Salva Kiir Government Accepts Regional Force Intervention

IGAD-Plus submit in Addis Ababa on the resolution of South Sudan's recent conflict(Photo: file)

IGAD-Plus submit in Addis Ababa on the resolution of South Sudan’s recent conflict(Photo: file)

August 5, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— South Sudan’s Salva Kiir government has accepted the highly recommended foreign military intervention in the country to save the Compromised Peace Agreement that was signed in August 2015.

According to IGAD’s executive secretary, Mahboub Maalim, the government has accepted the deployment of troops with no preconditions.

“The government of South Sudan has accepted (the deployment of troops) with no condition,” Mahboub Maalim, IGAD’s executive secretary, told reporters after the meeting.

Following a submit that disapproves the view of South Sudan government, IGAD-plus leaders agreed that a third party force must be deployed in Juba to provide security and protection of national installations.

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The submit also agreed that the Chief of Staff of SPLA in Government, Gen. Paul Malong Awan, SPLA-IO Chief of General Staff, Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual, and the Chief of regional forces will work out the details.

According to our correspondents from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Taban Deng Gai, who represented Salva Kiir’s side, has agreed to step down for Machar to allow implementation of the peace agreement.

Both Taban’s breakaway faction of SPLM/SPLA-IO and Salva Kiir government have bitterly campaigned, locally and internationally, against regional force intervention and rejected it in the strongest terms, however, the region and her allies are backed by the African union and the international community, leaving Kiir’s government with very little hope to sustain its position.

As a matter of regional security and for safety of South Sudanese people in their country, IGAD could have imposed its decisions despite resistance from Kiir’s regime.

Gen. Taban, who was appointed by President Salva Kiir to replace Dr. Machar, has been at the center of heated debate for the last three weeks but Salva Kiir government continues to put him at the forefront to market his opposition as a new First Vice President.

While Taban pledged his loyal to president Salva Kiir, after the July 8th incident that has claimed over 300 lives, he believes that he still represents SPLM/SPLA in Opposition.

Taban has been removed by Dr. Machar from the SPLM/SPLA-IO party and also from his ministry of mining. However, he went ahead to form a government with Salva Kiir, appointing his officials from a handful loyalists and also from other groups that broke away from SPLM/SPLA in the last two years.

President Salva Kiir has appointed new ministers and presidential advisors loyal to Taban Deng Gai.

Although Gai has no sufficient military support, he plans to establish a military command for his breakaway party.

Unless a regional force is deployed in the capital, Machar has warned he will not return to Juba. He said he pulled out his troops to avoid escalation and further confrontation and therefore a third party force must be deployed to separate the two warring forces.

Fighting has continued for the last three weeks around the capital, however, the opposition warns that they will be forced to take further actions if the region does not intervene.


  • Gatkoi Machul Nguen

    Let them come, because if they fail this time will be worse than ever for the SPLM/SPLA_IG.

  • The Regional forces are not yet accepted my friend wait. The president has the rights to reject or accepted base on his understanding matter


    As a neutrial south sudanese, i would like our leaders not to fool us the citizens. i doubt the peace on the table.


    l think the worse government in the world is of Kiir because he sees his civilian being killed by his own soldiers instead the rebels do not kill civilian , l do not where is the ICC to arrest Kiir plus his fellow government official who do not mind of mass killing of innocent and suffering people of south Sudan and yet these where the South Sudanese who voted him massively on power during the referendum but he these days does not know who they are .

  • Nuer are dying at UMISS Camps across the country. Nuer should think twice that the Humanitarianism help is not the best thing to survive on for many years. Nuer need to change and try hard to survive than lingering at Top Positions.

  • Unbelievable when Gorilla like Dr.Riek Machar thinking of getting in again. Hyena story,getting into that Cow’s Hut is not easy,but if i could and then the coming out will be mind and that is exactly what is going on in South Sudan with Nuer.

  • john

    let his but man called kiir step down

  • The international community are still pursuing their business profession by bring these two men together which mean they are incompetent to know who is guilty .

  • right judge

    I love to see peace prevail in south Sudan. please stop your nonsense. even if Satan is invading South Sudan with aim of bringing peace, welcome with open heart. am sad for my being south Sudanese and afraid of my own government.

    God may your will be done. prayer of faith can move mountain.

  • factual

    There is different between protection force and intervention force. Where did nyamilepedia got their news from?. You should know that government had rejected intervention force. So stop twisting words.

    • GatNor

      factual [nothing],

      The peace your tribal regime had frustrated comes with some consequence if violated and intervention forces are one of those consequences, Yet the sanctions will soon be awarded to you officials wrapped in a ICC craftsmanship. Just wait and you will see what I mean. Some will try running but will not be able to hide.

  • David Andrew olami

    let us stop destroing each other. it’s a time to rebuild what we destroied. our women and kids need better live. no schools. no hospitals. what we are fighting for? even we are not producing anything.

  • Deng Matok

    This is not about kiir and his babbling mothpiecelueth or his gade . this is to save the millions risking starvation and death. The mob calling themselves governmenf are irrelevant. they have not added any value to the nation (on the contrary). If they all vanished tomorrow, the country would probably run more effective in fact. the only ones crying would be the landcruise v8 dealers, alcohol suppliers, the ones procuring silly dubai furniture.
    get an extern administrations to saved the peoples

  • jacob

    Whom do you think if kiir to step down?I don’t know if there can be a man from nuer ,not yet born the person who can rule over Sudan.

  • ali ennry

    weather they deploy what kind of force on earth, What s.sudanese pple needs is a regime change.. We r tired!

  • Look at useless Igad and Au with their i ill ideas which does not determined the outcome of their proposal without balancing the agreement. I personally said that , IGAD & Au was form by black mined , unclear eyes & criminals especially sudan, Kenya, & Ethiopia leaders who want south sudan to be unstable. Anyway no great enemy like Khartoum & British but now we are free from them apart from

  • GatNor

    Jaang Council’s was saying that foreign intervention troop entering South Sudan will amount to declaration of war and will be resisted by the tribal regime. Now what. Oh yes, how could I not remember, according to the JCE its not an intervention forces but a protection force. Somebody please explain the different between the two and the differences in their mission if its not the same objective as maintaining peace between the warring faction of SPLM/A fighters. And to deter those Jaang extremists from committing war crimes, rape and sexual abuses, and crimes against humanity

  • Who is President Kir going to fire next? I thing the only job he is good at is firing officials including those he did not nominate.
    This guy needs to learn how to govern, otherwise South Sudan is doom. Kir, Please wake up.
    Those wanting reforms are not your enemies. It is those who are killing for you to stay in power who are your greatest enemies.