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Sudanese rebels (JEM & SPLM-North) ordered to fight in latest South Sudan battles

01, February 2017 (Nyamiepedia) — South Sudan Army (SPLA) has ordered the Sudanese rebels from Darfur, the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and some rebels from the SPLM-North, to join the latest rounds of clashes that has hit South Sudan’s Upper Nile region for over a week.

This comes just weeks after several claims from Juba that it has stopped supporting Sudanese rebels who want to overthrow President Omer Al-Bashir’s government.

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South Sudan’s President Salva Kirr’s had promised Khartoum that it would stop supporting the SPLA-North and Darfur rebels against Sudan but despite the Sudanese rebels continued to operate inside South Sudan without any oversight or restrictions on their activities.

Observers warns Sudan government of Al-Bashir could be forced to retaliate against Silva kiir’s government.

Fierce battles between armed opposition, the SPLA-IO, and government soldiers has been raging for over a week in the oil rich Upper Nile region.

The government in Juba, which is believed to be facing troop shortages, is said to have ordered Sudanese rebels to participate in recent attacks against the armed opposition SPLA-IO forces in battle around Upper Nile’s Gaabat, Wadakona and also near Malakal and Palouch oil fields.

Eyes witnesses said vehicles carrying Sudanese rebels from JEM and SPLM-North were seen fleeing the battle field near Wadakona and also near Palouch oil fields.

“Sudanese rebels of Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and SPLM-North moved out of their bases of Gabat, Khor and Almustagbal (All inside South Sudan) and attack positions of the gallant forces of the SPLA-IO in and around Kuek and Upper Nile.” Rebel Spokesperson Brig. William Gatjiath told the media

A sudanese rebel commander from Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) by the name Abdul Gadir living in Juba told Nyamiepedia that they have been given orders to help protect oil fields.

“Yes we have been given the orders from high command in Bilpham…..we cannot go against it, they ask for us to protected the oil fields…… because SPLA-IO want to destroying it…we are not worrying about Khartoum threats” Abdul Gadir told Nyamilepedia from Juba.

The Sudanese rebels were initially based in Gaabat and Khor area but have now fled the area after rebels took over Gaabat area after several days of fighting, but are believed to have been ordered by the SPLA to re-group and protect Palouch oil fields.

Yesterdays battles around Malakal and Wadakona town has left countless soldiers dead on the government side and send the rest fleeing the battlefields in disarray, according the rebel spokesperson Brig. Willian Gatjiath.

“The gallant SPLA-IO forces captured three (3) Tanks, one (1) T-72, one (1) T-55, one (1) Wolit and a good number of guns in good condition,”. Brig William told the media in a press statement.

An eye-witness told Nyamilepedia that the battle ground was filled with bodies of government soldiers everywhere, “they had to run over bodies” to get to safety at a UN site.

Government Militia from  Dinka Ngok from Renk were believed to have been mobilised to give a quick backup to pro-government soldiers fighting in Malakal only to fall into a deadly rebels’ ambush on their way which left the whole Militia convoy wiped out according to the eye-witness.

Meanwhile rebel forces under division command of Major Gen. James Ochan Puot have resumed bombardment of Renk town near the border with Sudan after government soldiers shelled their positions outside the town.

The rebels said they have burned one truck mounted with Rovay (4), captured different light and heavy weapons, and counted 42 dead bodies in latest fighting at Renk frontline.

The government of Sudan had given the government of President Silva Kiir until December to dislodge Sudanese rebels from its territory and stop any support to the rebels or face unspecified consequences.

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kuku Tia February 1, 2017 at 11:07 pm

I wish somebody from Sudanese defense ministry should tell those who yaps the Name of SPLA-N here how SPLA-N fights….. I do not know if these cattle raiders calling themselves rebels in south Sudan would have the gut to fight back if SPLA-N was to join the ranks with south Sudan government to fight them. if these rebels are calling for help from their master in khartoum let them be straight to the point otherwise SPLA-N is fighting an objective war not a senseless war……………………..

David G February 2, 2017 at 1:33 pm

Kuku Tia. There is evidence. It is not a lying. You want some one from government of North Sudan to tell IO-rebels how SPLA -N fight. Also you call IO- rebels cattle raider. Your are course dude and you need to be delivered soon otherwise you will continue doing Arab washroom from generations to generations.

kuku Tia February 3, 2017 at 10:53 am

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHUAn73voe4: copy and paste this link and watch we fight we do not attack buses on highways and I am providing you with a life prisoner of war from south sudan militia fighting along Bashir

kuku Tia February 3, 2017 at 10:55 am

copy and paste this link and watch how we fight we do not attack buses on highways and I am providing you with a life prisoner of war from south sudan militia fighting along Bashir

kuku Tia February 3, 2017 at 11:13 am

this is how we rip your master from his military hardware. so do not invite us to south sudan conflict because it make no sense for us fighting you guys because we a reason to fight and we do not bother from where Bashir brings his forces. these are some Arab militia from west Africa captured in our field https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW7f7z2CP3c


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