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December the Fifteenth and what it means to south Sudanese.

By Makneth Aciek,

Two mass graves found within South Sudan capital in which many South Sudanese civilians from the Nuer tribe were buried in(Photo: file)
Two mass graves found within South Sudan capital in which many South Sudanese civilians from the Nuer tribe were buried in(Photo: file)

December 15, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– A lot is being said in regard to the commemoration of December the fifteenth. Both ignorant and learned are unanimous in admission that ethnic cleansing took place, thousands of people were murdered and buried in mass-graves; and Most importantly, there are also victims of government policy of obscurantism as many people up to now could not tell the fade of their love ones.

It is the day when the wheel of of our nation stopped spinning and wicked men in their natural state of wickedness carried out unforgettable act of carnage on innocent people. Those in charge of state apparatus in their luck of wisdom chose violence as the only mode of expression in dealing with those who challenged how the state affairs were being run.

The commemoration of December the fifteenth means, among other things, the imprecations against any act of savagery, and a protest against genocide and all form of carnage  committed by state against her own people.

The death of thousands of innocent Nuers and others on that day has transfigured everything and everyone into collective suicide and collective guilt!

The event reminds us that, state is not only composed of individuals, it’s also an institution. When this institution is mannered to kill her own people, when the man tasked to be the custodian of our freedom adopts the course of action completely destructive to freedom and when brutality is turned against intelligent, present South Sudan is the product!

December 15 is the day when south Sudanese of all works of life realized that  their freedom was not guided by values. Those who were given the responsibility of being the vanguard forgot the original purpose for Self-determination and plunged into a mire of tyranny and chose to lead through patronage.

It is the event of that day which broke the seal(s) and allow the atrocities committed by regime in the dark to Come into play. The killing of one ethnic group by state army demonstrated that the party was outrageously corrupt and clannish.

In the movement of honesty, all south Sudanese regardless of tribe or political affiliation must commemorate December  the fifteenth to affirm their common destiny and shared humanity. Our fathers and mothers did not live decades of their lives in bushes in vain.

The sacrifices and cults of our independent dream had been cruel. No matter how flawed it is now, it is still the best choice we collectively had made as South Sudanese; it is not a stupid mistake that could now be mocked.

History with all it storm and strife compels people to admit facts; the death of thousands of Nuers must be recorded among the facts of our history and we must find value in it. For the future of our country, we must learn to willingly accept what is necessary and this requires us to escape the limitations and biases of our ethnicities.

South Sudan is neither a one tribe project nor is it a one man project! We must always use the reality of December the fifteenth to purify our act(s) and be ready to stand for what’s right and just. No possible form of wisdom today can claim to find something positive in dictatorship; there can not be any positivity when the state treat the other part of her community atrociously.

It’s a natural fact; when dictator emerges, rebellion assumes its most resolutely ferocious aspect and pronounces definitive NO.

The commemoration of the Event should be use to celebrates our heroes and heroines. Despite the fact of being torn psychologically by massacre and all the consequences death implied, they remained obstinate and preserve their dignities.

We shall always observe 15 of December  also to salute those who used their eruditions and courageously formulated the concept of national insurrection. The SPLM-IO which came out of the experiences of December the fifteenth is the formula for optimism which can possible be use to address the extremities of our unhappiness.

Wisdom in it purity requires us to honor the December fifteenth with all humility and truthfulness! Because the day itself embodied a gesture of defensive rebellion. It is the the day where our scorn for those who use violence to cling to power bursts forth in the proudest call for freedom and justice .

Makneth Aciek is a south Sudanese and can be reached via wenmakneth@yahoo.com.

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