Salva Kiir Relieves and Appoints New Governors, Who is Next?

Some of Salva Kiir appointed governors for 28 states are now relieved and more appointed(Photo: file)

Some of Salva Kiir appointed governors for 28 states are now relieved and more appointed(Photo: file)

Jan 17, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— Over the weekend, President Salva Kiir created 5 more states increasing the number of states to 33 with more states likely to be created in the future.

The new states, which were announced on the state owned channel, SSBC, on Saturday are:

  1. Central Nile state with its capitals in Malakal
  2. Northern Nile state with its capitals in Renk
  3. Maiwut state with its capital in Maiwut
  4. Akobo State with its capitals in Akobo
  5. Tumbora State with its capital in Yombia

Insiders alleged that the presidency and the Jieng Council of elders are debating on creating Uror State with its capital in Waat and Mundaria State with its capitals in Mundari. Other states are likely to be created in Phow(Pangak) state, Tonj States and Abyei Administrative area which is currently a disputed region.

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The creation of the new states is an idea that was forwarded last year by Vice President, James Wani Igga, who claimed that the government was planning to create two more states in former Upper Nile state to ease conflicts between the Dinka, Nuer and Chollo tribes over the former state capital, Malakal.

With this idea of ending the conflict and services delivery through creation of more states, each small tribe and sub-tribes could end up with their own states in South Sudan.

The conflict in Upper Nile which surfaced with defection of Gen. Johnson Olony in 2010 famously had its origin in land grabbing in Malakal and other major towns as the new states’ governments set up their administrations.

Kiir Relieves Governors and Appointed More

Following creation of more states, Salva Kiir appointed the follow 8 new governors:

1. Bol Ruach Rom, Governor of Maiwut State

2. Peter Gatkouth Kor, Governor of Latjor State.

3. Thiji Dawad Deng, Governor of Ruweng State.

4  Majok Gatluak Thoa, Governor of Bieh State.

5. Gai Riam, Governor of Akobo State.

6. James Monybony, Governor of Central Upper Nile State

7. Deng Kak, Governor of Northern Upper Nile State

8.Hon. Patrick Zamoi, Governor of Tumbura State.

In presidential decree read out on SSBC on Monday evening, Salva Kiir sacked Ruweng Governor Mayol Kur Akuei, Eastern Upper Nile Governor Chol Thon Balok, Fashoda Governor William Othwon and Gbudue Governor Patrick Raphael Zamoi.

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One comment

  • What is to be defined is only calamity and sufferings of innocent people of South Sudan rather than creating many states and daily appointment of too many governors with no task to do. The chaos we faced is complicated by people who ‘ve no sympathy on their own people, whose aim is to get individual benefit.What is in Juba will not bring change a tall.