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Kenyan Lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui demands reopening of schools

Sep 12, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — A Kenyan lawyer, Harrison Kinyanjui, demands reopening of schools citing inconsistencies in “the excuses” given by the ministry of education.

President Uhuru Kenyatta visiting one of the schools before the Coronavirus dismantle social gathering(Photo credit: supplied)
President Uhuru Kenyatta visiting one of the schools before the Coronavirus dismantle social gathering(Photo credit: supplied)

Speaking in Nairobi yesterday, Harrison said that it is surprising that politicians can go around addressing large gatherings without being keen of COVID-19 guidelines yet the children cannot be allowed to go back to school.

“The people in a state of quarantine without any enjoyment of their rights are children. They cannot play in open spaces because of ‘COVID 19’. They cannot go with their parents in places of worship because of COVID 19. They cannot meet their friends in school and play as they used to because of COVID 19. But politicians can do it. Politicians can advance their political. politicians can go ahead and associate as they wish and as they please.” He said this as he called for parents to sign a petition to support a court case meant to get children back to school.

This is not the first time the lawyer has called out the government.

Last month, Harrison wrote to the ministry of education cabinet secretary Prof. Magoha demanding for schools to be re-opened.

His letter came after the government opened places of worship and other social joints.

“You cannot rationally claim closure of schools on the ostensible risk of our children being exposed to coronavirus infections in schools as though there are special incubation points that pose a higher or greater danger than these social points stated,” Kinyanjui wrote in his demand letter that was also shared with the office of attorney general.

The cabinet secretary has so far downplayed the demands stating that the right to life was more valuable that the right to education.

It is yet to be seen when Kenyan schools will be reopened; however, the region is slowly returning to normalcy as some countries in the region have re-opened schools and borders.

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