US sets conditions for lifting South Sudan sanctions

U.S President Donald Trump pointing at a journalism after briefing the media at Trump tower(Photo: Reuters)

July 17, 2020 (Nyamilepedia) — The United States is willing to lift an arms embargo and targeted sanctions against South Sudan, but the country has to make progress in the quest for lasting peace and the fight against corruption, outgoing ambassador Thomas Hushek said. BBC quotes Hushek to say South Sudan has to work on a ‘reduction in level of […]

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American Pastors Among The First People To Die From Coronavirus As USA Loses Control To Contain COVID-19

March 24, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — As the coronavirus continues to spread in North America, a Tulsa pastor with no known underlying health problems, Merle Dry, was among the first people to succumb to coronavirus in Oklahoma and United States. Elsewhere in East Baton Rouge, the Capital City of the U.S. state of Louisiana,  Rev. Leon Franklin, pastor of St. Luke Baptist […]

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“South Sudan’s leaders have been marked by grand corruption, violence, and self-interest”, US Calls For Peace

U.S. Senator Jim Risch (R-Idaho), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, after a meeting with Carlos Alfredo Vecchio(Photo credit: file)

Feb 24, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — U.S. Senator Jim Risch (R-Idaho), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, while calling for full implementation of the peace agreement, said the South Sudan politics has been engaged in corruption, violence and self-interest since the young nation became independence in 2011. “Since the country’s independence in 2011, South Sudan’s leaders have been marked by grand […]

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US Calls on Kiir and Machar to Translate Hopes Into Better Future For South Sudan

South Sudan President Salva Kiir, left, looks aggressively at US ambassador to the UN, Kelly Craft, right, during a UN delegation visit to Juba in early October (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

Feb 23, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — The United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Ambassador Kelly Craft, welcomes the formation of the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity and calls on South Sudanese leaders to translate hope into a better future for the people of South Sudan. “I welcome the decision by the government and opposition parties to form a new, transitional […]

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NEW RESOLUTION: US will continue to hold Sanctions on South Sudan Until Peace and Democratic Transitions Finalize

United States Senator Lindsey Graham (Republican of South Carolina) speaks to reporters outside the US Senate Chamber following the Republican weekly luncheon caucus in the US Capitol in Washington, DC on Tuesday (Photo credit: Ron Sachs/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images)

October 24, 2019(Nyamilepedia) — In the latest resolution, presented to the Senate on Tuesday this week, the United States threaten to continue to hold its sanctions, arms embargo and other strings on South Sudan until the SPLM rivals led by Salva Kiir and Riek Machar stop fighting and adhere to the permanent ceasefire, tangible efforts to end impunity for violence […]

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United States Pledge To Remain Neutral in South Sudan Politics Until Democratic Transition Materializes

A sitting of the Senate of the United States of America during a tribute to a former US Senator(Photo source:

October 23, 2019(Nyamilepedia) — While reaffirming the support of the United States for the people of the Republic of South Sudan and calling on all parties to uphold their commitments to peace and dialogue as outlined in the 2018 revitalized peace agreement, the Senate reiterates their support for peace and “democratic transition”. The resolution, which was introduced to the Senate […]

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US to press for new approach for peace-building in South Sudan – diplomat

July 6th 2019 (Nyamilepedia) – The United State government will press for a new approach in building peace in South Sudan, a top US diplomat said Thursday. Thomas Hushek, the US ambassador to South Sudan said during the commemoration of 4th July in Juba that his government will employ a new approach in achieving and building peace in the world’s […]

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George Clooney and John Prendergast Call on U.S. to Freeze, Seize Assets of Sudanese Regime Responsible for Mass Killings of Peaceful Protesters

Mr. George Clooney and his riend Prendergast thinking about resolving South Sudan crises and how to disarm kleptocrats in that country(Photo: file)

Washington, D.C. June 12, 2019 (Nyamilepedia) – George Clooney and John Prendergast are calling on the U.S. Congress and the Trump Administration to act immediately to freeze and seize assets of Sudan’s military leaders responsible for murderous attacks on peaceful protesters. In an op-ed published today in Politico, “How Congress Can Help Stop the Killing in Sudan,” Clooney and Prendergast […]

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What Obama’s Admin Told Trump’s Admin About South Sudan Conflict

Donald Booth, US Special Envoy for Sudan and South Sudan (Photo: file)

Jan 22, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– The United States Special Envoy to Sudan and South Sudan, Amb. Donald Booth, who has also served as US ambassador to Liberia(2005 – 2008), Zambia(2008-2010) and Ethiopia(2008-2013) briefed the next administration, media and representatives on the situation in Sudan and South Sudan on 18th of January, 2017 before stepping down. Amb. Booth, who has served for […]

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Transcript Of Trump Inauguration Speech: Full Text

Donald John Trump, US President elect.....

January 20, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— — Chief Justice Roberts, President Carter, President Clinton, President Bush, President Obama, fellow Americans, and people of the world: thank you. We, the citizens of America, are now joined in a great national effort to rebuild our country and to restore its promise for all of our people. [ad name=”Google Ads 03″] Together, we will determine […]

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South Sudan’s Armed Opposition Prepares For Trump Inauguration in Washington

SPLM/SPLA(IO) delegation to Washington, Madam Angelina Teny, Hon. Reath Muoch Tang and Dr. Isaac Gang at the U.S. Peace Institute, in Washington D.C, attending a briefing by US Envoy to Sudan and South Sudan, Donald Booth Jan 18, 2017(Photo credits: SPLM/SPLA-IO)

Jan 18, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— South Sudan’s main armed opposition, SPLM/SPLA in Opposition, under the former Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon, is closely monitoring Donald Trump’s inauguration and take over of the White House. Trump’s most expensive inauguration is coming up soon in less than 48 hours and many governments around the world are watching with mixed feelings. Unlike other […]

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Expert Calls For Placing South Sudan Under UN and AU Administration For Years

South Sudanese leaders, Dr. Riek Machar Teny and Salva Kiir Mayardiit, file.

