Two Ethiopian traders killed in Juba

Jebel Market (File photo)

Jebel Market (File photo)

July 30th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – Two traders from the neighboring Ethiopia has been killed by an unknown assailant in the capital Juba’s Nyakuron neighborhood last night, sources who are familiar with the incident told the Nyamilepedia this morning.

The incident, one source told the Nyamilepedia, took place east of the Nyakuron residential area just few meters east of the Nyakuron Cultural Centre at 10:30 PM while the killers were not apprehended by the authorities.

“There were two Ethiopian shopkeepers killed in Juba last night. The incident took place at the Nyakuron residential area. It took place exactly 10:30 PM east of the Nyakuron and the police have not yet apprehended the killers,” the source told the Nyamilepedia on the condition of anonymity.

The source mentioned that the assailants when away with a good portion of valuable materials including a huge cash.

“The criminals away with a huge sum of money as well as a good number of goods which they looted from the shop,” he further said.

Eye witnesses told the Nyamilepedia that the looters used military pickup to loot the shop pointing out that the two traders were killed by the looters in a way that most of the neighboring house did not knew until the morning when they found their bodies.

“The killers used a military track but I can not tell you whether it is the military who did this but their vehicle which they used seemed like a military land-cruiser. We thought they were just buying because heir killing was not brought to the attention of the people,” one eye witness told the Nyamilepedia.

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