South Sudan Journalist Finally Admits Riek Machar is Alive But Air Lifted By Military Choppers

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July 30, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– A South Sudan government news presenter, Garang John, finally admits that Riek Machar is alive, however, he believes the First Vice President would have been air lifted by two military Choppers of foreign nations to a neighboring country before mindnight last night.

In a status posted on his Facebook page at 7pm, July 30th [SSLT], Garang reported that Dr. Riek Machar was going to be air lifted from an area between Lainya and Mundri at 11pm by foreign nations he refused to identify due to “security concerns”.


Although there has been fighting in the area, government officials including president Salva Kiir have claimed that no one knows Machar’s hideout, however, the government mouthpiece, Garang John, knows.

Contrary, on July 28th, Mr. Garang was very sure that Riek Machar has been killed in the fighting although he had no evidence.

After Machar spoke on Al jazeera on July 27th, Garang was shocked but could not admit that Machar was alive. Instead he claimed that the person who spoke was someone else trying to immitate’s Machar’s voice.

“OMG: I can’t believe my ears! So South Sudanese have gone this far! Someone faked/imitated Dr.Riek Machar’s voice and spoke on phone to Aljazeera yesterday. WONDERS WILL NEVER END IN THIS WORLD!” Said excited Garang John who couldn’t help himself.

“Aljazeera T.V must watchout against South Sudanese propagandists especially in time of war. Cross check your sources Aje or else your credibility may be compromised.” Garang warns the international news agency, Al Jazeera.

Many government supporters, like Garang John, have celebrated an alleged death of top senior generals of SPLM/SPLA-IO for the last week. Despite that the generals have spoken this week, many of them still can’t believe that they are alive.

Many supporters of Mr. Kiir believed that Machar’s silence was because he was killed and majority of them concluded that South Sudan conflict was over until two days.

For the last two days fear has engulfed the capital as Machar’s men declared major victories against Kiir’s soldiers and trucks loads of wounded soldiers reportedly arrived at Juba Teaching Hospital.


  • I think James Gatdet Dak must come forward to tell the truth. He has been saying a lot that, his boss say this and that but when ask he never tell where is about?

  • Dear John Garang,

    I thought you re professional Journalist and what are the key principles of being a Journalist?. You really celebrate the death of Dr.Machar. This is magical thinking for Goverenment supporters in Juba,South Sudan. Please know your ethics as a Journalist in order to become a true a Journalist in South Sudan otherwise, no job for you in future

  • Lokoyong Mogga

    thanks Garang for having celebrated the death of another human being like yourself. when someone dies, we mourn and when someone is sick we pray for that person to get well, when a baby is born we celebrate for we have another person added to us.

    the satanic garang celebrates when someone dies. yeah evil is like that. continue celebrating the death of many people because we will laugh and cheer during your death. i will take off all your pictures from any media and will not bother to see your picture in any media channel.

  • Dr. Riek will not forget last coup attempt but he has to thanks God for his safety again.

  • Lokoyong Mogga

    who believes garang is a human being? can an animal be tamed to be a human?

  • David

    Garang Instead Of Praying For Stability In Your Country Unprofessionlly You Are Jubilating Some Ones Death. U May End Up Dieing Before The Person But Concetrate In Doing Good Job But Not Bi-some OR UR LIFE IN DANGER.

  • factual

    Garang john is equally doing what gadet dak does on daily bases. Case in point is claim that riek troops have inflicted injuries on government soldiers around juba which is more than total lies.

  • Garang John u have a right to posted,what u have in ur mine.

  • Tit

    100 years for next southsudan it’s not gone ahead never and never

  • people normally play a game to make them fight on social media for what they don’t know, the shootout of that time doesn’t mean it is a celebration of Riek Machar and his cammanders death but it’s mean that the rebel forces have been withdrawal out of juba, but this is how people of south sudan will get finish if you just approve what has been said on social media, Garang John cannot talk like that ,you are very people to spreads the message of peace to local community.

  • The shotout was not that Riek Machar has been killed but it was his forces has been withdrawal out of Juba ,don’t accused Garang John false. These are the enemies of south sudan like people of south sudan to hatred themselves are reporting such kind of things on social media.

  • Han

    Soon, democracy would be in Juba where a tribe in South Sudan in every industry will be represented not only by Dinka.

  • Mr garang don’t be a triable journalist, because u r the eye of this nation. But if our eye will not have prefer vision then our nation is failing down. Don’t celebrate some one death because the same thing will happen when u r out. WORKING!!! DON’T LOSE UR ETHICS AS JOURNALISM.

  • Alex Alhaj

    We need to stop all these bullshits about who’s liar and who’s not.
    All we need is stability!!!!

  • Ogoo tom

    U need 2B sure gather prima facie evidence 2prove da fact u need nt 2just assump thingz hw can one belived that someone z dead without any evidence

  • Gatdarwich

    Dr. Riek and his top military Generals are safe and fully guarded by the mightiest and the bravest Naath sons. He will soon order his troops to victoriously March to Juba period

  • In which uniservity did mr Garang john studies his jounralism from, as jounralist you have to give clear information to people and follow the most import prenciple of jounralist donot think of money but your life is firs.t

  • Salva Kiir’s gov hiring people in prof.or gov based on who they are and they came from for,example Garang, Ateny, Makuei,and so forth these are the people who are covering the South Sudan and that’s Dinka majority lies in the media so no argument about that.

  • AJ

    What are they smoking in that country?