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Gen. Rin corruptibly stashed 14.5 millions Pounds for himself

By Andrew Machar Clement
Juba, South Sudan,
Eastern Lakes State Governor Rin Tueny Mabor...
Eastern Lakes State Governor Rin Tueny Mabor…

Aug 25, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– It is true to this effect that shameless supporters of Rin Tueny Mabor do not have any clue about Gen. RIN TUENY MABOR’s corruption scheme. Something they do not know is that the man they worship is an indolent but lethal corruption.

What mustn’t be forgotten is that his corruption scale is above bar. He even gotten involved in mass looting following 2013 foiled coup de tat turmoil. He is a rude militant with ability to steal. He did that recently in his short term as Eastern Lakes state governor. He has singlehandedly stashed for himself 14.5 millions South Sudanese pounds within the span of one year and few months.

Although his personal revenue generated from different sections such as then committees that levied heavy fines, looted cows and thievery, the amount in question constitutes the state budget from the government strong-box. No mentioning of local revenue.

The man has milked Yirol twice adequately. He did it in his tenure as a commissioner and again as a governor. The initial one was Dr. John Garang de Mabior’s making and the second one is a mistake by President Salva Kiir Mayardit. The duo should shoulder the blame. How come they on separate counts permitted a thief to enrich himself in the expense of his own people? That is the analogy nobody can straightened.

However, another question that begs answers is, how did Rin Tueny end up with 14.5 millions in his pockets? In essence, Rin Tueny Mabor did it mathematically this way: following his appointment and when he went for assets distribution, Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol handed him 2 million South Sudanese pounds as a portion from 5 millions that was for the construction of State’s Legislative Assembly. Gen. Matur Chut fairly divided the money and Rin Tueny Mabor received 2 millions for his newly created state, Gok state got the same amount and Western Lakes state remained with 1 million plus what was already used to construct the assembly fence. On the amount meant to renovate the internal roads, Rin too received 3 millions.

In another development, he shamelessly stashed for himself 9.5 millions from the 11 millions allocated for state. Of this 11 millions, only 1.5 millions was reported by the then Minister, Mr. Agok Manyiel, the rest was in Rin’s huge pockets. The maths would tell us that, 9.5, 3, and 2 millions respectively would equals 14.5 millions.

Ater Nyacut aka Ater Awewau should defend this if he dares. Perhaps through his many Facebook employees, he can repute this fact but records won’t allow his lies to subsist. RIN’s attempts to associate with clean leaders in Kiir’s company is a defilement.

His intractable interest in leadership and especially for the seat of the governor is a manifestation of lunacy. In fact, Rin is vigorously campaigning in an attempt to come back as a governor after he created mess in the state. Had it not been Kiir’s usual softheartedness, a man so mean as Rin wouldn’t even be allowed to corridors of power and particularly to even express his obnoxious views.

Who the hell is he to continuously loot people of Yirol? President Kiir should acknowledge that people of Yirol are humans that must be insulated from the wrath of the ruthlessness of a mad murderer. Who does Rin respect? Not elders, not youth or even women.

He is said to might have once sent women for vegetables. When he was still poor before he looted people of Yirol, however Yirol women that happened to might have come for the celebration of his appointment where turned away then directed to go and fetch for vegetables. Expressly in Thok Reel, Waye Bai Akuoor wu guth! Which literally means, go and get Akuoor, this means, he can’t afford to give them anything and thus they were directed to go and get vegetables.

Now he is referred to as kind man, how kind? Typical looter. He ran away with three state vehicles donated by the government through Hon. David Deng Athorbei. He as well drilled off from the petrol station of Makur Chep some 30 drums of fuel belonging to the state and he is currently using it for his personal advancement.

All those beneficiaries of RIN’s loots, big or small, the renowned gossipers that surround him, Ater and Nyacut must cease from their activities so that I can stop writing my well researched pieces. I don’t lie, I say the truth. If more truth is needed, it will be availed.

The likes of Ater Awewau that Nyacut had failed to tell the truth must now know that Nyacut is unjust and thus has deprived him of his right to know his father. This promiscuous woman must rest her itchy tongue.

Unproductive campaigns must cease and the likes of Mabut Awuouyier must go back to barracks in honour of Minister of defence’s order. Rin, his concubines and fake sons must be left to face the wrath of their miscalculated pride. Those lying to be trackers of this writer ought to understand that I am within. I know what to say and when to say. I shall to this effect be specific. Gossipers, Rin, Nyacut and Ater would always be ingredients of my piece.

Those that spread gossiping in the name of Rin should be watered down. The hell may break loose on them. Let’s cease or continue on Facebook.
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