Nuer Community In Uganda Welcomes The Defected MPs To SPLM/A-IO

Press Release,

October 20, 2016(Nyamilepedia) ——The Nuer Community in the Republic of Uganda would like to take this precious and opportune moment in time to congratulate the Members of South Sudanese National Parliament: Hon. Lam Pouch, Hon. Pasquala

Nuer community in Uganda holds commemoration event in memory of Dec 15 Juba genocide(Photo: file)

Nuer community in Uganda holds commemoration event in memory of Dec 15 Juba genocide(Photo: file)

Clement, Hon. Justine Joseph and Hon. Martin Mabil who have taken a bold decision to defect from President Salva Kiir’s  repressive, authoritarian and Genocidal Government and joined the wise leadership and ranks of the Country main armed opposition; the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM/A) In Opposition headed by the visionary Leader Dr. Riek Machar Teny as the Chairman and commander In Chief.

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The Leadership of The Nuer Community in The Republic of Uganda has welcomed the defected MPs to the People Popular call that principally demands for total Institutional reforms in all arms of South Sudanese dictatorial Government and commended them for their patriotic move which heeds to the road of the second liberation struggle of The South Sudanese population from extractive and absolutistic tribal regime.

The marginalization and ongoing discriminatory killing of the masses by the Government armed apparatus in various parts of the country is evidenced and remained as undisputable truth that must be stopped with immediate effect.

On the same notice, the Leadership of Nuer Community in the Republic of Uganda would also call upon the international community, peace guarantors and the regional blocs to broker a permanent and just peace that will see off the massive human rights abuses, atrocities, crimes against humanity, war crimes and untold suffering of South Sudanese civil population.



Riek Tap Riek

Secretary General, Nuer Community in the Republic of Uganda

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