Salva Kiir Fires Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

Salva Kiir Mayardit, the incumbent President of South Sudan who has struggled to maintain power after an internal disputes within his ruling party (Photo: file)

Salva Kiir Mayardit, the incumbent President of South Sudan who has struggled to maintain power after an internal disputes within his ruling party (Photo: file)

July 12, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– South Sudan’s embattled president, Mr. Salva Kiir Mayardit, has issued a decree that fires his Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Cirino Hiteng.

The decree, which was read on the national television this evening, does not cite any reasons as to why the deputy minister was fired amid an intensive conflict, however, some government officials from the minority tribes have sought refuge in UNMISS. Others are rumored to have defected to SPLM/A-IO.

The decree was received with mixed reactions as many politicians believe that Kiir has overstepped his powers to sack an official from other parties without consulting the chairman of that party.

Dr. Hiten is a senior official and a former detainee, who bears his loyalty to a group of former political detainees led by an exiled politician, Mr. Pagan Amum.

According to national MP, Reath Muoch Tang, this indicates something very sensitive.

“This a confirmation of something fishy. In the other hand it means the collapse of the agreement.” Reath said.

“Some Government’ Generals and some Salva Kiir new state Governors from other ethnic groups on the run to UNMISS, looting and the killing of the civilian by the Government forces continued while Makuel can’t stop lying on SSBC.” he continued.

South Sudan’s recent conflict has escalated to few major towns including Wau, Torit and Malakal within the last two days.
No one knows who control the forces fighting in Juba and these other towns.


  • I think the president is paranoid, the agreement does not allow to sack some from other party unless the parties agree to sack him/her.

    President!!! do not allow yourself to be put on fire. You will find yourself on soup in few days, mark my words…

  • Bul Bul

    Mr. president you don’t a lot your mind to be full of suspicious and assumption otherwise your government will likely be going back to another subsequent of wars.

  • Politics and doorstep.

  • John

    As long as he has killed all the SPLA_IO forces in Juba, nothing to fear any more. He can do things at his own will without respecting the agreement.

  • Malual Ding

    Can’t someone grab Mr Kiirs “presidential decree notepad”and throw it in the Nile river?

    He issues these silly and often unconstitutional decrees all the time, thereby bypassing the Parliament.
    He says he doesn’t understand the reports from BBC and A Jazzera when they suggest he is being more and more dictatorial. Dictatorial decrees is the proof clear for all to see.

    On . another point, Mr Kiir says he cant implement the peace agreement he said. Many believe this is true. This must then mean that another person should take over and implement it then?

  • Leju

    The Next Will Be Wani Igga, Sooner than Later South Sudanese will get Surprise with this Narrow Minded President who accepts ill ideas from his Tribe mate of Dinka thinking South Sudan Belongs them only.

  • Gatdarwich

    There is no government in Juba but a collection of various factions with different interests. Killer nyankiir has no absolute control in Juba period

  • Vikter

    This is serious it is the transitional gov’t crambling again shall we reach 2018 elections is the question sooner or later another one will be sacked everyone must watch the space

  • Justus Mayanza

    I think South Sudan is incapable of ruling itself b’se economically, politically, socially they all failed.

    Therefore, before the country become one man’s nation, it has to be recolonized by foreign power to ensure civilians safety

  • Samuel Ohitai

    Dinka will suffer one day like others whom they kill

  • lawrence

    A blind man can not lead someone who has sight. Pitty to the blind presido.

  • diplo guest

    This is too much. people of south Sudan should continue to sacrifice by using barrels of guns to topple Salva regime than using dialogue.. I conquer with Fr. Taban, Apostolic Administrator who describe the government under Kiir regime as devils and killer including Salva kiir.

  • No more doubt since Riak his followers had left Capital through their mistaken.

  • bongdit lual

    Guy’s stop talking, do your own things God well change our this mndnes of mind!!!

  • cwob

    may God calm down the atmsphre in juba.

  • Only God, will manage to punishes those devil advocate who always led out innocents civilians suffer for no reason.

    We hope as citizens of South Sudan they will be no more dinka and nuer who will be leaders to lead our nation in future to come.

    Equatorial will have their enough time because they are the one now Care for the Nation. Please learn our population is decreasing.

    God Help South Sudan, land you blessed with so many things and Created very stupids tribes that are destroying your beautiful creations

  • Tolio

    War will never spare our lives;war will never develop South Sudan and hatred for one another will never befriended us to live peacefully as one people of one South Sudan.

  • Tolio

    We should our guns aside and being tribal aside and rather have being South Sudanese units us for the benefits of all.

  • Tolio

    No single tribe in South Sudanese is a favorite to foreigners than rest of tribes we have in this Country.

  • Tolio

    It is up to us to give our country good image, develop it and make it inhabitable.

  • Tolio

    Correction:we should put aside…

  • Concerned Sudanese

    I call on big brother Sudan to bring Sudanese troops and take over South Sudan. Send these criminals to jail and free the South Sudanese people.
    Sudanese army to withdraw from South Sudan after a 5 year transition period, followed by FREE elections. This has to be authorized and funded by UN Security Council. Sudan has shown it has no interest in controlling South Sudan. But, of all South Sudan neighbors, Sudanese are the only ones who under the problems of South Sudan.

    No more tribalism in South Sudan.
    If anyone identifies themselves as Dinka, Neur, Shuluk…etc, they go to jail. The only identity is South Sudanese. Period.
    Tough times call for tough measures.

    Who agrees?

  • tolio
    we will never put our guns away. you called for it, you must face it. Do not cry it is not yet over. I told you before the only time will tell.

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