Gen. Gatdet misleading the movement: defecting aide

Peter Gatdet’s defecting Press Secretary Col. Gatkuoth Mut Turoah (File photo)

August 24th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – Defecting high-ranking Gen. Peter Gatdet’s aide has accused the South Sudan United Movement (SSUM) leader of misleading the movement and intimidating members.

On Thursday, Peter Gatdet’s deputy, Wechthiang Mut and his brother Gatkuoth Mut Turoah defected and Gatdet’s deputy left the Sudanese capital where Gatdet is headquartered for the capital Juba.

In a exclusive interview with the Nyamilepedia, Col. Gatkuoth Mut Turoah who was the Press Secretary for the SSUM leader Gen. Peter Gatdet said many generals from the SSUM have left the movement due to misleading by the SSUM chairman.

“Many Generals and so many political figures have abandoned the movement before me,” he said.

He said the reason for their flight from the movement is because of Peter Gatdet’s misleading of the movement while not respecting other people’s right.

“This is because General Peter Gatdet is misleading the movement and he didn’t respect others people right and he use to intimidate people,” he said.

He said he is defecting to the South Sudan government under the leadership of President Salva Kiir Mayardiit.

Gatdet’s Secretary of Information and Spokesman Juan Dar Dobuol was not immediately available for comment.