varieties occasions, we informs and mobilizes our community to faces the gangsters before the reach of women and children who they want to exterminate. More importantly, the call we made to our people home is being responding definitely by our sons and daughters who have wake up to defense their land, children and properties.

Moreover, we the same group of Lou-Nuer community elders have made quite a lot of call to the world that, Salva Kiir’s genocidal government is on its all- out venture to destroy entirely the Lou-Nuer’ holy land. It came to many minds that, the continuing military operation in Northern Jonglei is an attestation of Salva Kiir’s unnecessary remarks which he over and over again point out with reference to the Lou-Nuer land. He has dream of annihilating people of that land in fear of their consolidated strength and weary that, Lou-Nuer are ever ready to response to the oppressors and with him seeing that land remains integrated, it is tragic that, Lou will topple his rotted government anytime possible.

To destroy the Lou-Nuer land and eliminating its inhabitants to zero is the only lingering agenda of Juba government. Meanwhile, all the appeals made by Lou-Nuer community met no intervention from the world, Africa and the region. None of the so-called “actors ‘’ in both the divergence and resolution of the current conflict in South Sudan have responded. No IGAD, no AU or the United Nation came in to avert the encroachment of genocidal government’s negative forces toward civilians’ populated areas of the Lou-Nuer land. Lou-Nuer community worldwide have wake up and stood firm  in front of the advanced  thugs and, the whole SPLM/A- IO has  never relinquished confident that, the holy land of Lou-Nuer sub-tribe is the hub of the Nuer fabric and it  is not for every enemy ‘wishes to come in, conquer it and destroy people and properties as they want.

For the tremendous job being executes by the sons and daughters in protecting their ancestry land, we are ever confident that, many victories are certain on the site of the mighty Lou-Nuer. And, with all the support to our sons and daughters who are protecting the land, we ever stands firm with you and certain to your ability to swept off all these unnecessary mess that penetrated into our land.   

Therefore, our message to the people of South Sudan and the world is that, Lou-Nuer community is remaining integrated and not be shaken by any uncalled for action from those who do not want peace in South Sudan. We recommend to Lou-Nuer community to work together in response to the enduring incursion that taking place in our land, preserving unity and dignity within and amongst the Lou-Nuer community.

Moreover, the Elders of Lou Community in UNMISS PoCs Sites, we utterly rejected and condemn possibly in strongest term the ruthless regime’s actions to destroy people. Meanwhile, the government in juba must be held answerable to all the serious destruction that afflicted the nation in general and Lou-Nuer/Uror County in particular.

Lou Elders called for intentional community to provide humanitarian assistant to the very needy displaced civilians’ population in Lou-Nuer land. It is the world’s duty to investigate the reason for government to attack civilian in Uror County. Elders further urging the two warring parties that they should end the violence and undertake all the necessary mean of dialogue.

The list of the elders and their contact addresses.

  1. Hoth Gor   Luak            
  2. James  Ruot wuor         
  3. Gabriel Gatluak  Kuey    
  4. Mathew Ken Bol            
  5. Simon  Puok Biliu            
  6. Stephen  Koang  Hoth   
  7. Stephen Char Ruot         
  8. Samuel  Malou Jal             
  9. Peter Gatkouth Chuol  

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