“There is fighting in areas around Juba” ~ US Department of State Warns Citizens

United States deploy more troops to South Sudan to guard embassy and to protect staffs(Photo: file)

United States deploy more troops to South Sudan to guard embassy and to protect staffs(Photo: file)

July 30, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– The United States Department of State warns its citizens in South Sudan that there is fighting around Juba and other parts of Greater Equatoria region.

According to US Embassy in Juba, the situation remains fluid and Amercian citizens must be vigilant about their security

“There is fighting in areas around Juba, including in the Greater Equatoria region. The situation remains fluid. American citizens should remain vigilant about their security.” Reads part of the statement by the US Embassy in South Sudan.

“The Embassy continues to monitor the situation and we will update you as appropriate.” the statement continued.

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The american government has evacuated most of its citizens and some of its non-emergency staff leaving only the ambassador and a few essential staffs to monitor the situation.

To protect the embassy and essential staffs, US has sent more marines to South Sudan.

Other members of TROIKA, including United Kingdom, has deployed more troops to South Sudan to protect their embassy and essential staff.

South Sudan army, which currently controls Juba, has looted UN stores and killed at least 2 Chinese peacekeepers in the capital when a conflict broke out three weeks ago.

Reports from around Juba indicate that war has return to outskirts of the capital city within the last 48 hours as soldiers loyal to First Vice President ran out of patience.

The First Vicce President, Riek Machar, who tactictally withdrew from the capital three weeks ago to avoid confrontations with president Salva Kiir is believed to be waiting for a  third-party troops deployment before he returns to his residence.

Machar has warned that his men, who have fought for weeks in self-defense, could act further if the international community continues to drag its feet.

“Our forces are doing great in self-defence against the attacking forces loyal to President Salva Kiir. Our forces have captured 21 military trucks with their logistics, including food belonging to enemy forces. Juba is besieged from different directions as we speak… We call for deployment of the proposed third force in Juba, or else we will be forced to act further and march to Juba in order to restore peace and security in the capital.” James Gatdet Dak, Machar’s press secretary reports.