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Insecurity along Juba-Pibor Road Causes Panic

Mar 1, 2021(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudanese traders have cried foul after they were robbed off 200 cows on Saturday afternoon along the Pibor-Juba road at the outskirts of Juba County, Central Equatoria State. 

Armed Dinka tribesman in front of a cow herd in Lakes State, South Sudan (Photo credit: Reuters)
Armed Dinka tribesman in front of a cow herd in Lakes State, South Sudan (Photo credit: Reuters)

According to the head of the Chamber of Commerce in Greater Pibor, Mr. Paulino Amour, the traders were taking their cows from Pibor to sell them at Juba when they were attacked by a band of armed bandits at the Aying watering point.

“Those traders were bringing their cows from Pibor for sale in Juba. While on their way, at the Aying water point, they were attacked by a group of armed criminals. 200 of their cows were stolen,” said Amuor. 

He was keen to add that all the cattle keepers escaped unhurt even as the raiders took off with the herd.

Mr. Amour went ahead to note that though the assailants remain unknown, the relevant authorities have already been notified. 

Major-General Daniel Justin, the national police spokesperson contradicted the latter claiming he was yet to be notified of the incident.

Ngero David, a local youth leader voiced his concern urging the government to beef up security along that road. He said that the incident has caused panic.

The Juba-Pibor road became operational just last week and it offers a lifeline to the Greater Pibor administrative Area. The road had been rendered impassable due to floods early last year. 

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