SPLA-IO Recaptured Nasir, Upper Nile State

SPLA-IO celebrating their victory in Nasir, Upper Nile State(Photo: file)

SPLA-IO celebrating their victory in Nasir, Upper Nile State(Photo: file)

August 1, 2016(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan’s armed Opposition, SPLM/SPLA-IO, alleged to have recaptured Nasir, a government stronghold in Upper Nile State.

According to Dhukan Jundith Both, the SPLM/SPLA-IO spokesman in Nasir County, his troops made major victories in and around Nasir this morning.

“Our forces have been making a lot of progress against the enemy forces in Nasir Town since the fighting started by Salva Kiir side on Sunday morning. As of now we’re are in control of Majak Street, Kuanylualthon Street, Wunkier Street, Commissioner headquarter office ,Purbuop Street and Nasir market” Dhukan said more than 4 hours ago.

“While our reconnaissance is at Former Upper Nile state Governor Gatluak Deng guarding Sobat FM radio station and between Wec-Yar-Adiew and torjuc valley. It’s just a matter of time, our SPLM/A- IO will flash them out of the vicinity of the Town to the River Nile or they will surrendered.” he continued.

Latest reports from Nasir town, however, indicate that the town has fallen to SPLM/SPLA-IO.

“Nasir town is done, Congratulations!!” Said Gatdiet Peter, a Media coordinator for SPLA/SPLA-IO.

Supporters of Dr. Riek Machar, who have gone wild on social media, are tweeting images of civilians and White armies in Nasir town to prove that they are in control of the town.

At the time of this writing, James Gatdet Dak and government spokesmen are yet to validate their reports.

“I am waiting for official report about the details of the developments in Nasir. I will update our comrades accordingly” James Gatdet said.


  • John

    Do not write rumours please. There is no communication network in Nasir leave alone Internet service. You can get information on Sureya yes but images as you claimed can’t be got. Fear lies please.

  • Panom James Duoth Lam

    Be strong where you are IO may God bless you.

  • Lualdit

    If this is true plus the well put resignation of Dr. Lam Akol, the tide should for the devil and his followers. It was a weakness of leadership to allow Jaang in Nasir for 2 years.

    • GatNor


      Couldn’t agree with you anymore than you have stated..

      “It was a weakness of leadership to allow Jaang in Nasir for 2 years.”

      The local conspirators are also to blame for hosting Jaang and supporting such occupation that is clearly to their determine.

  • Dear citizens of South Sudan,


    • GatNor

      One would have to experience peace to like it..and at this point peace does not exist. I advice you to read Lam’s resignation address where he said peace as we know it is scrapped by Kiir and and his poodle(s) or dogs.

  • kuoyuotjiek

    you did the great job gaatkier god bless any where you

  • Nuer still abusing themselves.

  • Chuol chapen

    We got them from people on the ground do u think we don’t have Internet around the area n many have smartphone within the area yah stupid Dinka we will show u why we re call Nuer

  • GatNor

    Too many confusing news circulating at the moment. Nassir is captured, Lam Akol quits and left the TGONU, Incompetent Kiir is being relocated to unknown location for fears of Juba falling in the hands of Machar’s fighters. Malong is confessing during a military parade in in Bar El Gazal that he has two unmanned aircrafts hunting down Machar and condemning the act of presidential guards whom he licensed to carry out rapes, loot properties and all other crimes against humanity including war crimes.

  • Jaang are in state of chaos and confusion so there’s no doubts about that. Salva Kiir soldiers are losing hope and that’s means winning the war is impossible one doesn’t need to waste his own life for that fuckin Jieng politicians business war while evacuated their own family and leave the rest behind. Jaang will be finished in South Sudan.

  • Its terrible time that South Sudan never experience first century hoping that ,peace and stability will be restored soonest time possible

  • John

    I think you were responding to my comment above. You called me a Dinka, No am not brother. All what I don’t, like is lies. It is my interest to capture Nasir but not announcing it when not true brother. Differentiate between what is trust and false otherwise we will be like just joking without a mission. Am not happy with everyone spreading unbridled news. IS IT TRUE NOW OR SHOULD WE LIVE ON LIES. WHO WILL TRUST US AGAIN WHEN WE ARE TELLING THE TRUTH. BE WISE PLEASE

  • Wani Kenyi

    For a meaningful peace to come to South Sudan, those putting the country in such dysfunctional state have to voluntarily admit their mistakes, incompetence and more importantly apologise publically to the nation ( unrealistic given the nature of these people). They must humble themselves and act in partial civilty.

    The other option is to make them realise their incompetence and mistakes forcefully as these people seem to learn and understanding better with their eyes. Reasoning with these people is a complete waste of time.

    The end is nigh given the entire county is brewing with sentiments against the government. The end is nigh.

    Thanks you all
    Wani Kenyi

  • channel o

    Taban will deal with u idiots.he will lead the nuer until end of the world since u re just idiot who dont understand the righ of your leaders blessing dinkas.

  • jamesgok

    job well done brothers..cie nyaNuer ca ke nong nyieth

  • you people are the ones spoiling this country, because whatever that comes out of you are always tribal. South Sudan is bigger than you two (nuer and dinka). your igorance and arrogance real dragged this country in to this turmoil. If you continue like we will be forced to create a country that will save us from all the disgrace south sudanese are facing in the whole globe. You learnt nothing and forgot nothing from your arab masters in khartoum. if you call yoursleves SPLM or SPLM IO, you are birds of the same feather that flock togather. you are waste than bigs and butchery dogs that has no choice but smashes whatever that comes to their sight. Once again Machar and Kiir are not gods for all of us, if they are for you. Stop holding this country hostage. Leaders come and leaders go

  • Log

    Good move brothers. Teach them a lesson they will never forget

  • Gatdarwich

    Congratulations mightiest and bravest, patriot forces—killer nyankiir’s, malong’s non-battle tested militias, and the cohorts are cowards–civilian killers–looters that are destined to be imminently cremated full stop

  • Rammi-raan

    Nasir has been captured many times, but people don’t want to stay in, please this time don’t do this.