Gen. Cirillo Calls On Independently Reluctant Rebels Groups To Join Him

Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirillo Swaka, former Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistic(Photo: file)

Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirillo Swaka, former Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistic(Photo: file)

March 9, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– “Iam specially appealing to all those who, thus far, have fought as unrelated groups all aiming at toppling Kiir’s regime or in self-defense to acknowledge our common objective”

In simple terms the general, who declared his resignation in a neighboring country, is calling on all rebel groups, allied or not necessarily allied to SPLA/M-IO, to join his new rebel movement.

Gen. Cirillo went on to claim that “we extend our hands of friendship and cooperation, united as a people who are bonded by a common ate”.

While seemingly intending to build a higher military status quo than those who have already extended their hands of friendship and cooperation to him, Gen. Cirillo downplayed leaders of independent rebel groups such as Dr. Lam Akol and Gen. Joseph Bakasoro, who publicly pour their love and passion to merge or join the lone Lt. Gen.

Cirillo defected without a single bodyguards and for fear of his life, he remains in Ethiopia, a country that supports Salva Kiir regime to maintain status quo.



  • Keyam

    Salva Kiir will never be removed by force, whether all armed groups are put together. Thomas Cirillo with all this emotion will soon come to cease just like all before him.

    • Deng Chut

      He Who Swallows a coconut seed must have absolute trust in his ANUS…. Kiir is a killer, he must go however long it’ll take, the vast majority of South Sudanese are really disappointed in the way he is ruling the nation. Are you’ll happy with the suffering????