Dr. Machar Appoints Sector Commander For Central Equatoria Operations

FVP, Dr. Riek Machar Teny and SPLA-IO CoGS, Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual salutes officers during an assembly in Pagak, South Sudan(Photo: Nyamilepedia/File)

FVP, Dr. Riek Machar Teny and SPLA-IO CoGS, Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual salutes officers during an assembly in Pagak, South Sudan(Photo: Nyamilepedia/File)

July 30, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– South Sudan’s Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the leader of armed Opposition, has appointed a senior general, Lt. Gen. John Jok Gai, to command operations in Central Equatoria.

According to Machar’s presss Secretary, James Gatdet Dak, Machar has appointed Gen. Gai as Sector Commander for Central Equatoria.

“The Chairman and Commander-in-Chief of the SPLM/SPLA (IO), Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon, has appointed Lt. General John Jok Gai as Sector Commander for Central Equatoria.” Gatdet said.

Machar and many of his generals, who came to Juba between December 2015 and April 2016 to implement the peace deal, have tactically withdrawn to the outskirts of Juba following a heavy fighting between the SPLA-IO and SPLA-IG.

According to president Salva Kiir’s report, 300 soldiers died on July 8th fighting and many others died in subsequent fightings.

The first vice president has declared that he won’t return to Juba unless a third party force has been deployed in Juba to act as a buffer zone between the two forces.

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  • appointing in the Bush?? this Gadet has completely destroyed and embarrassed the IO. how can you appointed someone while on hiding

    • You have to believe what happens.killing DR Riek machar is something event taban deng is wondering how he can make it happen.Taban deng gai is knowns to Nuer as a Nuet’s Laws Batertrasyer,and needs to stay away from trying to disqualify less the Nuer’s laws.

  • Deng Malop

    Meanwhile Taban is busy getting rid of the 28 states and arranging cantonment areas?

    And as a FVP controlling Malong to prevent further slaughter if civilians?

    Why would there be death in Luri when Taban and Kiir control all forces?

    Hmm… guess that was not part of the deal Taban signed with Kiir. Instead it was to issue non statements with Ateny and the minister of dis-information, Lueth. Sad and pathetic

  • well done Dr.Machar to appoint gen.John Gach to command the war in posted to you by Kiir since 2013 and starting war in j1 to planning to kill you.
    I know your gallant forces and freedom fighter are protection you and Io General .
    kiir will soon vow and saluted you when your force captured the stomach of Juba.
    viva Dr.machar, Viva cogs, gen Gatwech,Viva IO Viva freedom fighter

  • Daniel

    What exactly Dr Riek is waiting for? Kiir will never do anything good in ss, since 2005 upto day where is clean water, power, tarmac road. The head is just full of ignorance and corruption and tribalism.

  • These position fighters wil soon be flash out around juba if they don’t stop evil propaganda.

  • The foolish propaganda James Gatdet, make sure u are going to be flaying like goat on the theatre

  • channel o

    replace our first vice president Taban Deng de Ghai.

  • Karab

    Dr. Riek machar – understand that you and your movement is the only hope for south sudan. Train the equatorians to fight with you. Equatorians, you will never find better oppertunity than this. Arm your selves & clear your villages from the ugly millitia.

  • Good move from chairman Dr Machar for appointed John Jock Gal as sector commander of equatoria .

    Gai is a true fighter who can do the best.

  • Richard Onzima

    Kiir & Machar are struggling to finish the innocient people in south sudan but God will judge them on the last day.

  • the stupid majority will not have any decision, or they don’t thinking about the country’s civilians. but they put only the wine in front of their life.

  • Gatluak Lual Kutean

    Congratulations Dr. Machar for well done of appointed John Gai as area commander in Equatoria.

  • Odongkori Robert

    Since innocent.people are being.killed even.in.places controlled.by government and.nothing is.being.done to it I here by encourage Rek Machar to attack Juba and save the.situation from Detoriating.

  • Gatdarwich

    John Jok is naturally a weak individual. I know him personally and been with him in the Equatoria region in 1990s. Dr. Riek must appoint a strong military General to deputize Jok. Otherwise, SPLA-IO in Equatoria is in the leadership of a wrong General period

  • factual

    Just same lies. 1991, 2013,2016 all ended in lies. Those Supporting riek are either totally brain dead or do not know what logic and truth are?

  • That is so fantastic decision Dr.
    Me personally I Welcome that appoinment of Simon jock Gai. As sector commander of equatoria. Thanks for that. Go ahead

  • Master J

    You will go to held with your stupid leader so called Riek, he is finishing you Nuer and you don’t know . Instead to followed FVP Taban Deng who knows your future. Riek will never see Juba