Deadly ambush leaves South Sudan generals dead as battles intensify

An SPLA-IO tank captured from SPLA-IG during the war in Upper Nile(Photo: file)

SPLA-IO soldiers from special division one inspect a Tank captured from government forces in Upper Nile(Photo: file)

12, February 2017 (Nyamilepedia) — Deadly ambushes has left two Top South Sudan generals loyal to President Silva Kiir dead in two different locations as intense battles rage on between the different rivals in different locations.

Meanwhile two other Brig. Generals and one Colonel are said to have perished fighting in frontline around Malakal and Kuek sending shockwaves amongst the government generals of what lies ahead.

Government spokesperson announced that Gen. Ajith Akuei met his fate over the weekend on Juba-Nimule road when his convoy came under a surprise attack by unknown gunmen living him and his bodyguards dead.

It’s not yet clear how the gunmen knew the location and time of the General’s travel on the road, however the government army spokesperson blames rebels for the Generals death.

“Rebels ambushed …… killing Brig. Gen. Ajith Akuei who was returning to Juba after visiting his family in Nimule.” army spokesperson Lul told media from Juba.

Intense battles raging in South Sudan since last week has left several top government generals dead from Silva Kiri’s government side according to military officials from both sides.

Meanwhile intense fighting in Upper Nile has left another Top government general loyal to Silva kiir dead, Major General Barack Chol Deng was killed in fighting with rebels around Wau Shilluk area near the town of Malakal.

Another senior commander Major General Dagech Pajak has been killed in another ambush in the area of Boro-Madina.

Rebels blame blamed the deadly ambush on the dead commander, according to the armed opposition spokesperson the government commander Gen. Dagech Pajak was killed when he tried to attack rebel positions together with Sudanese rebels.

“The ambush on Major General Pajak was a direct response to the attempt by the General Pajak and the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) to launch an attack on the gallant SPLA-IO controlled Boromadina.” Brig. Gen. William said in a press statement

Meanwhile intense fighting near Kajo-Keji in Central Equaotira between rebels and soldiers loyal to President Silva Kiir has left 22 government soldiers dead and dozens wounded, 2 fully mounted Land Cruisers destroyed and huge number of equipment has been either destroyed or captured according to Dr Rieks Spokesperson Col. Nyarji Roman.

“Our great heroes of brigade 3 Division 2B based in kajo keji under the command of Gen. Lokujo have taught kiir and his JCE lessons that they will never forget.” Machar’s deputy  spokesperson said through social media