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Did President Kiir Achieve anything from his Election manifesto of 2010?

By Nhial Bol Aken. .

President Salva Kiir caught suprisingly staring on camera(photo: file)
President Salva Kiir caught suprisingly staring on camera(photo: file)

Sept 07, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– Below is a detail of the manifesto he issued and now is the turn of the public to judge.

1. The right to self-determination for the people of Southern Sudan

Under my leadership, I will make sure that our commitment to the right of self determination shall be realized and I will not only guarantee but also oversee the successful implementation of the referendum I January 9th 2011. I want to promise the people of Southern Sudan that I will endeavor to accomplish and fulfill their aspirations whatever their choice may be in the exercise of the right to self-determination

2. National security and stability 

Security is critically important for the stability and development of our people. If elected, my government shall continue to build and fully transform the SPLA into conventional regular army capable of defending Southern Sudan. My government shall work to disband, disarm and demobilize all armed groups in Southern Sudan and forcefully expel any armed foreign elements operating in Sothern Sudan. I shall also strive to promote peace and reconciliation among our communities and ensure the prevalence of law and order
We shall not forget the ultimate sacrifice made by the heroes and heroines in their contribution to the freedom we enjoy. SPLM and I will ensure that their families do not suffer deprivation or destitution by security employment, free health services, education, and access to loans through micro-finance institutions. They will forever remain our focus for their invaluable contribution to our struggle

3. Promotion and respect for Southern Sudan’s identity, culture, diverse religious denominations

My government shall strive to recognize the diversity of our peoples.
I shall work to promote peaceful co-existence amongst our diverse ethnic, cultural, religious, and age groups. I shall commit myself to the Resolutions on the role of the traditional and spiritual leaders and institutions for the enhancement of the socio-cultural, religious and inter faith co-existence

4. Women and Youth empowerment through education and affirmative action ( at least 25%) of parliamentarians and other various governments are women

I am committed to the empowerment of women and youth through education and affirmative action so that they can play a meaningful role in our social-economic development endeavors in Southern Sudan. Our women have been subjected to marginalization throughout history. It I, therefore imperative that we commit ourselves to the renowned policy of the SPLM, which policy is now enshrined in the interim constitution of Southern Sudan, of giving women 25% of representation at all levels of government. I will also take steps to increase that percentage to a higher level in my government. As for our youth, both boys and girls, I want to assure them that I will work to avail them equal educational opportunities in compliance with international human rights conventions that protect women and girls. The youth (young ) are our future. We shall create an enabling environment for their education, growth and contribution to national-building efforts. I shall work to establish multi-purpose training centers and ensure representation of youth in decision making institutions and create awareness and patriotism amongst them

5. Freedom of expression and association 

My government shall champion and protect basic Universal Human rights as enshrined in the CPA, the national interim constitution, the Southern Sudan interim constitution and other international conventions. We shall continue to dialogue and cooperate with all Southern political parties, civil society, and community groups in a bid to guarantee freedom of speech and association. I am fully committed to protect and defend these universally recognized rights.

6. Economic development

I am committed to the economic growth and development of Southern Sudan through agriculture and proper utilization of our natural resources. I shall strive to strengthen the agriculture sector through food production for security, cash crop production for export, environmental protection, livestock, forestry, fisheries, and mines development and the promotion of tourism. I shall ensure that revenue from oil exploitation shall be used to fuel the above sectors as these are the mainstay of our economy where about 80% of our population is engaged. This will be in keeping with the SPLM policy of “taking towns to the villages”. I shall also endeavor to encourage the private sector to play an active role in economic development.

7. Physical infrastructure 

In order for economic development to take place it is imperative that we build our infrastructure. My government will therefore continue with our present efforts to reconstruct existing roads, build new ones, repair and rebuild bridges in a bid to connect the whole of Southern Sudan so that goods and services can move easily and freely within Southern Sudan and the neighboring countries.

My government shall also undertake the rehabilitation of river transportation services by dredging and acquiring of river barges for goods and passengers. Furthermore my government will endeavor to build new and rehabilitate old or existing river ports.
I shall also work to rehabilitate and expand the railway network across Southern Sudan.
Building of domestic and international airports to link the Southern Sudan domestically and with the outside world shall be one of my government‘s key undertakings.
In the field of telecommunications my government shall continue with the present efforts to link Southern Sudan with efficient and effective services. So far we have at least six (6) networks operating in the Southern Sudan. My government will work to establish an effective system that will regulate the operations of these networks for our national security.

8. Education and training

I am committed to ensuring the continuation of access to free basic education for all and work to eradicate illiteracy in our society. I shall also endeavor to construct and rebuild more schools, improve the quality of our educational standards by recruiting trained teachers and offering training opportunities for teachers. I shall ensure that teachers are appropriately and timely remunerated. At the higher level of education especially at the tertiary level I shall work to ensure that all the Southern Universities are not only relocated to the South at the end of this year but they are also supported by the government of Southern Sudan to ensure that they function efficiently.

9. Health 

The provision of quality health care for all citizens shall be a top priority of my government. I shall endeavor to establish public health care facilities in both urban and rural areas. The rehabilitation of the existing hospitals and the establishment of teaching and referral hospitals and including intensive care units shall be a priority of my government. my government will also encourage universities in the Southern Sudan to establish public health , nursing and midwifery units/departments and to heighten awareness on the scourge of HIV/AIDS and its management .

10. Water and sanitation

Clean drinking water is not only essential for sustenance of life but it is also a right of every citizen. Therefore my government shall be committed to provision of clean drinking water for all by 2015.

In the field of sanitation my government will be committed to the improvement of the sewage systems in our towns and encourage citizens to build waste disposal facilities in their homes. My government shall also encourage and support the establishment of waste management and garbage collection systems.

11. Good governance

My government shall be committed to the principles of accountability and transparency in all government business as these are the core values of good governance. My government shall also ensure that all government institutions must operate In accordance with this principle. The fight against corruption is a cardinal component of good governance; therefore my government will continue to pursue with more vigor our declared policy of zero tolerance to corruption. Anyone who contravenes this cardinal principle shall face the full force of the law.

12. Foreign and Regional policy

The foreign and regional policy of my government shall be anchored on the provisions of the CPA and the interim Southern Sudan constitution 2005. In this regard my government will pursue peaceful co-existence in the community of nations and work to enhance its political profile at both regional and international level by cooperating with all friendly and democratic government for the betterment of the lives of our peoples. We believe in peaceful and friendly relations with neighboring countries. We shall strengthen our cooperation with East African Community, African Union, IGAD, the Arab League of Nations, The United Nations and the international community for mutual benefit of all.
We will also work to corporate with all peace-loving nations and institutions to bring about peaceful resolutions of the conflict in Darfur and other parts of the Sudan.


Vote for me, vote for all SPLM nominated candidates for governorship and other candidates at all level of legislatures. You vote for SPLM to protect the CPA!

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