South Sudan government regret ‘extreme treament’ against its citizens by Kenyan police

Minister of Interior Michael Chianjiek and Deputy Minister of Information Lily Albino briefing the media in Juba on 29th August 2018 (File photo)

August 29th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – South Sudan government on Wednesday slammed the Kenyan government for indescriminately arresting its citizens without any viable reason as might be required by the law of the East African Community.

South Sudanese citizens in Kenya has been battling a arrest spree by the Kenyan police which said was making a crackdown against foreigners who are working illegally in the east African country.

Speaking to the press on Thursday in the capital Juba, South Sudan’s interior minister Michael Chiengjiek Gey said the government regret the way South Sudanese are treated by the Kenyan government.

“We regret the way South Sudanese are treated by the Kenyan police because we are members of the East African community and we should not treat each other this way,” Chiengjiek said during the press.

He said the government is engaging the Kenyan authorities to secure the release of teh South Sudan Sudanese citizen who had been illegalli arrested by the Kenyan government in contradictuion to the law of the EAC.

“After the consultations with the foreign affairs and our embassy in Nairobi, we would like to inform our citizens that we are now engaging with the Kenyan authorities at least to secure the release of those people,” he said.

He said the Kenyan government should not, given the fact that the two countries are from the same region, arrest the citizen of South Sudan.

“We as one of the members of the East African Community, we don’t expect that treatment from our brothers Kenyan,” he added.