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Northern Liech state official threatens to file complaint over oil leakage

Photo: Lam Tungwar Kueiguong

December 23rd 2019 (Nyamilepedia) – A senior Northern Liech state government official has threatened to file complaint against GPOC, the oil company operating Unity oilfields, over oil leakage which resulted in a huge fire on Saturday.

Over the weekend, areas around Unity oilfields caught fire displacing many people in the area.

Speaking to Nyamilepedia on Sunday, Lam Tungwar, Northern Liech state minister of local government said they were planning to file complaint against GPOC over the oil leakage.

“We are a state government and we are representing our people. We will not stand watching while our people suffer. In this regards, we will file complaint against the GPOC if they don’t take care of their reckless activities in the Unity oilfields,” Lam said.

He blamed the national ministry of petroleum for accepting Oil Company which he said lacks international standards in the oil exploration.

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