South Sudan: Gen. Taban Deng Gai Announced His New Government

Gen. Taban Deng Gai and Gen. Alfred Lado Gore in a meeting in Juba, South Sudan. Taban is forming a new government to replace Machar's collision government with President Kiir(Photo: file)

Gen. Taban Deng Gai and Gen. Alfred Lado Gore in a meeting in Juba, South Sudan. Taban is forming a new government to replace Machar’s collision government with President Kiir(Photo: file)

August 2, 2016(Nyamilepedia) ——- South Sudan’s new First Vice President, Stephen Taban Deng Gai, the former Minister of Mining of Transitional Government and a former Chief negotiators of SPLM/SPLA-IO appoints his new government to replace Dr. Riek Machar’s SPLM/SPLA-IO’s government.

According to a decree read on South Sudan’s television, Taban appointed 7 ministers from his loyalists to form a collision with President Salva Kiir’s government.

Among the 7 ministers, 6 are all from his Nuer tribe in addition to Machar’s deputy chairman, Lt. Gen Alfred Lado Gore, whom Taban displaces.



Minister of

1 Amb. Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth Petroleum
2 Michael Chiengjiek Geay Interior
3 Gabriel Duop Lam Labour, Public Service and Human Resource Management
4 Gabriel Thokuj Deang Mining
5 Yien Oral Lam Tut Higher Education, Science and Technology
6 Sophia Pal Gai Water Resource and Irrigation
7 Alfred Lado Gore Land, Housing and Urban Development

Gen. Taban also appoints three presidential advisors and will also appoint a deputy speaker for the Transitional National Legislative Assembly. The deputy ministers and presidential advisors are:

  Name Deputy Minister for
1 Riaw Gatlier Gai Interior
2 Ms. Nasike Alan Lochul Labour, Public Service and Resource Development
  Name Presidential Advisor For
1 Gabriel Yoal Dok Social Service Delivery
2 Michael Mario Dhuor Reforms, Monitoring and Evaluation
3 Ramadan Hassan Laku Good Governance and Rule of Law

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Unlike his former boss, Taban is inclusively targeting his Nuer community who are loyal to his superior, Dr. Riek Machar Teny. 9 out of 12 appointments are all Nuer and the remaining 3 are all from Equatoria.

It would be for the first time that a legitimate movement in South Sudan had no sufficient participation from the Dinka and Chollo communities, the first and third largest tribes, in its top leadership.

Despite intensive appointment of Nuer in the new Kiir-Taban government, majority of civil population and the army in Upper Nile region, including Taban’s home county of Guit, is still loyal Dr. Riek Machar compared to Taban and Salva Kiir’s combined.


  • channel o

    with time u will have all nuer who re still follow Machar Who is confuse dont know where to go. mr Taban,follow the dead peace and it will retend to the table Machar is not the only man in nuer.

    • GatNor

      Channel O,

      FYI, 90% of the appointed/nominated by Kiir and Taban has rejected to serve under the devil(Kiir) himself and his advocate(Taban). You should go ask the two what is wrong. Keep in mind that none of those who turn down the nomination and or appointment has was either over qualified or has issues with the position itself but all were citing loyalty to Dr Machar and not the tribal regime. To make matters worst some nominee were not even formally consulted. Words cannot describe what an embarrassment this tribal cabals are.

  • Simon Malek

    These traitor will all die at the same time. We will never accept and follow these ministers orders.

  • Diu

    This taban is not working. He is confused . He is being deceived.

  • Rammi-raan

    Taban has already lost his way, he even don’t know where he is heading.

  • It is a joke,while is no Social Service in South Sudan,may be for themselves,Bourgeoisie and cronies SPLM who can’t settle in peace. Where is The Men Black,Mabior Garang!

  • It is like a joke,while there is no Social Service. Achually What Alfred Lado Gore going to Build than his Tiny Stomach. It is become a matter of positions.

  • Politic is very very sick. Politic like a doorstep.

  • I think Taban Deng intentionally tarnished the Nuer images and name because this is what Dinkas really think Nuers are fighting for, positions only and what kind of Transitional Government will consist mainly of one tribe?

    • Easton Nhial

      You are right Khot. A viable mov’t shoudn’t be constituted by one tribe. However, the guy doesn’t tarnish the image of “Nuer” but his own image.

  • Lualdit

    Gatmchar, you need to force IGAD to bring in 3rd party forces by declaring war period. Please don’t waste time with rhetoric and empty words.

