BREAKING NEWS: South Sudan Fighting Reached Upper Nile Oilfields, SPLA Withdraws From Wadakona

Feb 1st, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— Latest reports from South Sudan’s Upper Nile confirm that the conflict has finally reached the Palouch Oil fields leaving fear of catastrophic effects on the neighboring communities and workers in Palouch.

According to residents of Palouch, who are fleeing the oil town, shelling could be heard in multiple directions indicating that the rebels are in and around the oil fields.

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For nearly three years, many civilians in Upper Nile have taken refuge in Palouch as it was regarded safe, however, fighting around the oil fields could easily set uncontrollable fire and damage the pipelines which are harmful to the local populations.

Reports from Wadakona, where the two warring factions fought in the last two days, indicate that SPLA has withdrawn from the town towards Malakal.

The recent fighting in Upper Nile is the heaviest and most widely spread fighting in the last three years.

While the troops fought in Wadakona, multiple fighting ranged on around Renk town as rebels penetrate deep into Palouch areas.

While the SPLA-IO underestimates its casualties in this fighting, Juba refuses to release detailed reports on the fighting but blames the rebels for attacking their positions.

Many international organizations including the IOM are shutting down their operations in the region as war continue to escalate.

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