Breaking: Three Generals Loyal to Taban Deng Gai Defected From SPLA/SPLA-IO With Less Than 50 Soldiers

Gen. Makal Kuol Deng, one of the leading SPLA in Opposition Generals in Unity State(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

Gen. Makal Kuol Deng, one of the leading SPLA in Opposition Generals in Unity State(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

July 31, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Latest security reports from Unity State indicate that at least three generals in SPLA-IO army have Defected to Kiir’s SPLA and abandoned their positions in Unity State last night.

According to Weirial Puok Baluang, the Official Spokesman of SPLA-IO in Unity State, Maj. Gen Makal Kuol Deng has abandoned his position at 3Am with 12 soldiers this morning.

“We would like to inform our people that, Gen. Makal Kuol Deng and Lt. Col Gatnyoai Chidong along with 12 guards deserted sector two GHqs at 3Am night on 31st July 2016.” Weirial said.

” We believe the intention of the two comrades is to join Taban Deng who is desperately in need of soldiers.” Weirial continued.

Speaking to Lat Kuem, an SPLA-IO soldier, who served under Gen. Makal during 2014-2015 operations in Unity State, Lat confirmed that his former boss has joined government troops in Panakuach military barrack.

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In other reports, two other generals, Gen. Dor Manjur and Gen. Carlo Kuol have reportedly defected in Guit County and staged a fight against SPLA-IO, however, the faction loyal to Machar defeated the two generals and forced them to report to Bentiu .

“Meanwhile, The Commissioner of Guit County, Major Gen. Hoth Chuol forced the bribed two generals (Carlo Kuol and Dor Manjur ) toward Bentiu with less than 30 body guards.” Said Weirial, the spokesman of Unity State governor.

“Unity State is clean from those who follows individual politicians rather than the vision.” he continued.

Gen. Carlo was formerly a loyalist of President Salva Kiir until he was captured in Unity State battle in mid-April 2014. He was then transformed into SPLA-IO military and remain stationed in Unity State.

Maj. Gen. Makal Kuol would be the first senior general that has defected  to Taban Deng Gai since his defection to Kiir’s SPLM faction three weeks ago.

Taban was controversially appointed by President Salva Kiir as a First Vice President replacing Dr. Riek Machar last week. In response, SPLM/SPLA-IO has rejected the appointment and called it illegal and illegitimate.