  • Taban , you are confuse , don,t betray Nuer for sake of Money those tribal ministries will not work

  • GatNor

    I am so sick and tired of SPLM/A-In-Opposition calling for the intervention forces. Their inability to exercise their moral obligation by going to Juba to re-stored law and order is transparent. They must enter Juba to save the country from itself and the degenerate thugs of kiir, malong, and the jaang councils(tribal cabal) that are shredding it to piece. As per the agreement August Peace and 2011 constitution all citizens cable have the moral obligation to safe south sudan from itself and from the degenerate thugs in Juba. I don’t see why would a group that claims to have besieged the capital, encircled it from all corners pretends that they are doing something right. The act of besieging is an act of war so the contradiction that you are peaceful and still have the capital besiege and yet calling for an intervention all don’t make sense. it has to be one or the other and not both.

  • Deng Arok kongor

    Affirmative mr taban this is what they are fighting for,actually it’s a good moved. New leader will become a new changed

  • taban please don’t wasted ur time for being her in south Sudan this gvn of yours will not work since you oppose io am sure you destroy your vision ¡!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by gatbar

  • Deang Gatluak

    Rearranging deckchairs on the sinking ship. A complete waste of time.
    What will the mnister for Labour, Public Service and Resource Development do?
    There is no Public service
    There is no labor market (all people fled)
    There is no resource development
    There is no Social Service Delivery
    There are no Reforms, no Monitoring and zero Evaluation

    – Guess long lunches will be the order of the day, no point in trying to steal money as the coffers are empty.
    A complete waste of effort, strutting around in fancy suits and ties, all joining in the forum for internal admiration of who has the biggest belly, has stolen most, has the most number of Landcruiser V8’s or whatever

  • Please do not waste your time for appointment of government because the time of death government has gonna to finished their killing of innocent citizen of South Sudan and the visionary president Dr. Riak machar is coming to restore the stability of civilian who are suffering for three years will be free in their home and places.

  • Karab

    I call Taban Deng Chicken Head. He just forgets what all the freedom fighters died for?


  • Ali Alio

    Taban Deng is a good man let machar goto Bush and die there because he is of no use………..

  • let them do their part today is theirs tomorrow
    will be someone one else , that is like eat I eat
    save I save .

  • Gatnor,
    You said every thing, what you need to add is that Taban al Tabani was not initially Nuer fully. There fore he has right to act like that against true Nuer Men. I want dr. Riak Machar to prove himself this time that he can bring guns other wise he is not a good leader but a stone block for Nuer to climb presidency

    • GatNor


      You also do have a point there that Machar’s seniority in leadership have stagnated a lot of new and young talents amongst the leaders of the new generations of Nuers. Having said that I think he(Machar) can balance this by directing this young talents where they could be useful for him now and in the future and not look at them as a threat and or as a competition. John Garang has out witted Machar in strategic planning by investing in Jaang youths. In Africa nobody retires so the youth could be his back up retirement plan as an old lion. Machar has neither done so from where he always run to Gaajaaks to Equatoria, and even his own unity state. To be a national leader you must reach out in person and be practical.

  • Freedom

    Foolish Taban deng, salva kiir and Paul malong soon they will be at elegu boder as refugee. I pray machar returns back to juba.

  • Nguothditdu

    Failed people always talks about singularity and never suceed with it Taban is man according to his birthed right so in which they got different ambition with Riek the deem and dull vision whose mission are always a fails with only phd that he got no stratetgy to or for uses.


    • Your calligraphy style is not very good,please change it to look nice. It seems like you are jealous,jealousy is the same disease that killing South Sudan today.

  • taban deng gai is not a true Nuer but a son of Mohammed from north Sudan even my self I knew is father tall building in Sudan. what I want to said here is lat taban destroy this country let himself go to Sudan and destroy his father homeland and if taban need bloodshed I known is son call Okeach taban deng I might kill him and test the Mount of death of son.

  • kofi frm Ghana

    please, south sudanese allow peace to reign. women and children are sufferin and dying for no appparant reason.
    #peaceinsudan we pray

  • James Mulbah

    President Kir and Gai are clowns who have much in common. Look at their cabinet line up and you will see lack of love for country.
    Kir wants to kill Marchar and other reform advocates in order rule for life. And South Sudanese fought for a better South Sudan.

  • Kir and Gai are clowns with much in common. They are anti peace and wish to squander the dreams of many South Sudanese.
    South Sudanese fought for a better South Sudan and denying them what was fought is a recipe for disaster.

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