Dec 3, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— A new report released by the Council on Foreign Relations, published on 28 November 2016, titled “Ending South Sudan’s Civil War” by Katherine Almquist Knopf, director, Africa Center for Strategic Studies, National Defense University calls for the Republic of South Sudan to be placed under international transitional administration. The author, Katherine Almquist Knopf, argues that the only […]

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Secretary’s Remarks: World AIDS Day 2016

HIV/ AIDS During Pregnancy....

Press Statement John Kerry Secretary of State Washington, DC Dec 1, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— On World AIDS Day, we commemorate the lives lost and communities devastated by HIV/AIDS. We also celebrate those lives that have been saved and the courageous individuals who have brought hope and healing to those living with and affected by this disease. Thirty-five years ago, the first […]

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Remarks at a UN Security Council Meeting on the Situation in South Sudan

Samantha Powers, US ambassador to the United Nations is one of the co-chair of the diplomats visiting Juba on humanitarian ground, Sept 2, 2016(Photo: file)

By Ambassador Samantha Power U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations U.S. Mission to the United Nations New York City AS DELIVERED Nov 18, 2016(Nyamilepedia) ——- Thank you, Mr. President. Let me start by paying tribute to Special Representative Loj for your briefing, but above all for your more than two years of service in one of the most difficult […]

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Simon Deng, Rights Activist Dear President Bush, Nov 4, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— I am Simon Deng, former Sudanese slave and human rights activist. I was your guest in the White House on two occasions. It was a humbling experience to be in the presence of such a great leader as you. Dear Mr. President, it was your leadership as President that achieved peace in Sudan by ending the longest […]

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U.S. Congressman to South Sudan: Implement Zero Tolerance on Rape or Face the Consequences

President Salva Kiir Mayardit and Paul Malong Awan, the Chief of Staff(Photo: file)

By SIOBHÁN O’GRADY FP August 29, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- On July 11, South Sudanese government soldiers raided an expatriate compound popular among Western aid workers in Juba and specifically targeted Americans, beating and gang raping them, and carrying out mock executions. Despite phone calls to the U.S. Embassy in Juba and the United Nations, which has some 12,000 peacekeepers deployed to the country, it […]

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The U.S. Special Envoy for Sudan and South Sudan, Ambassador Donald Booth, Visits Khartoum To Steer Dialogues

Dr. Machar with the former South Sudan ambassador to the United State, Ezekiel Lol, meeting with the US diplomate Amb. Donald E. Booth on the sideline in Johannesburg, South Africa(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

WASHINGTON D.C., United States of America, August 29, 2016(Nyamilepedia) — The U.S. Special Envoy for Sudan and South Sudan, Ambassador Donald Booth, is currently in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, for a visit that is expected to last until September 1st. The hardly announced visit is expected to cover special official meetings in Khartoum. In addition, Special Envoy Booth, who arrived in Khartoum yesterday, […]

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Did US Secretary of State Betrayed The Americans Rape Victims in South Sudan?

John Kerry smiling on a coffee table in Ethiopia, August 2013 (Photo: Getty images)

[ad name=”Google Ads 03″] August 27, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— As vividly told in their testimonies, like the Nuer of South Sudan, the Americans who were raped and abused by a government militia recruited, funded and trained by President Salva Kiir, were targeted because of their nationality – being American. Kerry, on behave of Obama’s administration and on his own behave as […]

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Kerry Urges Deployment of South Sudan ‘protection force’

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speaks with members of the U.S. military working with the United Nations at the United Nations Mission in South Sudan...

Nairobi, AFP. August 22, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- US Secretary of State John Kerry called on Monday for the deployment of a 4,000-strong “protection force” to bolster the UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan. “There is absolutely no question that we need to move forward with the deployment of the regional protection force authorised by the UN Security Council,” Kerry said after […]

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What Sec. Kerry Said Was Not an Endorsement to Gen. STD’s New Assignment

John Kerry and delegation meet Kenyan president, Uhuru Kenyatta and his officials in Nairobi, Kenya, August 22, 2016(Photo: file)

By Dr. Gatluak Ter Thach(PhD), Nashville, Tennessee, USA. August 22, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Sec. John Kerry of United States held a diplomatic meeting today with members of East African foreign ministers of five countries, including Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, and Uganda in his an exertion to push these countries to tackle challenges facing in their states. The agenda comprised of […]

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Secretary Kerry announced nearly $138 million in additional humanitarian assistance to help the South Sudanese people

US Secretary of states, John Kerry who is visiting East African region, has announced $5 US dollar to be used to establish a hybrid court for South Sudan's conflict trials ...

WASHINGTON D.C., United States of America, August 22, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- Secretary Kerry announced nearly $138 million in additional humanitarian assistance to help the South Sudanese people, who have suffered through almost three years of senseless, brutal fighting. He made the announcement following today’s meeting with regional foreign ministers in Nairobi. Food security conditions are at their worst since South Sudan […]

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Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Linda Thomas-Greenfield will travel to Kenya and Nigeria August 21-28

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs(Photo: file)

WASHINGTON D.C., United States of America, August 22, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Linda Thomas-Greenfield will travel to Kenya and Nigeria August 21-28. She will first accompany U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on his August 21-24 trip to Nairobi, Kenya, and the cities of Sokoto and Abuja in Nigeria. Be sure to follow the Assistant […]

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