The Government of The Republic of Uganda Does Not Recognize Appointment of Taban Deng Gai

Henry Oryem Okello, the current State Minister for Foreign Affairs (Photo: file)

Henry Oryem Okello, the current State Minister for Foreign Affairs (Photo: file)

July 30, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— The government of the Republic of Uganda in a news statement has said it does not recognise the controversial appointment of Taban Deng Gai as a First Vice President by South Sudanese President, Salva Kiir.

This statement was issued by a senior official from the office of the foreign affair ministry.

The official, who spoke on television,  said that the government of the Republic of Uganda is concerned about the peace and its neighbour, South Sudan, citing the political instability of the country and how it affects the neighbouring states in term of security and economic aspects.

Thousands of Ugandans who earn their living in South Sudan had recently been repatriated following the recent fighting that erupted in the capital, Juba, between the two warring factions of SPLA forces

Uganda is also concerned about the hiking influx of South Sudanese refugees to its territory in search of a safer haven after escaping war back home.

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According to UNHCR statistics at least over 26,000 South Sudanese refugees entered through various border points, stressing that the number could double if no amicable peace resolution is reached.

The analyst, however, warns that the controversial replacement may escalate war. The same perspective was echoed by the International Community which maintains its position of not recognising Taban Deng Gai as First Vice President.

Uganda’s Government officials, who spoke on NTVUG Weekend Edition, confirmed that Ugandan government won’t recognise Taban Deng Gai as the First Vice President.

The Ugandan government has also urged president Salva Kiir to accept the proposed intervention of regional troops, warning that failure to do cooperate with African Union endorsed proposal could lead Mr. Kiir’s government into a more dangerous trap.

Unlike 2013, Uganda sent its troops to Juba this time to evacuate their citizens. While most of the troops have escorted citizens back home, others returned to Nsitu headquarters within South Sudan’s Central Equatoria state.


  • This is a good move from the Ugandan Government; others will soon do the same, the illegal os illegal whatever the matter!

  • God bless Uganda . Good neighbor is friend indeed. Thanks for lack of son of bastard recognition .Taban Deng Gai is selfish, traitor, stupid , rude, barbaric , thief , and terrorist Arab’s bastard son . Taban has no popularity within SPLM IO and among Nuer tribe in South Sudan. Appointed him will never change anything on the ground. We South Sudanese at home as well as in diaspora are rallying behind Dr Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon . Full stop.

  • Lets Taban and Kiirdit listen to that news!

  • Amos Mwebesa

    Let the opposition leader be given security and come back to Juba.

  • End of Dinka kingdom, Juba will fall soon, just wait till Tuesday you will hear more news soon

    • GatNor


      It’s with great pleasure to see you and Dingit Natuggo back guys.

      Given the position of the government of Uganda, I must warn you that it is commercialized and subjected to changes at a moments notice. In other words tyrant M7 can say one thing here and now and could be doing the opposite from the blind spot peripherals. Other than that Uganda’s position on T. Deng’s appointment is exactly the position of a peace guarantor and a signatory to the agreement, therefore, I do welcome it with two thumbs up.

    • Are you very sure of what you are said?and are you in front line or Facebook reporter journalist of not knowing what is happening on the ground and thank

  • deng

    kiir must watch out the unfolding story …lets wait for more good news .We are tired with a failed regime

  • african leaders sh’d learn to solve issues and avoid bloodshed of their pipo 4 selfish intrests.Kir should respect A.U idea.Uganda gov’t,thank u 2 save ur pipo,good critical.God bless africa and cause unity,save S.Sudan en cause security.

  • Davs

    Kiir U Came To Uganda For Consultation And What Advice Did U Get? So One Hand Can`t Open Once Battoks Atlist Two Hands.Rely On Constructive Ideas For Stability To Persist Ss.

  • Ahahahaha Kiirdit time has come for you to dig your own grave baba.