Police officer stabbed to death in Juba, suspect on the run 

File: Nyibol Ruot Chung

November 11th 2019 (Nyamilepedia) – A South Sudan female police officer has been stabbed to death by a man thought to be her boyfriend, family members said.

Captain Sarah Ruot Chuong was reportedly stabbed nine times by a man before running away.

“She was stabbed nine times by a man who some are saying was her lover,” a family member who refused to be named said.

She added that the suspect hasn’t been apprehended and police were still pursuing him and that he was still on the run.

“The police are still looking for him,” the family member who said she wasn’t there at the time of the incident said.

Crimes in Juba are on an alarming rate. The government in August said Juba was witnessing an “unprecedented” increase in crimes with the president urging police to tackle the issue.

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